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Skull Session: Braxton Miller Returns to Ohio, Malik Harrison Returns to Columbus and How the 2017 Ohio First Round Elections Are Made

A week from today we will have a whole night of college football.

People, we're almost there.


Word of the Day: Advertising Advertising.

BACK TO BRASTON. The Browns offense already had a lot of toys, but it looks like Cleveland has already officially become a Fun Zone with the addition of Braxton Miller.

By Scott Patsko Cleveland.com:

"I'm still here," he said. "You have the opportunity to go out there every day to showcase your talents and improve yourself. I became a wide receiver. Coach (City) Mayer and staff (Ohio State) helped me with this. And now I'm here in my native state. "

Miller was born in Springfield, Ohio, and was a quarterback for Huber Heights Wayne High School before heading to Ohio State, where he was twice named Big Ten Player of the Year. He said Wednesday that he often forgets that he played as a team until someone brought it up.

"It's now like five years (to be a recipient)," Miller said, "it's so far away."

Miller says he chose the Browns over other options because he wanted to be close to his family in Columbus and to play in the state in which he spent so much of his life.

"Feels great. The atmosphere is different when you go out of state, different cities, "Miller said. "I'm just coming back, breathing in the air you've been breathing since you were young. You have this feeling since you started. "

"I often forget he played a team," eh? I, uh … never forget that he was playing back. In fact, I think about it almost once a week.

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I apologize deeply for exposing you to such pornographic content this morning, but it had to be done. I'm sure your boss – be it your boss or other significant – will understand. If young eyes accidentally look at your computer, it might be time to talk to Brax.

I'm not sure if it was possible for Braxton Miller to make the deep Cleveland Browns get a corps (that would have been a hell of a sentence six years ago), but my own eyes saw what ankles could do in the open and I would say that it's worth the shot.

Shit, even if it all got me a few preseason games with a vintage X-Brax game or two, I'll be eternally grateful.

The real question is: will it throw at all?

FULL CIRCLE. As a child, Malik Harrison participates in the LiFEsports summer camp in Ohio, which gives more than 600 Columbus youth the opportunity to learn life skills through competition.

A few years later, Harrison helped guide him as an intern.

By Blake Baker at OhioStateBuckeyes.com:

"It's always great for our kids to see someone who has grown up just like them and see them succeed," says Becky Wade-Mdivanyan, LiFEsports operations director. "It's great for our kids to get in touch with student-athletes, especially like Malik, and see how they can give back to their community."

"Malik knew how he performed, he would determine the experience of these kids," says Ryan Stamper, associate athletic director for Athletic Football in Ohio. "His dedication is extremely high and he knew that these kids would have a great summer if Malik Harrison did a great job with his internship. He was committed to it and did it. "

As the senior leader of his team, Harrison sets an example for his peers. As a dedicated intern and voice presenting children who could really use it, he provides an even more influential example for the next generation, growing up just like him.

"He guarantees that Malik Harrison, first and second graders in Columbus or another community, has the same opportunities that he had," Stamper said.

There is no word yet on whether first and second grade students Malik Harrison have been offered scholarship offers, but you have to accept that they are coming. Ryan Day can't let Ohio's central talent slip away.

BIA, REVIEW. After watching last week's defensive atrocities happen almost weekly (except for the last one in November, thank goodness), it seems that seven lives in Ohio had three (four, counting Denzel Ward) initial choices in the same secondary.

I know that my spoiled ass didn't evaluate this defense nearly enough in 2016, so I'll try my best to compensate for it, damn how they inevitably dominate the next level.

Here's how they've done so far, by Ali Bhanpuri of NFL.com: :

PICK 11 Marchon Latimore – CB

Degree: A- | The School: Ohio State

The first pick in what will go down in Saints history as a draft franchise draft, Latimore picked up five passes in his first year, had the second-highest cornerback pass allowed by the PFF and took home the NFL Defender of the Year award. After an unbelievable start in this way, some drop-off was expected. But Latimore stepped back last season, breaking more passes and allowing 44 percent more yards than he did as a rookie. In a recent interview with The Athletic, Saints second-year coach Aaron Glenn said Lattimore admits some of the distractions that came after his grand first season affected his play in Year 2. This willingness for self-reflection and self-improvement turns out to be good for the young corner, who still possesses every set of skills he needs to be a top 10 player in his position.

PICK 15 Malik Hooker – FS

Degree: B | School: Ohio State

A crazy safety guest with a ball that NFL Networks project guru Daniel Jeremiah "admired" had the best ball skills of any safety I evaluated in college, Hooker picked up three passes in his first six NFL games before tearing his ACL in his seventh, like Latimore, Hooker could not keep up with his own precedent, failing to present the same grim statistics as a sophomore as he did in his abbreviated campaign for But recruiting and arguing Not everything is safe, as the young safety admit in December. With a full off-season to work on his craft, a clean bill of health and a talented cast, the Hooker needs to thrive this season. The Colts have an average talented uber and a chance to show that he is the best of the group (and why the rating above is grossly premature).

PICK 24 Gareon Conley – CB

Degree: C | School: Ohio State

One of the highest-rated prospects for his position entering the work week, Conley saw his stocks fall when a woman accused him of rape two days before the start of the first round. After conducting their own investigation into the allegations, the Raiders felt confident enough about the young corner's version of events to complete its slide. (Later, the grand jury will decide not to indict him.) Difficult with a tibia injury that spread throughout the season and ultimately claimed all but two matches of his groundbreaking campaign, Conley entered Year 2 with much to do. to prove. Unfortunately, it will get worse before it gets better. After playing most of the team's defensive tackles to start the season, Conley was on the field for only 12 total games in Week 5 against the Chargersbefore after going directly to the Seahawks in the next game. However, this heavy serving of a modest pie looked good after returning from a week of team goodbye to a seemingly different player. From Week 8 to the end of the regular season, Conley starts every game and allows the fifth fewest yards among CBs (min. 200 clicks). That duration includes two separate meetings with the Chiefs, which he limits to just 26 yards on three PFF catches. After the good finally begins to outweigh the bad in Conley's young career, there are good reasons to believe that the best is yet to come for number 21.

So we have one "Very good!" and two mostly unfinished grades, which means break-up seasons for young Malik Hooker and Garreon Conley, because there's just no way in hell these guys can end their NFL careers with "C" grades.

BACK TO SCHOOL. Looks like Ryan Chazier is going to take this smart paper.

By Brian Batko Pittsburgh Newspaper:

… When pit students return to campus on August 26 for the fall semester, they will be able to count a very athletically accomplished classmate among them. Shazier returns to school, working to complete a psychology degree he never completed in Ohio before entering the NFL Draft Year in early 2014.

"I think it's really important to have a degree just to get the best education you can get, because you never know where you can be in your life. … I know these teachers help so many children and so many children, ”said Chazier,“ and I am glad to help them.

Traitor !!!!!!!!!!!!

In all seriousness, this is a great thing that Chazier can do, and it makes sense in the world that he graduates from Pitt as he continues to play the role of additional Steelers coach.

Congratulations are in order for the Panthers, as this is as close as they will get to all-American battleships this decade.

WIFI COMETH. Don't be afraid, ticket holders, you will all have the full power of the internet streaming through your thumb computers in time for Joey Freshwater & # 39; s Ohio Stadium debut, because WiFi has officially come to The Boot.

From a release in Ohio:

Workers will pull 47 miles of copper and fiber wire throughout Ohio Stadium when the project is completed. The conductor is associated with a huge number of access points – 2,009 – that have been installed since the project began in January this year. The project also includes the installation of 4,018 antennas. The equipment has been installed seamlessly in order to mix and not disturb the emblematic integrity of the facility.

"Ten access points can usually cover the stadium area," says Zero, "but we need significantly more to cater to the needs of Wi-Fi for so many fans in close proximity, plus ticket features and press , apartments, club rooms, tips and outdoor areas. "

I know Dan and Colin are damn pumped about the fact that they'll be sharing Wi-Fi with 100,000 people uploading footage from Blair to a mediocre witch in their Instagram stories. Just know that if Instacap is ever late, it's because Chad eats the entire bandwidth, trying to send a snapshot of a darkened Brock blowing pieces into a C-Deck bin.

Also, "We probably need 10 so let's do 2,009 to keep us safe" is the best way for Ohio State to deal with the problem. I'm almost in awe.

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