Senator Sanders spoke of Trump's contradictory views before commenting on the President's tweets.
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CORALVILLE, Ia. – When U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders learned on Saturday that Amazon owner Jeff Bezos had asked fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg about his bid for president, Sanders couldn't keep his laugh from talking.

USA. Alexander Okasio-Cortes, who was in Iowa, campaigning for Sanders, intervened while Sanders drafted.

"Of course!", She said in an interview with the Des Moines Register. "They have class solidarity. Billionaires take care of each other. They are ready to overcome diversity and background and even politics.

"The fact that Bill Gates seems more willing to vote for Donald Trump than anyone else tells you everything you need to know about where they are ready to go. defend its surplus at the expense of everyday Americans.

Sanders intervened to joke that the two billionaires were making their own "strong move."

"Jeff Bezos, worth $ 150 billion in support of Mike Bloomberg, worth only $ 50 billion, is real solidarity," Sanders said with a giggle. " I am impressed by this movement of local citizens. On the other hand, we have over a million people contributing an average of $ 16 apiece to our campaign in millions of individual contributions. This is what we get from working-class people. So a slightly different approach to politics. "

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Sen. Bernie Sanders, the current Democratic presidential candidate, hopes to stand alongside U.S. Reporter Alexandria Okasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Saturday, November 9, 2019 at Drake University in De (Photo: Brian Halgrave / The Register)

Along the campaign trail, Sanders often says that Amazon is raising its startup

Earlier on Saturday, at the Des Moines Summit on the Climate Change Crisis, Sanders criticized the billionaires who decide to run for president simply because they have a huge He did not name Bloomberg at the time, but made a clear statement in an interview.The exceptional inequality of wealth, coupled with a lack of regulation – such as the unlimited political costs allowed by the Supreme Court of Citizens' decision – delves deeper into politics through things like "Absurdity" n Bloomberg reflection, he says.

"He decides, as it costs $ 50 billion, he will run for president of the United States," Sanders says. "He doesn't have to worry about going to Iowa, he doesn't have to worry about going to New Hampshire, Nevada or South Carolina. He'll just spend hundreds of millions of dollars in media in California because he's a billionaire. So that's is a corruption of the political system based on the kind of huge wealth inequality that currently exists. "

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