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Sailors arise from the ashes, pants White Sox 8-4

It was hard not to take a spiral shortly after last night’s unfortunate events. The loss of James Paxton’s powerful shoulder and the joy of Maple Grove in one fell swoop was as great as you can get, and ended with an injury to one of Jake Fraley’s few productive strikers and a dying 10-4 loss that came fifteen minutes later. to last four hours, do not blame anyone for the bad vibrations. It’s early, we all know that, but injuries and piles of outlines are never pleasant to look at.

Today for a long time I felt the same way. Justin Dunn’s notorious command questions were the worst I̵

7;ve ever seen, and when he left with the bases loaded in the fifth inning, the White Sox were given eight free passes. Look, I like Dunn, his racing fire and his seemingly endless ability to work from jam to jam, but eight go? Half of that number would be pushing him today, and it’s no wonder he only had three runs. Yes, one was Jake Lamb’s ten bats at first when he had to get hit by 1-2 sliders, but seven is hardly better than eight in the walking department.

There were areas where we saw what he was capable of, however: the third and fourth innings were things of beauty. Leaning heavily on his curve, he retreated to the side to get into each of these frames, grabbing a pair of strikes and four easily steerable balls in play. The curve and slider looked especially sharp, and he made the ruling MVP look silly in the third with one:

And hey, at the bottom of that frame, the sailors actually grabbed the lead by choosing a tennis player from Evan White! Of course, they should have gotten more, with the old enemy Dallas Kochel, who was not his usual man, but since he had no lead for twenty passes, I would take it.

But Evan White’s hamstring didn’t.

Billy Hamilton also left the game with a hamstring problem, and between the two, Frailey and Tim Anderson, it seems that many of the boys are not fully stretched at the beginning of the year. A good reminder for all of us! For Ryan Divish, White is day in and day out and the club will probably wait until a strange Friday to decide if he is tied to IL.

On top of the heel, Dunn’s luck was finally over. He managed to get two pop-ups – including one from Abreu with loaded bases – but was forced to run anyway, thanks to four walks, three of them on four terrains. Although his breaking pitches were intriguing and the speed boom was encouraging, albeit a bit inconsistent, his fastball command did not exist all afternoon and the two-time single Will Vest immediately gave up after releasing him, making his finish line much more sensible. given the struggles. Still, he only allowed one to double Louis Robert’s double, and when the White Sox swung, they usually didn’t do much. It was a bad start today, but I expect Dunn to get at least a few more chances. For all that, let’s not take eight walks again.

The vest gave up another run, which was entirely his at the top of the sixth, and at that moment things seemed kind of bleak. Keuchel had calmed down, and when the new first man at Jose Marmolejos’s level stepped in to open the bottom of the frame, faint, useless complaints about list management and positional depth could be heard in the distance. I love Marmo, but off the bench against a tough lefty? He would be lucky not to cross it out here.

Instead, he works out for a walk. And that’s right, life was inspired by the sailors.

Dylan Moore put a bluper in the shallow right field and advanced to second, thanks to a throwing error by Adam Eaton, and with Marmolejos passing to third, Keschel’s day was over. Still, we saw the White Sox bulpen dismantle the M over the last two nights, so I was still guarded. Matt Foster had a strong contribution to the throne in 2020, and with Tom Murphy and Taylor Trammel coming to the next to be killed, it can be said that it will not be a surprise to see everyone fall.

You could, but you will be wrong. Murphy dropped the ball in third place, which Jake Lamb could not handle to load the bases, and Trammel jumped through a whole hanging shift in the first level.

Sam Hagarty, the only starter who did not reach base today, went down to three pitches, but that did not stop JP Crawford. Immersed in a sharp decline to start the year, he quickly found himself behind the column again, a late wave at 95 at the top of the zone put him at 1-2. Foster threw a change from the plate, JP threw his bat and good things happened.

Mitch Haniger hit a perfect sacrificial fly to level the game, and Ty France followed to give what I think was the best battle of a Mariner striker to date. I mean, I’m just amazed at that:

He drove exactly one pitch out of the zone and he was quick to get a piece. He may be in the process of defending himself, but there is no doubt in my mind that this man can strike. And yet I remained trembling. The tie was great, but with two outs and two left killers in Garrett Crochet and Aaron Bummer still lurking in the Chicago bunker, taking the lead might have taken too much. Fortunately, Tony La Roussa remained washed away and for some reason let Foster face Kyle Seeger and bit him in the ass just two pitches later.

Between Trammell’s high steps, Crawford’s stand and France’s majestic slide, this is the most important moment of the season for me. Passion! The energy! The company! All we want is to have fun, to have this moment delivered and more. Oh, Marmo also joined the parade to put a cherry on seven innings.

Did anyone hear anything? Only the wind? Cool.

Kendall Graveman came to lighten the vest and unfortunately quickly got into trouble by putting a single lap on a pair of walks to load the bases without outs. I really didn’t want to do that, as did JP Crawford, who first got out of Zack Collins on the inland flight rule and then turned almost guaranteed two runs from Robert into two outs to move. Free.

Things were pretty JP Smoove after that. Without more runs from the Sailors, it was perfectly fine, and Anthony Misievich and Rafael Montero slammed the door in the last two shots, with Montero easily hitting the middle of the Order of the White Sox. We even got our first Premier League win for Will Vest! Good vibrations around! You wouldn’t have convinced me of that three hours ago. Sometimes all you can do is be together for the trip. The Ms head to Minnesota to see their old friends Nelson Cruz and Michael Pineda for their next series against a strong AL Central team. This will undoubtedly be another high test for a young, unproven team, but games like today show that they are ready for it. It can turn into a pear shape quite quickly. We can laugh when we watch Sam Hagarty release the eighth inning on Saturday. But we won’t know until the day comes, so let’s keep the good vibes rolling.

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