The 6-foot, 3,247-pound backstroke was clocked at 21.6 miles per hour at a 94-yard run, in which the pursuing backs were left in the dust.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin watched this run by Derrick Henry in the Titans’ victory over the Texans last week and remained in awe.

“It’s really striking that a back of its size can go to the house almost every time you touch it,” Tomlin said during a conference call this week before the Titans-Steelers on Sunday (noon, CBS) at Nissan Stadium in a clash. the last two undefeated teams in the AFC. “In the last 1

0 or 12 games dating back to last year, this man has had remarkable reels on big tracks, unlike I’ve never seen in this type of time.”

And now scientists and fans are wondering if history is on the horizon.

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Henry, the 2019 NFL champion with 1,540 yards, is leading the league again in a hurry with 588 yards. That puts him at a pace for about 1,882 this season.

It would be an impressive overall. But not quite the best of all time.

In 1984, Rams, the runaway Eric Dickerson, set a record of 2,105. A few decades later, in 2012, Adrian Peterson approached the 2097 record while playing for the Vikings.

The thing is, Henry has more fast yards in five games than the two players have had in their best seasons.

In fact, much more.

Dickerson had 498 in five games and Peterson had 420. Henry also had more in five games than two other 2,000-yard club members: Barry Sanders and Chris Johnson, who in 2009 went for 2,006 with the Titans. The other three members of the club – Terrell Davis, Jamal Lewis and OJ Simpson – all had more than 588 yards on Henry in five games.

Still, it’s all a reminder that while Henry isn’t moving 2,000 yards, he still has enough season to become the eighth player in NFL history to reach that mark.

This will have to come as a result of more performances like his against the Texans, when big profits finally started to pile up.

Henry ran for 212 yards on 22 runs in this game, which included four runs of at least 14 yards. He came into the game with 3.7 yards to wear during the season and finished with 4.8.

“(We) felt good with him (the running game) and eventually they would start appearing (big tracks),” said Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. “And it takes everyone. It’s not just Derrick. It’s the (offensive) line, the narrow ends, it’s the quarterback who makes sure we’re on the road, the receivers. It’s really and really all 11. It was nice, he got it in rhythm and apparently everyone saw – he pulled out a few large ones. “

This week is arguably the most formidable challenge for Henry and the Titans to date.

The Steelers (5-0) finished second in running defense with 66.2 yards allowed per game.

“They play amazing football on this side of the ball,” Henry said. “So (we) moved last week. Last week was last week. We’re focused on the challenge we have now. We know the type of team we’re facing.”

And Tomlin knows what kind of running he’s up to. He can see some of those who inspire a great run in person on Sunday against the Titans (5-0).

“A lot is written and said about his size, his stiff arm, his strength and these things, and all these things are true,” Tomlin said. “But the damage he inflicts when he hits an open space that he is able to combine these attributes with the sprinter’s speed is just ridiculous.”

The 2000-yard NFL club, which is in a hurry after 5 games

420 | Adrian Peterson (2012 – 2,097 yards)

466 | Barry Sanders (1998 – 2053 yards)

468 | Chris Johnson (2009 – 1006 yards)

498 | Eric Dickerson (1984 – 2,105 yards)

657 | Terrell Davis (1997 – 2000 yards)

742 | Jamal Lewis (2003 – 2066 yards)

813 | OJ Simpson (1973 – 2003 yards)

588 | Derrick Henry

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