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Scientists offer pumping 74 trillion tons of artificial snow to the West Antarctic ice sheet to stop the collapse

We came to "what happens if we make a lot of snow to save the Antarctic phase in our time on Earth. Good work, everyone.

What sounds like a discussion that scientists would have had after eating a bunch of pots was actually the prerequisite for a new article on scientific achievements on Wednesday. Researchers cracked the numbers in a massive geoengineering modeling experiment to learn what would be needed to keep Earth's most endangered glaciers. The results focus on pumping huge amounts of artificial snow onto the surface to stabilize the glaciers of West Antarctica, an idea that would lead to an increase in sea level, but there may be many unintended consequences. [00059] These types of thought experiments, although interesting to assess all the opportunities humanity has to tackle climate change, also show how despair can lead to some dangerous decisions on the part of politicians if carbon emissions will not be reduced soon. the sea-level crisis. Coastal glaciers hold the ice sheet, which would raise the sea level by more than 1

0 feet if it melts completely but they are undermined by hot water. The base underneath them descends downward while traveling inside the country, creating an unstable situation that could lead to a collapse. Their eventual collapse is possible even if the world meets the objectives of the Paris Agreement, and if it does, it will completely change the coastlines of the world.

"There is no alternative to reducing carbon emissions to zero and complying with the Paris climate agreement. But even without further warming the planet, we have already done serious damage," said Anders Leverman, a climatologist at the Potsdam Institute for the Study of Climate Change the impact of the climate on the survey. "A process that is currently underway in West Antarctica caused by warming the ocean is that all of the West Antarctic sea ice will descend into the ocean."

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After we begin geoengineering, we will not be able to stop

Every year the world fails to cope with its carbon emissions, the threat of …

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Previous wild experiments on how to deal with this include a proposal for a massive underwater barrage that stops warm water from penetrating under the glaciers. The new study looks another way to saving the glaciers by increasing snowfalls on the surface to thicken the ice. The process, which in theory could stabilize them by adding a weight that would push the Earth's line – where the ice, the seabed, and the ocean – will go further into the sea.

Researchers have used a climate model to simulate the continued decomposition of the ice sheet and then tilt the snow on it, which in turn would become ice until it thickens. The results show that adding ice up to 32 feet (10 meters) per year for 10 years would be enough to protect the Western Antarctic glaciers from fully destabilizing if our current warmed climate remains constant. This would add 7400 gigatonnes or billions of tons of ice. As Jane Flegal, a science policy expert and a faculty member of the School for the Future of Innovation in Arizona Society, pointed out to Earth that it is six times the size of the Panama Canal.

[Southern California ski resort] The Big Bear Artificial Snow System can make about 20 tons of snow per minute (at optimal capacity), "she said. "To do that, some system (powered by zero-carbon energy, I would have hoped) would have to perform the artificial snow of Big Bear, which is quite serious for 700,000 years."

"People need to understand that if we do not want to lose our cities, we have to do something, we just put out an opportunity."

So yes, there are a few light technical barriers to be developed at the end The study itself acknowledges that this will require pumping ocean water at a height of 2100 feet (640 meters) onto the surface of the glacier, desalinating said water and then frothing like snow or finding a way to store long enough to This will require a huge amount of it The study notes that only pumping will require 12,000 powerful wind turbines to generate enough electricity – all in one of the harshest, most remote places on Earth. "The study notes that it may even fail to work or can there are unintended consequences of the fall of the world's sea levels for a few centimeters, due to the complete pumping of water to the complete suppression of the patterns of ocean circulation.

we showed it was possible, but it is a solution to society, "Leverman said. "People must understand that if we do not want to lose our cities, we have to do something. We just put an opportunity. "

Scientists even expose this seemingly wild scheme, as one option illustrates a few things. The first is that we are in a bad place when it comes to climate change. Science has been showing risks for decades, but humanity continues to emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. So explorers have begun to explore what a few years ago were taboo research areas, such as geoengineering the bullshit from the ice plates to save coastal cities from flooding.

The second is that, from the point of view of governance, geoengineering is the Wild West. And if several governments with large coastal groups decided to try to do that or say, a billionaire cheater decided to pump the sky, full of particles blocking the sun, could have unintended consequences.

These possible consequences include the aforementioned ocean movement and the fall of sea level, as well as the fact that it may fail. But Flegal also noted that there are "public risks of admitting the feasibility of something that is likely to be impossible."

We already have a presidential candidate who says he will run some geoengineering schemes if elected, including "Keeping the glaciers". Putting our faith in these types of moon schemes can leave society even less prepared than it already is for the changes that come in our way
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