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SNL: Chance Rapper Hosts While Bill Clinton Crashes Trump

Well, people, you already know the workout: The Saturday Night Live sketch is a place for cast members and its alumni to go through their various political and celebrity impressions, and this week the setting was a rally for President Trump (played by increasingly rare, Alec Baldwin), held in Albuquerque, NM or Or, as Baldwin calls it, "the great city of Albacore, the capital of tuna in the United States."

Rejects the impeachment investigation against him as "The Deep States Conspiracy ", Baldwin introduced various supporters to come out and offer their own interpretations of what is actually happening. These supporters included Mike Day as a member of the Bikers about Trump, who told the crowd: "Everything this man did was shaken by a foreign government to inflict dirt on his political enemy. I mean, is this wrong?

The crowd answered in unison: "Yes! "

" No, no, no, "Baldwin said. "The answer is".

The crowd replied, "Sorry, no."

Other rally speakers included Pete Davidson, who identified himself as a member of ISIS. "I was a prisoner in Syria until last week when he released me," he told Baldwin. "So I just wanted to say thank you for returning to work. To ISIS. And I promise I'll make ISIS great again. ”

Kate McKinnon appeared as Lindsay Graham and performed a short sweep of Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie. himself: "Project. Visual contact. A friendly laugh. "

Darrell Hammond, a longtime cast member of the S.N.L., who is now the host of the show, has returned to his recurring role as former President Bill Clinton. He seems surprised to find his way to a Trump rally.

"Is that it?", Said Hammond to Baldwin. "I just followed the party. But man, I would like to know that a president can go this way by making rallies. Can you imagine? Oh Lord, I would never go home. "

When Baldwin's Trump told him he was getting an impeach, Hammond replied," You? Dirty dog. "

'No, it's not about that,'" Baldwin said. "They don't mind when I do it, trust me."

"Well, this is progress," said Hammond.

The last guest was Fred. Armisen, another SNL alumnus who plays President Recep Tyip Erdogan of Turkey. He swore he "treated the Kurds really well" and when Baldwin said they had a good friendship, Armisen replied: " Yes, just like Franco and Mussolini will take vacations together. "

Often the SNL monologue is the place for the host to include their latest project But this week's episode, the chance rapper who hosted as well as the musical guest used the platform to present a nice song about his hometown, Chicago – also known as Second City – and virtues to like things that

He was joined on stage by Kyle Muni, a native of San Diego, whom he identified (unconvincingly) as "Southern California." They traded rhymes like:

Rapper Chance: Meaning and Sensitivity is Better Than Pride and Prejudice / I've never had Nintendo, no I shook Sega Genesis

Mooney: I like Scrappy more than Scooby Doo / I don't like chili, but I love Chili's Too

Chance: I like Clippers, Nets and White Sox / I don't have Netflix, I like Redbox

later in the song Mooney raps: "I like Hannukahs more than Christmases / I don't like islands, but I love isthmuses. "

A startled chance asked him," What is a prodigy?

"This is a narrow strip of land connecting two larger pieces of land," Mooney replied.

"And this is the second best for the islands?"

"For the purpose of this song, yes," Mooney replied. "Just keep going, okay?"

At the Weekend Update Bureau, anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che continued to argue about impeachment investigation into President Trump and missteps by Rudolf W. Giuliani, President's personal lawyer.

Jost began on Trump:

Last week for President Trump passed. impeachment has grown to over half the country, and even so famous for Trump's name from his own slides in New York.You know you lose support among white voters when you can't even like skating. ”Earlier today, Trump replied to all his critics with this tweet: four points . That was all Tweets. Even though you think it's a mistake, he is still on his profile and has 41,000 likes.

He went on:

Four points is probably the most sinister thing which you could tweet when you were president, except for what he tweeted just an hour ago, which was: "Something very big it at just happened. . " Without further explanation. Which with Trump may either mean we just invaded Mexico or MacRibe is back. [President Trump planned to announce further details on Sunday morning, following a United States Special Operations raid against a senior terrorist leader in Syria.]

Then Che turned to Giuliani:

A NBC News reporter accidentally received a hand-typed voicemail from Rudy Giuliani in which he talked about overseas deals, Joe Biden, and then asked for several hundred thousand dollars. Now what the hell happened to Rudy Giuliani? I'm a New Yorker I remember that Giuliani was on television on 9/11, so calm and calm, and he told us not to worry. And now I watch it on TV, I like it, wait, this guy even understood what was going on then? Or was it like Forest Gump in Vietnam? Somehow, Giuliani switched from mayor of September 11 to September 11 to mayors.

"I don't understand," answered Moffat.

They went on to say that it was not hypocritical to cast hatred on Hunter Biden. , son of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. "We would run the Trump Organization even if Donald Trump were not our father."

He added: "It's about when you get a job because of who your family is . "[19659002] Mofat replied confidently," Hmm. Bean irritation. "

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