DETROIT – Samsung's pseudo space satellite fell from the sky Saturday morning in a rural Michigan neighborhood, Morning Sun reports.

Nancy Welk heard about the crash at about 8:45 p.m., just before she and her husband Dan released their horses, Gratiot County reports.

According to employees of Gratiot Central Dispatch Company, the fire department had a lane where the satellite was closed due to a large object trapped in live power lines. The road reopened 30 minutes later.

"Incredible. See exactly what fell from the sky and 911 is confused and fell into our tree," says Wellke in a Facebook post.

In an article from Samsung Newsroom UK, Samsung SpaceSelfie is a Samsung project designed for their users to get their images in space. "HERSTICS in the making": Two female astronauts made history in NASA's first space shuttle

"With over 200 hours at 65,000 feet above ground, S10 5G will showcase the power of Samsung's innovation and how it continues to design products that make what was previously impossible, possible, "according to the article.

According to a statement from an email from Samsung, the landing was planned and there are no injuries.

“Earlier today, the Samsung EuropeSpaceSelfie balloon came back to earth. During this planned launch of the US landing balloon, meteorological conditions led to an early soft landing in a selected rural area, "according to a Samsung statement.

" We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. "[19659014] New Space Race: Amazon, SpaceX Compete to Bring the Internet to the Remote Places in the World


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