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SNL mocks Trump and Biden’s latest debate, Rudy Giuliani’s Borat incident

“And we have our first painters!” She announced. “If you’re playing Biden’s bingo at home, take a chance.”

As easy as it was to joke about playing bingo during the debate, it’s just as easy to play it during the cold openings of SNL. Here are some of the predictable things the show mocked:

Mute button

After the first disastrous debate last month, the Presidential Debate Committee used the mute button for each question to ensure that each candidate could speak continuously for two minutes. Of course, the show referred to Trump̵

7;s frequent interruptions last time.

“We have a mute button tonight because it was either this or a soothing darts, and the president has a very high tolerance for those after his treatment,” Welker explained.

“How does this mute button work?” Biden asked. “Am I just slapping and slapping my mouth?”

“No, Mr. Vice President, we will take care of that on our part,” Welker promised.

Trump’s comment on the military distributing a coronavirus vaccine

On Thursday, Trump said the military would “distribute the vaccine” with Operation Warp Speed. While making fun of it, SNL writers also worked on Trump’s tendency to claim that people often cry in front of him: “That’s right, the military will come and shoot him in the face with a cannon,” Alec Baldwin-like-Trump said. “Look, I had it. He was very angry with me, but I beat him and now the doctors say I can never die. And this virus told me, “Sir, I have to leave your body.” And the virus was crying. Very sad. He didn’t want to leave my body. ”

Come on, Biden

Biden said “come on” in response to Trump several times in real life, so you knew the writers would jump on that one.

“Look at me. Do I look remotely rich?” Biden asked when Trump mentioned “all the money you got from China.” suit on the train Come on! If I had $ 3 million extra, would I drive the train to work? No! I’d pull over to the Capitol Dome with candy-red Trans Am and Kenny Lodgins playing in the back. No record, the real Kenny Lodgins. Can I have a “come on?”

A quote from Trump about how he was “the least racist in the room”

Trump Baldwin quoted the president verbatim – and then constantly confused Welker with other colorful women, including actress Mindy Kaling and host “Top Chef” Padma Lakshmi.

Biden’s inner monologue

Over the past month, Kerry has played Biden as a man with a simple exterior and an inner monologue who is ready to fight. This week, he had to refrain from physically waving Trump several times. At one point, as he stared, Welker called him Eastwood-in, referring to the brilliant actor.

Then Trump insulted his son Hunter. “Don’t do it, Joe,” Biden’s voice said. “Don’t take revenge, even though his children have been written off by charitable fraud.”

Trump belittles the coronavirus

During the actual debate, Trump said the United States was “rounding off” the coronavirus, even as cases continued to rise as winter loomed. So the show had to distort that, “No, it’s not a wave,” Trump explained. “There was a small jump in coronavirus in Florida and a small one in Arizona. And townies in North Dakota. But who cares? Many people don’t know this, but we have another Dakota somewhere. “

Rudy Giuliani

Kate McKinnon, who appeared as Rudolf W. Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, was given: This week, the new sequel to Sasha Baron Cohen’s “Borat” revealed a scene of Giuliani cheating on an actress playing Borat’s daughter who pretended to be that he is a journalist. After their interview, she invited him back to her hotel room, and Giuliani was seen lying on a bed with her hands down on her pants. (In a series of tweets later, Giuliani said, “Borat’s video is a complete fabrication. I put my shirt away after removing the recording equipment.”)

So McKinnon returned with his impression of Giuliani. Trump insisted they check with his lawyer to see if they wanted specific information about his health plan. The camera turned to Giuliani and hinted that he was engaging in some … indecent behavior.

“What, huh?” No, no, it doesn’t look like that, Giuliani insisted. “Is this another Borat?” You have to tell me if it’s borate. “

“You’re in trouble now, Biden,” Trump said triumphantly. “Because Rudy has a lot of common sense and consistent information that seems really bad to you, Joe.”

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