If you've missed Samsung's latest short-term sale of wireless chargers, today's deal may have been worth the wait. Samsung is selling its first party "Slim" wireless charging pad for only $ 15. This is a discount of $ 20 and less than half of the original $ 35. The Qi-compatible pad also does not include a USB Type-C cable or wall charger that you will need to provide on your own devices. listed. It is supposed to keep either 7.5 or 9W output ̵

1; I'm inclined to take the first one, given the lack of active cooling. Still, for $ 15, this 11.9 mm thick washer is a pretty big deal.

Delivery is free and at the time of writing, orders go out on January 31, so you will not be waiting too long. If history is an indicator, this deal may not go on. Samsung's current $ 20 discount is advertised as "just a limited time", so try not to wait too long.