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Sasha Obama sings “b *** h” in the TikTok video while dancing to a vulgar song

Uh, fuck ***, I don’t want to hear it (No)

I’m not talking about the bag, I’m covering my ears

I jump in the lamb, shift gears (Skrrt)

My b **** is ballroom, make these n **** moods

Audemars baguettes with crushed face (ice, ice)

I leave ab *** h crazy with a stuck face (Ha)

Who the hell is everyone playing? (What?)

All these n **** s want is ** k JT (They do)

Hellcat, this is SRT (Skrrt, skrrt)

Pull, G-Wag ’63 (Ow)

Dude, you can̵

7;t fuck with me

Because I came from below (yes)

From the federal government to the charter (Yes)

Broke b **** says nothing, period (yes)

I tell her, “Shut it up when I hit it.”

F *** lifted her hair, she just did it (Go)

I’m really on *** in a circle with his boom low (Oo)

What did the friend say? I couldn’t hear them (Shut up, a little, a *** a)

I keep my head while driving, almost fucked (Skrrt)

I had a hand full of hair while driving (I’m serious)

She stole my Amiris

She loves to give head, she pulls on menstruation (Period)

I thought someone said, “This is your wife, damn it” (huh?)

F ** k everyone, I don’t like them all (Go)

His b * h loves me because I’m like a dog (Woo)

I included this s ** t, n *** a, delete me (yes)

I jump out of the back seat just like a boss (Oo)

I doubled Maybach, my seats Ronald Reagan

Came with a pillow, I came from the sidewalk

I thought someone said I failed (Go)

Huh? (What?)

Ah, I thought a broken n *** a said something (A)

We talk, but they still don’t say anything (they don’t say anything)

We will trap him until the federal ones come (start it, release it)

Huh? (What does she say?)

Ah, I thought ap *** y ho said something (Ah)

How do I do when I talk, you listen (just listen)

Interrupt her because she’s talking in business (Go)

You broke ** b *** h, you don’t say anything

When I lift my wrist, something is said (yes)

Your n *** a, he knows because he pays something (damn it)

The ball of these b **** is like one

Swish, fuck, I’m the devil

QC clique, we rich as ab *** h

Yes, well, Miami, I’m passionate, Patek on my wrist

Follow the drop, my jewelry is sick (ice)

Pneumonia pink diamonds, has a crown (uh, uh)

Moneybagg Runtz, this is the fragrance (Woo)

This is not in the middle of Arizona

B *** h, I am serious (real), point (period)

It’s all, I can’t hear it (B *** h)

My n **** are pulled with sticks, they clear it (Rrah)

Yes, me and JT, we’re killing him, period

I thought ***, watching what I’m doing

But he can’t get his b * h back, said something (difficult)

Is it true that he is releasing another coin?

Prolly, I don’t pass it by (maybe so)

I thought they were talking about me

But be the hell in “broken n *** a said something” (Listen)

Wait a minute, b *** h, take *** a that shines

I am the whole bread, he crumbs the bread (goes)

Rappers with these mixed feelings (What?)

I’m not *** in “wit” (No)

Like Richard Mill, tell me what time it is

Bug, where’s Runtz? (Ah?) You know you understand

“It presents as an odor, discards the vacuum seal

These young boys, childish, Fisher Price

I’m sure I’m not cheeky, so understand it correctly

She bends down, but I want a head first

I don’t even want to know what p *** y likes

Trippin ‘too close to fall, so I’m ballin’

This is crazy, my OPP was shot, but I don’t call it (Sike, slow down)

I came around, n **** will let you go

These b **** stay in my channel, yes

He must have seen me on TV, yes

It took me six hours to count exactly one mill

I’m right with this cheese, yes (big bag)

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