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Seth Meyers Reveals How Convinced That Rihanna Drinks A Day With It – Diversity

Seth Meyers has not hid his love for Rihanna. As the late night hosts told Jimmy Fallon in February, he was "fully in love" with a pop star business magnate (clarifying that his wife is wrong because "she is also in love with Rihanna – that's what we have but he never managed to get Rihanna to come to his show until this week when Meyers revealed that he spent Wednesday shooting tequila with her for his Daily Drinking Segment, which the host laughs drunk with a celebrity instead of going through a traditional interview (In the past, guests included Kelly Clar dream, Inna Garten, and the entire family of Meyers)

"Drinking Day with Rihanna," in all of his scattered glories in the show on Thursday instead of a monologue. including "Bitch Better Bunny", a hollow chocolate bunny full of tequila), practiced pickup lines, tested the makeup line for Fenty Beauty and had wild, meaningless songs during their hit song "Work." , if Rihanna fulfilled its high expectations (spoiler: yes) and why "children who read this" should not imitate their dubious drinking strategies .

How are you?

Yes, I think they were all.

Want to have Rihanna on the show for a long time, so how is that

I give deep appreciation to Jeremiah Silva, who is our music buer. Apparently, he also knew how much I wanted Rihanna to be on the show, so he told me in the last two years that he was making progress, and that he thought Drinking Day would be a good idea. That seemed to me to be a delusion, but now that she looked at him … paid off.

When did you confirm that you would do this? Has she got together quickly or worked for a while?

I think we know about six weeks. She gave us an appointment and historically, when we did "Daily Drink," it was in the day without a show because there is no need to talk about tonight. So we really had to go to the net and say, "Hey, we want to show a mid-week repeat," which we never do, "to make the Piano Day." And that was a lot Fast approval from NBC

I would like to note that this was only the second time we had to cancel the show and the other was the birth of my first son. For the birth of my second son I went to work the next day. So the order goes, my first son, Rihanna, my second son. I feel your second son will understand.

Yes, he will. Once I get to know him, I think he'll applaud the decision.

Having wanted her as a guest for so long, how can we not meet her, but do something as intense as this experience? I had told her "hello" several times when she entered SNL but certainly had never had anything like the interaction I had within five minutes of drinking the day I talked to her more than I ever had in your life. The thing for her that did not hit me but hits every single person who was there, she was immediately so friendly and relative, and it became clear that she was bogged down in the idea and what it was related to.

You can plan what you think you will do with Daily Drink, but you know the best moments will be what happens between them and what a drinker that person is. We did not intend to drink beer, but when it did, I think it was a signal to everyone who was involved and everyone who watched him move forward.

I'm so stuck in tequila shooters in a bunny chocolate. I do not know who came with him, but I applaud them and I'm worried about them.

In the weeks, the writers of this piece ̵

1; Amber Ruffin, Jenny Heigl, Seth Weiss, Ben Warhit and Mike Kernel – were coming up with ideas, and [themed drinks] always doing like Kelly Clarkson. It's just a way to start drinking. The thing about "Bitch Better Have My Bunny" is that I said we had a knife [to open them] and Mike said, "No, we'll note it, so it's easy to turn around. I do not know which writer has come up with this very funny idea, but I'm sure who I'd forget to fill the second bunny is not too upset.

How many hours has it been completely?

Two and a half, three, maybe?

O! I thought it would be much longer, and now I'm even more concerned about how fast you drank it all.

I have to say that kids read this piece, 1) you do not have to drink and 2) if you do, you should not drink that way. But you need to get drunk very quickly to break well. Also, it can not be said that Rihanna has nothing better to do. Everything she has to do is better than drinking with me! So we were very aware of her time.

Was there anything you learned about Rihanna, which surprised you in particular?

It really is a lot … I mean, if she had never appeared, it would be good too. I got enough of Rihanna, but I'm in the world, but I feel I will never deserve it. So the very fact that it appeared and was such a game to do it was such a great gift to us. But it was really nice that in the moments between shooting, she was the easiest person to talk to. That was the fun part.

Of course I have to say that drinking a camera unfortunately is like drinking in real life, being fun, then waking up the next morning and it's like, "My God, what happened? ! " Unlike When you drink with your friends in a bar and call them to see how you worry, it's shot and you'll be broadcasting a day later, so you'll see exactly what you've done . So this is a very interesting trip.

Was there something you would be sorry for to lose that you would like to stay?

No … I sing a version of "Only Girl in the World," but it was pretty rude to listen. It turns out that many of her works are out of my registry. To be honest with you, we were looking for other things to cut because it's long. For the first time, we had to give up the monologue … maybe for the first time since the 2016 elections ?! So it was historic.

Looking back, I almost wanted to be two hours longer. The best moments are those who are just Rihanna, which is Rihanna, which we could never plan or write. I mean, my God, some of her one-line ones are better than anything you will hear at a comedy show!

I really did not know what she was saying, and then what I realized was how perfect the weather … I mean, was so perfectly delivered.

You also have to know that it is quite a game to get into the Battleboat Dig.

Yes! And by the way, I had no intention of doing this joke until now, and I completely came out of being a super drunk, fully appreciating how fun it was to be around, and that I was pretty sure there would be a big reaction.

So how does this experience accumulate compared to your other daily drinking segments?

Well, first I want to give credit when this is due to Retta. Initially, I was supposed to drink with my family, and Rett was the guest who reached out and said, "I want to do that with Seth." We never thought I'd drink with guests. So it started. They are all really different but very funny. To say "yes" to this as an idea, you are already a suitable person for this.

What I want everyone to watch to understand is that Rihanna was so amusing every minute the camera did not roll. There is no turning on / off of her charm or charisma. Have you got another dream "day drinking" guest?

I think I just want to enjoy this a little more, you know? I do not want Rih to think that I'm just moving fast this way.

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