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"Someone Is Not Honest": Eliot Abrams, Trompas' Venezuelan Envoy, Mistrust

The demonstrator is sitting behind US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliot Abrams, as he witnessed at the meeting of Venezuela's foreign affairs committee on Wednesday. (Jose Luis Magana / AP)

The diplomat came to Congress and told him he could not trust him.

"I have to tell you, and I am sorry to say that, as a person who feels very loud that we have to start from here to build a bipartisan foreign policy," his interviewer said I am afraid that at this point there is too much information to be able to play this role effectively.

Diplomat, Assistant Secretary of State Eliot Abrams replied: "I'm sorry you feel that way."

The exchange took place in 1987 during the congressional hearings on the Iran case, while MPs investigated the secret. the efforts of the Reagan administration to help the Nicaraguan rebels. "Someone is not honest with us," Abrams warned.

The dialogue was repeated on Wednesday – more than three decades later – at the hearing of the Foreign Affairs Committee when Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) He told Abrams, who is now special envoy to President Trump in Venezuela, that his word is not good.

"I do not understand why the members of this commission or the American people must find the testimonies you give today to be real," said Omar Procurour-Democrat, who was overwhelmed this week by controversy over his claim that Congress members support Israel because they are financially responsible for Israel's US public affairs commission.

The confrontation with Omar proves that the truth is attributed to Mark Twain, "History does not repeat, but it often rhymes." Back and forth redirected attention to a number of contradictions that attracted Abrams, 71, for half a century in public life. He revealed the moral compromises surrounding the role of the hawks he has built for the United States – a global position that Trump has ever wanted to reject but has increasingly taken advantage of, including by arguing that the military intervention in Venezuela is " option ". With his return to the government, Abrams offers a case study on how neoconservatives warmed up to "Trumpism", which the diplomat once warned in a "Weekly Standard" column for 2016 that he should not be "indisputable." Shortly after Trump's discovery, Abrams was ranked No. 2 in the State Department. Six months in the administration, he estimated that Trump is a "traditionalist", noting his "conventional" foreign policy.

Abrams was not trustworthy, Omar said, for his recognition in 1991 that he had kept information from Congress about secret efforts to help the rebels. For the crimes he was sentenced to two years of probation and 100 hours of community service. Later, he was pardoned by President George H.V. Bush and continued to serve Bush's younger president as a national security adviser.

When Abrams tried to defend himself, the congressman interrupted him, saying, "It's not a question." The diplomat thundered:

In an e-mail to the Washington Post on Thursday, Abrams defended his role in the Reagan administration.

"This is a remarkable proof of the support of Latin American democracy, of which Omar obviously does not know and where she is not interested," said the emissary, who is on leave of his role as Senior Middle East Research Associate at the Council of Foreign Relations to support the diplomatic response to the escalating crisis in Venezuela. "" This was clear from her behavior, which was an attack, not a witness's interrogation. "TABRAMS, under siege, had no defenseman of defenseman." The anti-Semitic congressman offended Jewish the American hero, "roared the headline in the Washington Free Lighthouse, a conservative website funded largely by billionaire Paul Singer's hedge fund manager

Not only were guerrillas insulted by Omar, whose family escaped the Somali civil war in 1991, and spent four years in a refugee camp in Kenya before finding safe havens in the United States.Abraham also found support from those who consider himself a critic of the president, including Nicholas Burns, former Secretary of State for Political Affairs It was Affairs and ambassador to NATO, which publish "Elliott Abrams is dedicated civil servant, has contributed much of his professional life to our country. It is time to build bridges in America, not to tear people. "

The critics of interventionism saw that hurried to defend Abrams as an illustration of the failures of the foreign policy institute.

struck by the closure of a number of people whom you might consider internal for foreign policy, who claim that Eliot Abrams must be respected as a committed civil servant and a good person, "Patrick Porter, Professor of International Security and Strategy of the University of Birmingham in the UK, said in an interview with The Washington Post. "I think this is strange, because here we have a chosen representative of the people who are looking at the candidates for his recording."

The diploma paper began with a blue hue, as is usual for neoconservatives. A Democrat in New York, and I was a Democrat and I would say a hard-core Democrat, "he said in a conversation with Bill Christol, the founder of the now non-existent weekly standard.

Abrams was present in New York City. liberal, liberal Little Red School House, whose graduates include Kati Budin, a member of the anti-war meteorological underground metro, and activist and scientist Angela Davis. In college, he heads the Harvard of the Americans for Democratic Action, a liberal group, and supports Hubert Humphrey as president. He practiced law and worked in Democratic politics, including as head of head of former Senator Daniel Patrick Moinigan of New York.

But he was disappointed with his party's foreign policy with President Jimmy Carter as the Cold War intensified after the Soviet invasion. He and other members of the centrist faction, called the Democratic Majority Coalition, were asked to meet Carter during his re-election campaign in 1980 and "by the end of the meeting everyone in the room was for Reagan, he stumbled upon me for the candidate of Republicans, putting their foreign policy on Jewish groups.

When Abrams worked in 1981 as Reagan's assistant secretary of state for human rights and humanitarian affairs, the advocacy groups hoped he would be a "Liberal mole", as he admits in an interview with the New York Times, in 1982

He came to disappoint them, emerging as a hardcore critic of the left-wing governments and regimes accused of violating human rights, such as South Africa and Taiwan, who are acting as anti-Communists. He calls himself a "gladiator" of the Reagan doctrine – a gladiator who tried to leave his office in the State Department, where his portfolio burst with more than two dozen countries until 18:30.

"I just can not hold on to the fact that the left is on a high horse and I think they have a morally superior position on human rights because they are on the left," Abrams. in the 1982 interview.

As a testimony this year before Congress, he dismissed as "unreliable" reports about the El Salvador massacre in which members of the Salvadoran Army trained in the United States killed more than 800 civilians in December 1981, Omar referred to these comments, asking the ambassador whether he still believed that US policy in the Central American state was "an incredible achievement."

"Since the day the President [José Napoleón] Duarte was elected to be elected Election to this day, El Salvador is a democracy," he replied, citing the victory of the former president in 1984. "This is a great achievement. "

She forced him to say whether the violence committed by US-educated Talion was" an incredible achievement that happened under our watch. " He called the question "ridiculous," and at that point he said he would "accept this as" yes ".

Then Omar asked if the envoy would support an armed uprising. in Venezuela, related to war crimes and genocide if it felt that the rebels "served the interests of the United States, as you did in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua."

To cancel an embargo on military assistance to the country that was locked in civil war. The murder of innocent civilians, the diplomat said, "is step-by-step decreasing" to the general who was seized in a military coup in 1982. This year, however, accounted for almost half of all human rights violations during the 36- sponsored by the United Nations. Mont, who was shot down in 1983 and later elected to the Congress of Guatemala, was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity in 2013

Abrams refused to respond to what he said was not "intended to be real questions. "

"Whether you are under surveillance, a genocide will be held and you will look the opposite because US interests are being maintained is a fair issue," Omar said. "Because American people want to know that every time we engage with one country, we think about what our actions could be and how we believe our values ​​are developing."

He admitted that "there was a question inside. "And he replied that the US policy in Venezuela was intended to" support the efforts of the Venezuelan people to restore democracy in their country. "

Protesters at Wednesday's meeting waved signs and wore shirts saying the complicity of the diploma in serious deeds. Some have used the term "war criminal," an accusation made by Eric Altherman, a professor of English and journalism at Brooklyn College, New York City University.

Porter, a professor of international security, said he was "ambivalent." About the label. However, MEPs must be concerned that they will be misled again, he said. "This is a question of how the republic is going to make its foreign policy."

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