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Rudy Giuliani, Maria Bakalova and Anti-Semitic Cake: Discuss Borat Follow Moviefilm with Spoilers | The film

Wa wa wee wa! Borat The subsequent Moviefilm is finally here, and while nothing could ever reproduce the shock and awe of the original, the return of Kazakhstan’s beloved son to the screen is, if nothing else, an event.

Unfortunately, the pandemic stopped this from theaters, but its wide availability through Amazon means that anyone can tune in at once. Here̵

7;s your chance to talk about the wildest moments – controversial, terrible or both.

America the mayor

Surely you have gone through frame by frame in the scandalous moment of adjusting the shirt in the bedroom, which caused a furor even before the film was released.

Is this an innocent moment in which the interviewee simply moves his clothes after taking out the microphone? Or does the three-time divorced 76-year-old think he’s on his way, in the language of the film, to have a sexy time with a news anchor whose paint job makes Tommy Lauren blush?

Editing certainly comes into play (this is a comedy, not a documentary), but the facts are that there is a lot of touching of the knees, little holding of hands (in violation of Covid’s easiest-to-follow social distancing guidelines) and Maria Bakalova Tutar Sagdiev positively gushes at Giuliani – and he eats it.

After the invitation to the bedroom (?!) For a drink (?!), And after he put his hand on the little one from behind her (?!) And asked for her phone number (?!) … whether his laying with his hands in his pants do they look as if – as zoologists would say – “introduces itself” to you? Do you get the mood that he has been in this set of circumstances before, and it has been developed in his favor? Does he really shout “oopp!” When Borat runs into the room, ordering him to leave his penis as if he knows it doesn’t look good?

Rudy Giuliani interviewed in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Rudy Giuliani interviewed in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. Photo: Amazon Prime

Or is this a deliberate misinterpretation of nothing but a slightly strange circumstance?

Giuliani himself says that this is a complete fabrication and that the picture looks like a doctorate, but many, even Olaf, believe that the career of Trump’s personal lawyer is officially over.

To Giuliani’s credit, he called police at the time, assuming he was not afraid of an investigation – but warned authorities of an unusually dressed man, without mentioning the scene. However, supporters of both Giuliani and Trump have shown remarkable tolerance for questionable behavior, so Rudy’s viability in the infotainment market may be something that even Borat cannot stop.

If this was a world where things made sense, he should have been avoided, simply by saying, as he does in this film, that “China produced the virus and released it. And they deliberately spread it all over the world. “It’s as absurd as what the two Republican supporters in the cabin say about Hillary Clinton drinking blood, but these guys don’t have the ear of the president of the United States.

Moonlight blood

Borat The subsequent Moviefilm does not have, alas, a sequence that is as shockingly fun as the naked battle from the original. But the Kazakh fertility dance at the debutante ball is approaching. Borat Tutar’s daughter, lifting her dress, shocked the room of the southern heroes in the heat of a heavy stream. In fact, menstruation is the last undiscovered country for comedy in a world where fairy tales are in parade.

What is far more repulsive than the natural biological fact for half the planet is the grotesque old man, who assumes that a night with Tutar will cost $ 500. Although he whispers, his daughter eavesdrops and is miserable. This is a real moment of “holy shit” in the Borat tradition, but frustrating when you think she probably hears much worse at home.

Introducing Maria Bakalova

And speaking of young women who are making their debut … who the hell is Maria Bakalova ?! Combining Sacha Baron Cohen for fearlessness and a comic moment, she is without a doubt the find of the year. And the only thing the new film has, but not the original, is a really touching (albeit silly) emotional rainbow. Tell me you didn’t feel a bit of a shudder when father and daughter show up in matching suits at the end!

The 24-year-old Bulgarian actor has been involved in only a few projects, including an episode of the Italian crime series Gomorrah and the Bulgarian film Sin, in which she plays a young woman in a relationship with an older rock star.

If you want to talk about overall, dedicated performance in a movie this year, there’s not much competition. Francis McDormand already has two Academy Awards. Scatter a little wealth and let the award of 2020, which is already a strange year with an asterisk, go to Bakalova.

“Very good weather we controlled”

Borat Followed Moviefilm courtesy of Amazon Studios

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Sasha Baron Cohen came out “like himself” last year to condemn Facebook’s lethargic response to Holocaust denial of its service. This becomes a plot point where Borat’s worldview shatters when he “learns” that the Holocaust never happened. (For Borat, of course, systematic attempts at genocide of Jews are one of his greatest sources of pride.)

In any case, Borat is depressed and wants to commit suicide, so he heads to the nearest synagogue to wait for the next mass shooting. He comes dressed as a “Jew” (with claws, bat wings, an absurd fake nose, a cartoon sack of money in one hand and puppet strings controlling the “media” in the other) and finally meets two kind old Jewish ladies who take him with face value and try to make him see beyond hatred. For the sake of history, Borat is happy to hear that octogenarian Judith Dim Evans has witnessed the concentration camps first hand.

If you watch the final captions to the end, you will see that the film is dedicated to Dim Evans, who died after the shooting. The quote reads: “I feel obliged to be a good person and to bring good to the world. We owe it to the dead, ”and has a link to her website. In a strange turn, however, some of her family members are suing the production.

It is difficult to understand why the manor feels that the late Dim Evans has suffered any active mental anguish. Baron Cohen’s costume in this scene is absurd and it’s hard to imagine anyone thinking it’s anything other than a gag. The fact that the comedian, who devoted so much of his energy to fighting anti-Semitism, then “dropped the mask” to make sure the Holocaust survivor was involved in the joke seems like a clear mitigating factor. Do you agree or are you joking with someone who lost family members in Nazi death camps, too far away, even for Borat?

“It can’t be real

We say this while watching the antics of Sasha Baron Cohen for years, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand when moments have stumbled in the script territory. (One almost appreciates when faces blur, like someone who greets Sieg Heil at a far-right rally).

The actor claims to have been locked up for five days with QAnon nuts, but starts to feel a little fake when they move from people you laugh at because of their idiotic views to characters who actually incite (undoubtedly thin) story. After Borat sent them to persuade Tutar to let her father back into her life, did anything smell to you?

“I hope this is not real.”

Borat Followed Moviefilm courtesy of Amazon Studios Press

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

That said, it will make life a little easier if some of the voices in our doomed society can be rejected as false. The propane seller, who boasts that his tanks can destroy a gypsy van, is perhaps worse than anything Baron Cohen has captured before. The woman who decorates the cake with “Jews will not replace us” is also not great. The plastic surgeon suggests that he would like to “make sexy time” with Tutar, but, unfortunately, not in front of her father (who wants to pay for work with tits in cash), we hope to see a decline in patients after this week.

And while few would expect anything less from the Conservative Political Action Conference, it’s telling that they’re more diligent when they see someone in a fake Trump suit than in the Ku Klux Klan robes.

Up to this last point, a great redirect to the marketing of the film here. We were made to believe that Mike Pence’s break would be the culmination of chaos. While it’s fun to see Trump’s thick suit in action, it’s one of the meekest moments in the film.

Great success!!

Sacha Baron Cohen retired Borat in late 2007 in part because he was too popular. No one could joke about someone so famous. (Actually, this is the main plot point in Moviefilm’s Next Film, so Borat needs to wear disguises.) But something he doesn’t mention is that for 14 years, society has been blessed / tortured by people who do Borat Voice.

I will admit, I’m guilty too. There are just too many catchphrases and it’s just too much fun. I am currently shouting in a borat voice to my cat. Do you eat the piece? Very good!!!”

Wisely, Subsequent Moviefilm removes much of this early. The very first lines are a cascade of slogans, like a band going through their hit singles early on.

“Jagshemash!” the movie begins. “My name is Borat.” My wife is niiiiiice – NO! ”

The next Moviefilm starts with Borat, who makes Borat Voice. Brilliant.

Fax question

Borate is important, most critics will tell you, because it reflects how American values ​​are not so different from absurd predictions of what “scary states” should be. But Borat is a phenomenon because Sasha Baron Cohen and his group of writers are a lot of fun.

One of the biggest jokes for me in Next Moviefilm is discarding. Borat sends a fax back and forth with his prime minister. The understanding is that the man in the copy center seems undisturbed that this mustachioed freak is planning to give his 15-year-old daughter to Mike Pence, but there is something beautiful about S’up in Borat’s congratulatory message. The fact that the answer is the same, but with an added question mark, is an example of the light absurdist poetry that makes Baron Cohen a genius.

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