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Smollett's lawyers say he was denied a proper trial; the conservative supposed victim of the attack speaks

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Developing Now, Friday, February 22, 2019

SMOLLETT BLAST CHICAGO POLICY LAWYERS AGREEMENTS: The legal team of Jussie Smollett yesterday criticized the Chicago police for accusing him of a "fake attack" suggests the star of the "empire" is quitting because of a process … In a statement received by Fox News, Smollett's 36-year-old lawyer said the nation "witnessed an organized law enforcement spectacle that has no place in the US legal system ". "The presumption of innocence, the foundation in the search for justice, was plunged at the expense of Mr. Smletlett and especially on the eve of mayoral elections," his team continued. "Mr. Smolet is a young man of impeccable character and integrity who fervently and solemnly maintains his innocence, delivered by a system that obviously wants to miss the necessary process and move directly to the verdict."

Chicago police officer Eddie Johnson told a news conference on Thursday that Smolet had organized the incident in late January in which he claimed to have been attacked by two people. filing a fake police report and prosecuting a crime with a violation of the rules. "He may be imprisoned for up to three years, if he is convicted, he has paid $ 100,000 on bail and has been returned to the Empire," Fox News said. CONSTRAVATIVE ACTIVIST EXECUTES THE COLD CAMPUS CRIME: Conservative activist whose alleged attack on Berkeley is filmed by Sean Hanitti of Fox News, he is afraid of his safety … "This man claims to promote violence in college and proceed to his aggression," said Hayden Williams interview for Hannity on Thursday night. Williams had a black eye after being hit while helping the conservative group Turning Point USA to recruit members. Williams, a representative of the Leadership Institute, is not a member of Turning Point. (The sign refers to the case of Jussie Smollett.) The group also had a sign saying: "This is MAGA's country." The police are looking for the person filmed in the video. The university has condemned the violent act.

THE TRADE ADMINISTRATION SUCCESS OF 200 TROPES WILL BE STARTED IN SYRIA: The Trump administration, which announced plans to withdraw from Syria in December, announced on Thursday that it would hold 200 US soldiers in "For now in Syria will remain a small group of about 200 people to keep the peace, "White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said. Senator Lindsey Graham, RS.C, who criticized Trump's move to withdraw from Syria, welcomed the President's decision to leave several hundred as part of an "international stabilizing force."

REPORT: 2020 DEM The two leading candidates for democratic presidential elections – USA Sens. California's Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts – claim to support repairs to black Americans affected by slavery, reflecting a change in race importance and identity issues in the party … The New York Times reported on Thursday, Harris doubts his support for reparations after agreeing to host the popular "Breakfast Club" radio show that race policy is needed to address the legacy of slavery and discrimination in the United States. Warren told the Times in an interview that he also supports repairs. Julian Castro, another democrat who is running for president, has said he will support repairs. OSCARS SHOW WILL SEE IN SUN – NONE WITHOUT A CONTRACTOR: There is no host, no best popular movie category and no prizes are transferred to advertising pauses. However, the 91st annual performance will take place. While issues related to television broadcasts seem to have received a response, there remains a debate as to who will win the desired awards this season. Is the Black Panther going? Will the "Bohemian Rhapsody" be? Can "Favorite" Be Loved? Can the Star Be Born Shining Bright? Click here for some FoxNews.com predictions about the Oscars in 2019


Talk to Me – says Don Lemon, because there are not many of us. Here's the translation: "Us," means people who have been oppressed in the ways that Youss Smolllet is. Lemon tells you that he is also in this group. Yes, he is a high-paid presenter in the newspaper with his own show. like Judy Smilelet, Don Lemmon is a sacrifice, but who is really a victim here? … A whole group of people have been defrauded by this scam – ordinary people outside coastal towns, people with wrong political beliefs and wrong skin color. " – Tucker Carlson, for" Tucker Carlson tonight, "contemplating the potential consequences of Today's to read
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Your world with Neil Kavouto 16:00 AM ET: Special guests include: US senator Rick Scott, R-Fla. 6:00 ET: Special guests include: Chuck Robbins, Cisco's CEO and Chairman; Lisa Barnett, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Little Spoon; American representative Peter King, R-N.Y .; Mike Sargent, editor and correspondent of WBAI.org; Liz Peek, Fox News Associate; Cathy Engelbert, Deloitte Chief Executive Officer. Fuss News Rundown: "Jussie Smollett Charged" – the star of the Empire Jussie Smollett accused of filing a fake police report after claims to have been the victim of a hate crime on the streets of Chicago. Jeff Monosso and Dr. Mark Feldman, a respected associate of the American Psychiatric Association, join a podcast to discuss the case. The military heroism of the World War II Air Force crew continues to be recognized for seven decades after they have lost their lives to save a group of children. Tony Folds, who says his life has been spared this day in 1944, is affecting the heroes. Do not miss the good news with Tonya J. Powers from Fox News. Plus, a comment by Chris Wallace, host of "Fox News Sunday".

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[19459017ShootonThomas 15:00 ET: New York Post Theater Critic Michael Riddle and Fox News Radio reporter Michael Gunzelman joined Tom Shillow to visualize the Oscars this weekend.

Saturday, 10:00 ET: US Senator Ben Kardin, D-Md. and a member of the Senate's Foreign Affairs Committee on the US response to the riots in Venezuela; Andrew Young, candidate for Democratic Party 2020 president, for his quest for universal income. US Representative Dan Kildy, D-Mich., And Deputy Chief Democrat Party MP, on Presidential Candidates for 2020, and on the Democratic Party's agenda. Ambassador. Joseph DeTrani, a former Special Envoy of the Sixth Party Talks with North Korea, on the forthcoming second Trump summit with Kim Chen Un.

Fox News Sunday Sunday, 2 pm. and 7 pm ET: Special guests include: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; Tom Perez, President of the RNC. Scientists in Scotland say they have succeeded in cloning an adult mammal, producing a lamb called "Dolly."

# TheFlashback
1997: (Dolly, however, will be released after a short life interrupted by premature aging and illness.)
1980: "Miracle on Ice" takes place in Lake Placid, New York, as the US hockey team upsets the Soviets, 4-3. (The American team will continue to win a gold medal against Finland.)
1935: It is illegal for the planes to fly over the White House.

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