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Sitting in front of the TV can be worse for health than desk work, lifestyle, health news

The work of the office throughout the day may not be as bad for heart health and longevity as to sit in front of the TV after hours, according to a study in the United States, suggesting that not all types of sitting are equally harmful.

I've heard more and more about how smoking is new and there is evidence to suggest that there are many adverse health risks associated with prolonged seizures, said Janet Garcia, a researcher at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. "However, it is not clear whether all seated people are creating equal, suggesting that while you reduce each type of sitting, it is useful for improving health," Garcia said by email. "This study shows that this may not be the case, and that we need to focus more on leisure time, mostly on television, than on a session as a whole."

Almost a third of 3592 adult African Americans in the study watched TV for more than four hours a day. Few more than a third of them spent two to four hours a day in front of the TV, and the rest three watched TV less than two hours a day.

Compared to people who watched TV less than two hours a day, those who spent more than four hours in front of the TV are 49% more

But the negative health effects of television appear to be limited to people, those who do not receive the recommended weekly exercise for optimal health: 150 minutes of moderate to physical activity or 75 minutes of energy

Also, there was no significant difference in the probability of dying or getting a heart attack or stroke based on how many hours people spent sitting it place. be younger and overweight, but also have high levels of physical activity for leisure, graduate high school, eat healthily, and have a family income of over $ 50,000. They are also less likely to be smokers or heavy drinkers, the researchers said.

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It is possible that sitting in front of the TV is worse than sitting at the desk, because people are eating snacks while watching or staying too late and not getting enough sleep. Lin Yang, a researcher at the University of Calgary, Canada, who did not participate in the study.

Lack of sleep or meaningless breakfast can cause weight gain and contribute to other risk factors for heart disease that could make people more likely

"The evidence for watching TV and the health risks ) are strong, although the biological mechanisms have not yet been clarified, "Yang said.

The study was not meant to prove. whether or how the session can directly cause health problems or if other factors shared by people who spend long time sitting in front of the TV could be guilty.

It would be a mistake for job-seekers to accept that they should not move during the working hours, sa Arch Arch Mainous, a researcher at the University of Florida at Gainesville who did not participate in the study.

"Finding some workplace work needs to be integrated into job requirements," he said by email. ] "Take the stairs rather than the elevator or take a lunch break," they advised. "Physical activity for leisure is definitely useful, but work needs to be encouraged in a few more steps on the working day."

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