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SpaceX will launch its first dragon crew for NASA soon! How to Watch Everything Live.

Next week, SpaceX is ready to make history with the first-ever test flight of a private spacecraft built to transport astronauts into orbit. This mission of the Crew Dragon Demo-1 will not bring astronauts, but it will be the first launch of a spacecraft built for US-born people since 2011 and you can watch it live.

SpaceX will launch the Demonstration of Crew Dragon 1 mission at 2:48 AM EST (0748 GMT) on Saturday, March 2nd. Since Crew Dragon is designed to carry NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station, you can expect live broadcast from the space agency.

Space.com will bring NASA's webmasters to the crew next week. You will also be able to watch NASA's Websites on NASA's TV, and SpaceX is likely to provide its webcast here. Scroll down to see when to set up for the first Dragon Crew start.

Illustration of Dragon Spacecraft Artist and Crew of Falcon 9 from Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida ”
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Illustration of SpaceX Spacecraft and Crew Falcon 9 Launch a rocket from Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida

The operation begins Friday (February 22nd) when NASA will hold a press conference no earlier from 18 hours EST (2300 GMT) to discuss post-flight readiness briefing of Mission NASA and SpaceX. This meeting, known as FRR in NASA-speaking, usually includes final discussions and reviews to ensure that the mission is ready for flight. "No earlier" time in the NASA manual suggests that the briefing can sneak later in the day.

Two days before the start, Thursday, 28 February NASA will hold a press conference before the start. to discuss the start again. Time for briefing is not yet final. Representatives of the NASA Sales Team Program, the International Space Station Program, and the Astronauts Service will be joined by SpaceX representatives to review the final details of the mission.

March 2: Day of Launch

The events of the launch day of the website in the small hours of Saturday at ] 2:00 EST (0700 GMT) . The start itself, as mentioned above, is at 2:48 EST . SpaceX's WebX is likely to begin some time later than NASA, as they usually start about 15 minutes before takeoff.

At 5:00 EST (1000 GMT) NASA and SpaceX will hold a press conference after the agency and representatives of SpaceX have been presented. In the photos: Behind the scenes Look at the SpaceX crew spacecraft

March 3: The arrival of the space station

Will take the SpaceX crew just over 27 hours to reach the International Space Station after launch.

The spacecraft will arrive at the station Sunday, March 3 . NASA's live coverage will begin at 3:30 pm EST (0830 GMT) with the dock appearing on 5:55 EST (1055 GMT) . Unlike Dragon's space trucks, which are caught by the robot's hand on the station and attached to an open location, crew dragons are designed to harbor. About five hours after the crew arrives, the astronauts will open the hatches between the station and the space ship. NASA's transmission of this event will begin on 8:45 EST (1345 GMT) .

A special ceremony to welcome the station crew will follow at 10:30 EST (1530 GMT) . Demo-1 Dragon will deliver about 400 lbs. (181 pounds) for the station's crew's equipment and equipment, officials from NASA said.

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The spacecraft's first Spacecraft crew spacecraft is seen on the top of its Falcon 9 rocket at Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

March 8: Earth Return

The crew dragon Demo-1 will remain connected to the space station for five days before returning to Earth. Presetting is currently scheduled for Friday, March 8 . Here's what to expect. NASA transmission will begin at [12:45 PM EST] (19:15 GMT) when stationary astronauts will close hatchways between their spaceship and Crew Dragon. The real action begins at [2:45 PM EST] at 2:30 pm EST (0730 GMT) when NASA's loosening begins. You can expect the detachment to happen sometime after Internet broadcasting starts, but after Crew Dragon leaves near the station, NASA can stop commenting for a few hours.

At 7:30 AM EST (1230 GMT) NASA will begin crew desertification and cover. While SpaceX and NASA did not announce a specific splashing time, the Dragon Crew is expected to carry out its desorption about 5 hours after leaving the space station. Deborbit burns will last for 10 minutes, after which it will take 30 minutes for the crew to re-enter the atmosphere, deploy parachutes and burst into the Atlantic Ocean. NASA's press conference. The exact time and location of this is not yet released.

SpaceX Dragon cargo ships are sprayed in the Pacific Ocean and recovered from a ship to recover. The nominal missions of Crew Dragon, however, are expected to explode from the east coast of Florida to be restored by SpaceX's Go Searcher Recovery Ship.

At some point after a burst, NASA will hold a press conference after NASA's television. The exact time and location of this is not yet released.

More Test Flights

If all goes well with the crew crew's Demo-1 mission, SpaceX will launch into larger test flights: a flight break test and a first space flight with a crew.

In June, SpaceX plans to launch an in-flight disruption test to demonstrate the crew flight system. The spacecraft is equipped with eight SuperDraco pushers to retrieve a crew dragon from its Falcon 9 rocket during an emergency.

If this quit test goes well, SpaceX will continue with a flight crew test in July, NASA officials said.

SpaceX is one of two commercial companies selected by NASA to fly astronauts to and from the space station. The other company is Boeing, which will release astronauts to its CST-100 Starliner spacecraft and Atlas V missiles.

NASA has awarded SpaceX a $ 2.6 billion contract to SpaceX in 2014 to develop a flight crew dragon of astronauts. Boeing received $ 4.2 billion from NASA to support the development of Starliner.

Note: Here's a link to NASA's full crew mission. NASA will also publish updates on its mission on its merchant sites and this blog . [196599042] Email tmalik@space.com or follow it @tariqjmalik . Follow us @Spacedotcom and Facebook .

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