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Sorry folks, Christaps Porcings will be Dallas Maverick for a while

Some Mavericks fans thought they would redouble their pleasure on Tuesday night – a bomb won by Luka Doncic’s game against the Boston Celtics, combined with the first hints of trading with Kristaps Porzingis.

I’m sorry. I’m pretty sure that only Doncic’s shots were real (and I’m not entirely sure about that – two 3-points in the last 16 seconds?).

Just to say that. I really have no intention of making this a model. We marvel at Luca̵

7;s skills at night and then I write about Porzingis and what I like about him, just to get all your wonderful feedback about him the next day. I suspect that declaring Jerry Jones a football genius is the only thing I could write that would provoke more people than my guess last week that Porzingis is in the process of showing us why he’s here and how he could be second in line. importance player of a future team.

I didn’t say it was close to a second. And I did not say that the championship will come soon.

I also didn’t mention how his defense dropped this season from last. I left this for two reasons, not because it didn’t exactly match the story I was constructing (although that’s not a bad third reason).

I missed him because his bad defensive numbers cover all 17 games. I think plus-minus and efficiency and a number of other indicators require more than 20% of the normal season to gain any significance. I also think the Mavericks’ terrible defense as a team is a much larger story of the 2021 season, their supposed determination to be better in that area, as shaped by Seth Curry-for-Josh Richardson’s trade. Even in the 15-15 victory over Boston, the Mavericks allowed an 11-point lead of 3:00 to become the Celtics’ 1-point lead of 37 seconds to go. What Doncic really did with his 3-point heroes was save Rick Carlisle from having to discuss a new defensive collapse.

Nevertheless, the Mavs won nights without Porcisis in the squad while breastfeeding a bad back, which is almost certainly related to his off-season knee surgery. He may have come back too early in January and the team is extremely cautious with him again, and I know that is also driving some of you crazy.

You want him to play. And you want him to be strong going forward. And you want him to be Nikola Jokic. He is not one of those things, although the poor man’s Jokic is not a terrible description, even if you are not allowed to be “nothing to the poor” when your basic salary exceeds $ 31 million.

I think part of the problem with Porzingis’ expectations still stems from trade – more than two full years after us – and the influence of the New York media and the national media based there. Their determination to bury Knicks owner James Dolan to trade with the club’s future savior could simply lead one to believe that Porzingis is more than him, which is just a contemporary Ralph Sampson with more scope.

He was the Knicks’ best player and sending him for future kicks and throws to the Mavs seemed self-destructive from New York’s point of view. The difference here is that people need to understand that he is 22 points, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks per player who managed the paint with some authority last year … and that he will never need to be the best player in Dallas.

However, owner Mark Cuban and Carlisle denied the trading history of Bleacher Report, and if the Mavericks were to trade it, it certainly wouldn’t have happened when its shares were the lowest of all time. He has not played a match in 11 days. The Mavericks are 7-6 without him this year and 8-9 with him. In fact, the club has a record of .580 without him since last season and a record of .540 with him, but we began to see his importance in the Clippers’ close playoff series when the Mavs lost 43 and 14 after he suffered a knee injury. which requires off-season operation.

His offense was just getting in shape before the ice and snow forced the Mavericks to sit for a week, and now we’ll have to see if he can handle the big games in Philadelphia on Thursday and Brooklyn on Saturday night. The rest of the NBA schedule comes out on Wednesday and will certainly include plenty of nightly games for Dallas, another challenge for Porcingis when he’s not 100%.

Anyway, I’m afraid Porzingis (and I) will be kicking for a while … although I’m sure the Cuban would be less adamant not to trade me with another city if he ever got the chance.

FILE - Mavericks guard Luka Doncic, 77, and striker Kristaps Porzingis, 6, are pictured during the resumption of a game against the Pelicans on March 4, 2020, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

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