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Silent Melania Trump is on the verge of the end of her husband’s tumultuous term

“I will not go to the opening on January 20 for all those who have asked,” the Turkish official account, which no longer exists, wrote on Twitter.

For the first time, many in the White House are finally hearing the president’s thoughts on this important and historic issue – including his wife, according to a senior White House official.

Until that tweet, White House spokeswoman Melania Trump said, she wasn’t 100% sure she would go to Biden’s inauguration or not.

“It’s not the first time she’s learned what he’s doing because he wrote it on Twitter before he told her,” said the source, who downplayed the importance of the first lady receiving news about her alleged mood-based schedule. of Trump this particular day.

The clerk, like many, was clear that the tweet event did not arouse their sympathy for the first lady.

“She is part of it. She may be silent, but she is part of it,”

; the source said.

Melania Trump and Trump's older children avoid the spotlight after one of the darkest days in the country

“These are the president’s latest activities, denying his loss, complicity in inciting avid supporters of lies and conspiracy theories, and ultimately abdicating an official role.” The outgoing first lady has done nothing significant as the weeks of her term end. It has not set up an office to continue its platform in the years since the White House, according to a source familiar with its activities. Nor has she helped include incoming first lady Jill Biden – with whom she has not yet made contact, the source said.

The only thing Trump did, apart from packing the White House, working on photo albums of his time as first lady and watching carpet and decorative photo shoots, was to make a confused statement about last Wednesday’s events, five days after occurred.

“There has never been a first lady as stubborn and challenging as Melania Trump,” said Kate Andersen Brauer, author of First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies. “I think she’s dug up. I think she’s directed her husband’s rage and she’s obviously not interested in playing the traditional role of first lady, who seeks to unite and calm the country during a crisis.”

Instead, she stood by the president, something she hadn’t always done before during the turmoil. In a statement Monday morning, Trump did not mention her husband’s name, nor did he say he should be given an iota of responsibility for the uprising.

Instead, she seems to have picked up parts of old statements and speeches in this new one and added in a paragraph describing herself as a victim of the ongoing criticism of a former employee. Trump’s compliant manner sometimes arouses public curiosity about how much she has to do with the president, especially when he is criticized. The pounding of her hands, the outline of steel eyes, and the frequent outbursts of independent opinion created a possible scenario for her husband’s critics that she might not be like him or even dislike him.

But if the last few weeks have proven anything, it is that she is more consistent with the president than most would assume.

“She understands her husband and what she stands for, and that just doesn’t bother her,” Brower said. “She is not a victim and will not leave the White House to apologize for her husband’s behavior.”

Trump “not sad to leave”

Melania Trump

While the president publicly opposed the election, fraudulently claiming it was rigged and clinging to the false hope of staying in the White House, his wife was packing to move out, according to a number of sources who have been monitoring Trump’s activities since the end of the year. November

Now the first lady has done more than half the work of sending things either to Mar-a-Lago or to warehousing, little by little watching the move for weeks. The staff of the residence had to help with the semi-secret operation, facilitating the logistics of packing, without raising the anger of the president, who really believed he would stay in place.

The staff of the residence continues to perform their roles, many through several administrations. It doesn’t matter who the president is, it’s just that they represent the US presidency.

“They’re the most patriotic people I’ve ever met,” said Brouwer, whose first book was Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House. “They’re moving forward, but they had to do some of it undercover because they don’t want to upset (President) Trump.”

Melania Trump’s expediency of packing up and being ready for work also signals her desire to end Washington and the last four years of drastic ups and downs.

“(Melania Trump) is not sad to leave,” said a White House official who knows about Trump’s mood.

It’s a place where she’s different from her husband – he desperately wants to stay, she’s cool with that.

“Pat Nixon is the latest example I can think of of a first lady who ever compares to Melania Trump,” Brower said, but perhaps only in circumstances, not action.

“While Watergate was raging, Pat Nixon spent a lot of time sequestered in his room alone at the Residence. Butler brought her breakfast and often she just drank coffee. People around her worried about her health because it was obvious that she was losing weight,” she said. the author.

Booking tradition

Melania Trump mourns lost lives, but does not blame president for Capitol riots

Those who have been around Trump for the past two weeks have not noticed behavior toward isolation and sadness, in fact, Trump’s lack of emotional connection to the horrific riots that took place live on television, and his unwillingness to issue an immediate reaction or condemnation. of the real-time violence that prompted two of its longest-serving employees to resign immediately, sources said.

“Usually the first lady of a presidential term comes to his side in public. President Ford served less than a full term, and Betty Ford actually intervened to read his letter of concession to Carter when he lost in 1976,” Brower said. .

On Wednesday, it was reported that Blair House, the historic official White House guest house where several presidents (including Trump) stayed the night before the swearing-in ceremony, would welcome Biden to stay. CNN previously reported to Biden, without an invitation still being sent to him by the president and first lady for Blair House, who intends to stay at a hotel on the eve of the opening.

But the invitation was not sent at the insistence of Melania Trump.

“She had nothing to do with it,” the clerk said. The invitation may have read the White House, but it was sent by the State Department, whose chief of staff is Blair House.

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