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Stephanie Grisham, Trump's press secretary, faces backlash over the claim that Obama has aides on the left? Will you fail? notes

Grisham then modified her statements later in the day, changing key parts of her story and saying that she viewed the alleged behavior as more than a harmless joke.

"This is yet another bald lie in the face," Susan E. Rice, who was Obama's national security adviser at the end of his administration, wrote Tuesday on Twitter in response to Grisham's initial remarks.

"This is absolutely not true," writes Chris Lou, who was secretary of the White House cabinet during the Obama administration. "Obama has repeatedly and publicly praised Bush's cooperation during the transition in 2009 and promised that we will ensure the same cooperation to everyone who follows us. And that's what we did.

Grisham did not provide evidence to support his claim. No other administration official has publicized such allegations in the 34 months since Trump entered the White House.

Five former senior administration officials present on the first day in 201

7 said they did not remember witnessing or hearing notes such as those described by Grisham.

"I'm not in my office," said one of the former employees, who spoke about the condition of anonymity at odds with the press secretary.

Grisham made the initial accusation during an interview with radio show John Fredericks. after the host asked her why the Trump White House had failed to fully hire administration staff with loyalists from its earliest days.

Grisham replied, claiming that the administration was facing a difficult battle from the beginning, including open scorn by Obama's aides who left behind hostile messages while leaving their offices.

"When we went into the White House, I'll tell you something, every office was filled with Ed's Obama books, and we were left with notes that said, 'You're going to fail,'" You won't do it, "she said. "There was a big note on the press that was glued to the door saying 'you will fail.'"

Brandy Hoffin, who served as a press assistant during the Obama administration, said on Twitter that when she left Lower January 19, 2017, "The only notes left in this room when we turned on the lights are words of encouragement."

A Washington Post reporter who passed through the White House press office the night before Trump took his speech. found a positive note on the office of former press secretary E Osh Ernest addressed to his successor Sean Spicer.

In response to Obama's aides insisting on her allegations, Grisham made a statement, softening his initial allegations and calling the contradiction "silly."

I'm sure where their offices are and I certainly didn't assume that every office had such a problem, "Grisham said. "I spoke specifically (and honestly) about our experience in the lower press – nowhere else. I don't know why everyone is so sensitive! "

" Stephanie is correct that there are bad credentials left in the press center, "tweeted Michael Short, a former White House spokesman who works in the" lower press "of the White House.

A second former White House official said officers found a Russian bottle of vodka in the "lower press" and that Grisham had found a note against Trump.

The notes are "glued to

Grisham's tracking differs significantly from her statement that" every office is filled with Obama books "and" there is one big note glued to a door that says, "You will not you fail. ""

"The books were inside the cabinets of the lower press, as was one of the notes recorded inside," she wrote, referring to an office in the White House complex. "I believe others came out, saying it was true. Either way it shouldn't be a big deal. "

Several Trump administration officials who continue to write story books, including some who worked at the White House press center, have never mentioned publicly that they have seen such letters or notes posted on doors or interior While smartphones are ubiquitous to White House officials, no photos or copies of any memo notes appeared after Trump was sworn in.

"We would take it and publish it everywhere." said one ex served

In his statement in response Tuesday, Grisham said he viewed Obama's negative notes and books "as a joke and something that always happened." that she personally received a "wonderful note" from Obama's aide to the White House when she arrived .

But in a radio interview, she brought out the alleged behavior in far more negative terms and used it to make the broader point Obama is helping – and the careers who continued to serve at Trump – were vindictive and work hard. to undermine the new president.

"It was sad; it was a pity, ”she said. "When we leave after six years, I fully intend to leave a note in my drawer [successor’s] saying, 'Good luck to you. "I don't care if he's a Dem or a Republican – you serve your country. It's the highest honor in the world. So if those people couldn't recognize and stay above that, it was up to them. "

Several former Obama administration officials have said they leave behind only positive messages about incoming Trump administration officials. Joanna Rosholm, press secretary for former First Lady Michelle Obama, posted on Twitter a copy of a letter she left at the White House.

"Welcome to the small family of White House employees, past and present," she wrote. "The bond we all share goes beyond politics. I want you to know that I'm always available if you have questions. just like Mrs. Bush's staff was for us. No question is too big or too small. "

The two former White House secretaries at Trump also ran into allegations that they lacked candor or were misled.

Spicer admitted that he made a mistake when he erroneously claimed

Former press secretary Sarah Sanders told federal investigators she was not correct when she briefed in 2017 at the time of her first press briefing. said she had heard from "countless" FBI agents who supported Trump's decision to fire FBI director James B. Comey, a statement that was not based on anything, Sanders told the then-special investigator's office, Robert S. Müller III.

David Nakamura contributed to this report.

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