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Starbucks offers a new way to get free stuff.

Starting April 16, Starbucks Rewards loyalty program becomes a new version, allowing members to earn stars – also rewards – earlier, and use those points to buy more items than before. "We know that in loyalty programs people like to have different payback options," said Matt Ryan, chief marketing officer at Starbucks. or three visits you can have. "

Starbucks has redesigned its reward structure to include levels Now, if you spend $ 13 on your next visit, you can get extra espresso or dairy substitutes for free and also now lets you use the points to buy a packed coffee and select goods for the first time

In addition to the revised program, Starbucks credit and debit cards will be able to accumulate points forever without expiry

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Ryan said that ca defenders tend to be " those who have thousands of stars in their accounts. "He said," They want to be able to use them in big pieces. "So under a set of new improvements, they will be able to

Starbucks also remove the elite status "Gold" you receive after you spend 150 $ or 300 points. Changes have only one level, and customers can start redeeming the Stars as soon as they are won.

But do not worry. Starbucks says all members of the golden levels will keep their Star Balances; points will roll over. Welcome members (less than 300 points) will see their balance, and will immediately be entitled to win prizes for prizes.

The winning program of the coffee chain is widely used. Ryan said the program accounts for about 40% of the company's US transactions and has grown 26% over the past two years.

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As of December 2018, there are 16 million active members.

"All When we make things better for the customer, it's better for our business," Ryan said. The new structure of Starbucks Rewards:

  • 25 stars: Additional espresso, substitute for dairy products or additional flavor
  • 50 stars: Hot hot coffee, hot tea or selected items for
  • 150 stars: Hand made beverage, hot breakfast or yoghurt perfume
  • Sandwich for lunch, protein box or salad
  • 400 stars: April 2016 Starbucks Rewards removed its one-star transaction model in favor of a revenue-based loyalty program

    To participate, you must have the application of Starbucks yo phone or register on-site Starbucks. Once you've registered, you earn two stars for every dollar you spend.

    Other bonuses include a free birthday prize, the ability to pre-order (also called a mobile order), free shopping carts, access to member events, and the ability to pay through the app.

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