Spotify is a constant companion for many people, bringing music and podcasts to their ears. Many customers listen to the streaming service on their daily car journeys, so it makes sense that the company wants to position itself as an ideal alternative to the radio. So on Wednesday, Spotify announced a new "Your Daily Disc" playlist that gives you a mix of your favorite music and short newscasts. Wall Street Journal, NPR and PRI. Along with these brief, informative shows, the new experience also consists of a mix of your favorite music and songs that Spotify thinks you might like, as well as the Discover playlists.

USA and you should see the playlist right in your app. Do not forget to start before you start your journey so that you are not tempted to talk with your phone while driving ̵

1; be safe and have a good trip! 19659005] Spotify: Discover Music, Podcasts and Playlists "/>