The Jets run Leon's Veon Bell about how he prepares for the regular season, knowing he won't play any preseason games. Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Andy Vasquez, Staff Writer, @andy_vasquez

FLORHAM PARK, NJ – New York Jets Reversing Le & # 39; Veon Bell are doing their best to make sure he is ready to return to football in a year.

And since he won't play in the pre-season, that means extra training sessions, more practice reps, and sometimes his angry teammates are angry enough to hit him hard.

This starts as a request. Bell, who signed with the Jets in March, is approaching some of the most established defense players in training – guys like line coach CJ Mosley, quarterback Jamal Adams and linebacker Steve McCulden – and asks them to go after him.

– Give me a little something. Go for the ball, ”Bell says. "Just so I can prepare."

But the question doesn't always work. Bell is one of the biggest strengths of the team, so defensive players stick with it to make it real.

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"In practice, they should look at me like, 'We don't want to hurt this in practice,'" Bell says, " But at the same time, I tell them, "I'll give me something extra. "Even if they don't happen sometimes, I try to give them something, upset them a little or something."

Bell is the prime instigator and has provoked his teammates to hit him hard several times in practice in the last few weeks. Some of this is trash talk, but many are Bell, who leaves no choice for defenders.

"This is the behavior of his body, the way it attacks defense," Gass said. "These guys know the difference … when they see him start to go lower and accelerate towards them, they know that 'OK, he wants to do some harm.'

"I'm trying to do it deliberately, that's just how you can feel it," Bell said. "And many times you will start to see guys getting embarrassed trying to hit me back and that's what I need. They won't take me to the ground, they don't really go for my feet. When it hits me on top, stuff like that, I need it all. "

These intense workouts are a big reason Gus and the Jets decided not to put Bell at risk of playing in the preseason. They believe he has made enough progress in the first month of practice to prove he is ready for the regular season. And Bell, who has been talking to reporters for the first time since deciding to rule him out of the pre-season, said he was "perfectly fine" with the plan.

"It's obviously still a practice," Bell said. "I know that when it comes to the game, it's going to be a little different. But that's something I'm going to set up. I've played football all my life. … It'll Come I don't think four plays from the preseason will help me for Week 1 of the game. "

Although Bell was on board with the split of the pre-season, it was not easy. He badly wants to get back on the field for the first time since playing in the playoffs with the Steelers in January 2018. In particular, he is excited about the chance to play in a Gase offense with sophomore Sam Darnold.

"I really hate watching Sam play," Bell said, laughing. "You know what I'm saying? I just want to be there with him because I know how special he is and I want to play with that. So I know everyone is eager to watch me play … I'm eager to play." [19659005] The itching is so obvious that Darnold regularly teases Bell about it.

"He's out in the pre-game with the pads and he's dancing around and it's like, '' Come on, guys! Come on! Get out! '' Darnold said." And I'm like, 'Brother, you don't even play , "Once you start playing, you can start doing these things."

But Bell, who admits to being impatient, is confident that everything he does will prepare him on September 8 when he runs out of the tunnel. MetLife Stadium to face the bills in a game that really counts, and after a while, and on its debut with a new team, Bell knows this week 1 will be different

"It's going to be a lot different, just because no one's seen me for so long," Bell said. "But I'm so eager … I think it's going to be a fun year. I want to go out there and just show everyone that I'm still the same player and help this team win games. "

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