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Scoreboard: What Josh Green had to say after being drafted by the Mavericks

If you can just start with a little introduction to your game and what you will bring to your new team.

Yes, that’s my name, Josh Green, a native of Sydney, Australia. I think from the very beginning, I think my biggest thing is just being able to bring in a hard-working atmosphere, to be competitive, to work, to try to keep developing as a player. I learn from the older boys on the team and I just defend everything and do what I can for the team to help the team.

What do you think of the list of Dallas Mavericks?

This is great. I think there are a lot of international players in that situation, so it̵

7;s great. Watching them play, super selfless. They have superstars in Porzing and Luca. So just being in that environment and continuing to grow every day is great.

As an NBA player, what are your goals?

Just to keep getting better every day. I think a lot of players take the project for granted. They prepared me for me; now I want to continue to make my legacy, to continue to develop as a player, to continue to develop and just learn as much as I can.

You mentioned Luke. I’m curious what you think of him. And you also played with Nico Manion in college. What do you think of Nico?

Yes, I mean, first of all, Luca is an amazing player. Being his age, doing what he does is great. He is selfless and generally just looks like a great teammate.

And Nico, I’ve been lucky to be around Nico for five years. He is amazing. Nico is a great kid. He comes from a great family. Reproduces very well when picked up and dropped. In general, I want nothing but the best for him.

I was wondering how much you know about MavericksHow many have you watched them over the years or has it just been something recent since they got Luke? And also Rick Carlisle told us a while ago that they had a really good conversation with Zoom a few weeks ago and I was amazed at your impressions of meeting the Mavericks brass that way.

Yes, I’ve always watched Mavericks since I was a kid. They have always been dominant in the Western Conference. For me to say that I am part of the organization is crazy. This is an unreal feeling.

But my meeting with them felt amazing. They really are earthly, good people. I just felt that I get along very well with them and you can say that they take the development of their players very seriously, as well as the organization.

I was everything to him. I was super pumped up and loved Mavericks. This is something I kept emphasizing to my agent – what the Mavericks think, what about it. So I’m shaken right now.

Just talk about the timing of the selection, being with your family and finally joining the league after working so hard to get there.

This is a stellar moment. I think this is one of those moments, you don’t know what emotion to really express.

It’s great for me to be with my family. This is something I have dreamed of all my life. To make it happen is truly amazing. It would obviously be cool to be personal, but that will never happen again. So being around my family and loved ones was amazing to me.

Can you give some information about your affiliation with Australia and how it helped you on this trip and everything that goes into it?

Yes, I mean, for starters, I’m from Sydney, so I made you do it, but I feel like I’ve always loved basketball. I had to choose between Australian football and basketball. But for me, I think a lot of it is just the opportunity to represent Australia.

I think I was in a situation I would never have thought I was. So for me, having that opportunity now is just like – I don’t even know how to say it. This is crazy. It’s unrealistic. Yes, words can’t describe it.

Rick Carlisle described you as a three-dimensional type. I’m sure you would describe yourself the same way. What do you see in your game, other than just defense and three-point shooting, especially your offensive play, as the next steps you need to take as you head to the NBA as something you can improve and polish?

Yes, I mean, I think everyone will have things to work on. But for me, I need to focus on the things the team needs. I feel like in my position in the role that the team will want to play, I don’t think I have to do anything beyond that.

I think if I can play defensively, keep working hard, hit open kicks and do what the team has to do, I feel like that’s happening.

As for the rest of my game, as much as I might create a shot, I feel that this comes over time with the development of the players and the respect from your coach.

So to come to Mavericks, I want to make sure I can do whatever it takes for the team to be better and win the game.

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