People named Michael B. Jordan the sexiest man in 2020.

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Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey may be everyone’s favorite new couple, but Steve Harvey is not completely won.

Steve Harvey, Lori Harvey’s stepfather, shared his thoughts on Friday’s episode of Steve Harvey’s Morning Show when one of his co-hosts asked about the relationship.

“I like this one,” Harvey told People and Complex. “I’m still looking at him. I mean, I like him, but as I tell them all, ‘I may like you, I may approve of you, but I have a thumb-sized part of my heart filled with nothing but pure hatred of yours (with explicit). Just in case I need them. “

At the moment, Harvey says he has no problems with Jordan and thinks he’s a “nice person,” but that can easily change.

“Because you’re not the sexiest man in the world for me! Let’s be aware of that,” said the talk show host, alluding to the Black Panther star, who has been crowned the sexiest man in 2020.

Jordan, 33, and Harvey, 24, went public with their relationship earlier this month.

Rumors of the couple’s relationship have been circulating for months as Jordan and Harvey were filmed in Atlanta together around Thanksgiving.

Almost two months after fleeing to Atlanta, People 2020 Sexiest Man Alive and the model posted separate photos together on their respective Instagram accounts on January 10, confirming speculation about the state of their relationship.

Jordan posted two photos, one looking into Harvey’s eyes. Harvey posted a photo collage of a Polaroid marked Jordan. In one photo, Jordan kisses her on the cheek as she radiates.

Jordan told what he was looking for in a girlfriend in his interview for the sexiest man.

“A sense of humor, a real understanding, because life (of the actor) is not conducive to a relationship – it really isn’t,” he said, “Someone who feeds. I have a list.”

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