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Something in the universe doesn't look right

It is constantly changing

In July, we reported that scientists have trouble pinning the Hubble constant – a number representing the speed at which our universe is expanding.

At this time, new studies suggest the figure is 69.8 kilometers per second per megaparsec (km / sec / Mpc), while various other scientists have previously estimated it to be 72, 73.5, or 74. Now a team of The University of California at Davis published its own Hubble Constant study – and came to the conclusion that the number is 77.

The number we need to know

The problem with all these discrepancies is that we really have to hammer the Hubble constant if we want to know, well, almost everything about our universe.

"The Hubble constant is the cosmological parameter that determines the absolute scale, size and age of the universe," said Undi Friedman, a physicist who arrived at 69.8 in a July release in July. "This is one of the most direct ways to quantify how the universe develops."

Funny Business

Each of the above studies approaches the problem of a permanent Hubble in a different way ̵

1; Friedman, for example, examines the red giant of stars to arrive in her numbers while the team behind the new UC Davis study uses gravity lenses.

Most, if not all, of these teams have simply miscalculated, they are likely to deal with a lot of variables that might disprove their measurements.

But as physicist Adam Reyes told The Washington Post there is another possibility: "No one is wrong. Something else is going on in the universe. ”

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