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Round 1 of Carl Anthony Towns – Joel Embiid Booth Goes to Fili

New Year's resolutions always sound great when you make them. This is you think. That's when I really fix it. Nothing has been processed; everything organic everything. Starting camps to swell and meditation to stay calm. There are no screens after 10 because your sleep holds you tight. Later on for all this toxicity; time to turn over a new page. And it's going great … until you hit that fast speed, that unplanned circumstance, that calorie stunt bomb you just can't eat because when you go next

the ninth night of the 2019-20 NBA season, Joel Embed ̵

1; who recently swore it was all over trash talk and all kinds of abusive dating abuse – met his irresistibly fried Kool-Aid putin. His name: Carl-Anthony Townes, one of the most dominant players in the first week of the new season, and team leader 3-0 Timberwolves, who came to Philly on Wednesday to face the undefeated 76ers. [19659003] In the middle of the third quarter, when Philly held a 20-point lead, Ambeed just couldn't handle it, the intentions of the new year were damned to me:

A fun hose battle soon turned into a royal battle, which after it turned into a grappling match when the Sixers star Ben Simmons kept game-friendly cities with a hold – not completely rear naked throttle, not completely throttle and rear-mounted throttle – rear-mounted causes KAT to expire . Eventually the bodies split, and the two great ones were discarded, Embiid made his present custom the most popular act of the heel in the territory … and the other sixes returned to the business of grinding wolves in paste. completing a 117 -95 strikeout that saw Fili hold what was the third-best offense in the league to 39.5 percent shooting, with 21 turnovers against just 12 assists.

The scene soon shifted to social media because the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement now mandates each fight's mandate be activated as a multi-platform affair to generate maximum engagement and brand extension opportunities for all involved. She got hairy.

Embiid entertained the Towns parents for coming to the defense of their son and the infamous Jimmy Butler story exposing KAT and Andrew Wiggins in practice. Cities Called Nonsense in Ambien's "I Was Raised About Lions" (something that Embiid once acknowledged was an act he prepared to scare away American children who knew nothing about his upbringing in Cameroon) from the emoji of the cap and the clown and carved on the much-remembered image of Joel crying after the loss of Philly from Game 7 of the raptors. Embiid replied by Leeroy Jenkins & # 39; ing his way in to comments before doubling in a separate publication to his account, punctuating the entire line with the line, "This is a famous thing that I HAVE YOU.

Both Embiid and Towns will be stopped for all of this, probably for a few games. And the punishment may be more severe than it would have been at the time of their discharge; one imagines that the league office does not like two bona fide MVP candidates to go back and forth, calling each other "bitches" and "pussies" in front of the entire internet, which makes sense because it's stupid! It will be interesting to see if Simmons also takes a seat; although stage officials allow him to stay in the game after being considered a "peacemaker", Wolves claim that the throttle he used in cities is dangerous enough to merit discipline after the facts . .

On the one hand, Phil's prospect of having to play all kinds of games without his two best players because one can't keep himself from entering a spicy race, and the other "always has [his] teammates." back ” seems like a kind of silly, unmistakable mistake, unaddressed by a team with the aspirations of the Sixers harbor. The wise and true veterans just hate to see him. I have proof.

On the other hand, here's how the sixes came up with, didn't they? They are the squad of persecutors, the neologically powerful giants who intend to defeat smaller adversaries; no team plays more than the publication, which is why no team can force so many mouse mismatches in the house up and down the position spectrum. Philadelphia has the NBA's third-strongest defense in the league so far, using its size in the sun to force several high-end threats (Camba Walker, Jason Tatum, Trey Young, Minnesota's all-time offense) on a scrappy night on the road to genuine The score is now 4-0.

They are designed to punch you in the mouth and prevent you from doing what you want; they are – if you allow the loan phrase – Broad Street Bullies, here to steal the ball and your lunch money on the way to the top of the Eastern Conference. With Embiid and Al Horford maintaining the middle, Simmons and Josh Richardson provide defense for all defense teams – penetration of infiltration, and rookie Matisse Tibble is already weakening his jaws with a tendency to wreak havoc – he leads the league in stride . play and keep all game block guards, even though it only plays 21.8 minutes a night – it seems smarter to bet that it will go on than it won't.

Furious grappling, framing when the reflex doesn't seem to be full throated talking before, during and after the fact … that's what the bad guys do, and when they're really good at it, we wrap them so hard that sounds like cheers, If everything else is struggling these days, it may be too much.

The following can tell us a lot about where Philly can go this season. In the past, Embiid's absence has been a grim death because of the prospects of Shesters in court. So far this season, however, Brett Brown's club has done well without its All-Star center, outscoring opponents by 12 points in 116 minutes without Embiid on the court – averaging five points per 100 possessions. Now, it's not nearly as good as the 19.7 points per 100 they've been fooled with by Embiid at center, but it's also not the well of horrors they went down without him last season – remember, the Raptors outperformed Philly of 109 points in 99 minutes Embiid rests in the Eastern Conference Semifinals in 2019, which was, after all, one of the highlights of Horford's involvement in free agency.

The Sixes are about to embark on a road trip to the Western Conference, where they will face Trail Blazers, suddenly good suns, jazz and nuggets – four teams with a combined record of 13-6. Losing games without Embiid and / or Simmons for any part of the trip would not sound alarms about the viability of the 76ers as a title contender. Continuing the opposition without him / her would certainly make a hell of a statement on this.

The Bucks are 2-2 and appear to be volatile beyond Giannis Antetokounmpo. (Eric Bledsoe continues to inspire something less than confident.) The Raptors and Heat started off strong, but Toronto played a shortened postseason spin that couldn't continue, and Miami's old-time talent of Jimmy's old friend Bucks remains an open question. The Celtics are in the mix, but Philly smoked them on opening night, and their most fearsome weapon against the Seizers now is wearing red, white and blue and spending their time training Joel and Ben while fighting instead of fighting alone.

Now is the time when the sixties can pay their claims at the conference; the path is clear if they can get out of their own way.

Then again, maybe you get burned sometimes it's the price you pay to burn your opponents, fan bases, and the basketball watcher world. [19659017] "This is about the city of Philadelphia," Embed told reporters after the game before he tweeted. "You have to get in here, you have to fight, you have to play hard, you have to be sharp, you have to be a Broad Street bully."

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