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Summary and reactions of NXT (October 21, 2020): Disclosure

NXT returned last night (October 21) from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida. You can find the results on the live blog here.


“Who doesn’t know?” There was a big revelation on the NXT corner this week, but hopefully it wasn’t the final revelation.

I felt that part of the corner was in a hurry. Maybe because a major player in the story was injured when Ridge Holland suffered his unfortunate injury. Maybe that was the plan all along. Anyway, at the end of this week̵

7;s episode, the good old Pat McAfee revealed that he was at least involved, if not completely behind, in the destruction of the undisputed EPA.

Throughout the episode this week, they advertised the main event as the Undisputed ERA against Breezango for the latter’s gold team. But throughout the night, Undisputed members were found attacked behind the scenes. First Bobby Fish, then Roderick Strong. Kyle O’Reilly escapes fate, but he does not choose a new partner and instead travels to the hospital with his boys.

This allowed Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch to intervene and challenge Breezango instead. William Regal made this conversation as they were on stage (conveniently) and were defeated by the Undisputed team to become №1 contenders.

During the main event, Lorcan & Burch were revealed as part of the conspiracy. They won the match with the help of McAfee (which was then disguised) and a low blow, winning gold for the first time in the NXT. After the match, McAfee made his official revelation.

This is a good angle, as long as it is not the end of it. I love the Brit-Am Brawlers and Pat McAfee really amazed me when he was at war with Adam Cole, but if it was all his child in his brain, it would be amazing. Because he still feels like a celebrity guest and doesn’t threaten enough to be a big bad guy.

I think there is still a member of the Undisputed ERA who is behind all this. And this is either Kyle or Cole. So there’s probably more “who’s not moving.” This is great because speculating with mysterious angles like these is always a blast. So let’s do this a little bit.

Kyle O’Reilly makes the most sense. When he went back to NXT months ago, he seemed to be glaring at Cole. Adam and McAfee’s feud cost Kyle and Bobby the titles on the labels. If KOR had been tired of Cole’s BS, he might have turned to the services of the man who managed to get under the skin of Panama City. This would also allow Kyle to play the heel and Adam the baby face, which I think is the most appropriate role for them in this angle.

Adam Cole would take more work to explain. He was technically not in the building this week, making a video promotion. This may be a misdirection. But the motive is not there. Why would he attack the boys who have had their backs for so long? Why would he ally with a man who humiliates and antagonizes him like McAfee? It will take more effort to sell it, but it is still an option.

Of course, this could be just McAfee. Or another big player. Maybe Wade Barrett is creating a new Corre.

We need to get more answers in the next few weeks. This can be a great angle, as long as the revelation tonight wasn’t the end of it.

Kushida Rolls

The first match this week was a triple threat between Kushida, Velveteen Dream and Tommaso Ciampa.

It was high octane, a match that never stopped for air. And while sometimes these matches are too many (some just have to breathe a little), this one was fun all the time.

All three men are strong in their roles. Kushida has been killing him absolutely since he became more aggressive with his character. He is still technically savvy, but now he is angry about it. Tomaso Champa mastered this version of it centuries ago. And although I definitely understand people who have no interest in watching Velveteen Dream on TV, I think he does very well with this spotted version of it. This was necessary after he failed to win the big one as a babyface. Unfortunately, a change of character that usually has fans hoping to see more of him can do so much, given the accusations against him.

Kushida finally pressed Champa after Tomaso was a cast watch on Velvetin’s hand, the hand that hurt Kushi. It protects a little Champa, while allowing the right man to win. Because while Kushida is in full swing, he must continue to earn in order to build that trust. If a new hero loses too much, that hero is dead in the water.

Now Kushida is in a position where she can soon enter the title photo, even in the best title for men. It will just take a few more big profits to get there.

First feud

Amber Moon made her first singles match since returning from injury with Achilles.

She faced Jesse Camea and Jesse got a little chance to shine before taking the inevitable loss. The moon looked good. It’s almost amazing how little rust on the ring seems to be there after the lack of so much time.

Moon made her debut in the final pass, which will allow her some variability in the finals of her matches. He will also keep her coccyx, because this stunning one from the upper rope can’t be great for him. Besides, the presented materials are just bad.

The corner after the match included Dakota Kai attacking Luna. This is a good program for Ember’s hostile enmity. Kai is a good heel, but not someone who is too high to take on that loss. We have to assume that the top of the division is Yo Shirai, Rhea Ripley, Amber Luna and Tony Storm. It makes sense for Amber to fend off an established talent like Dakota, while staying away from the four pillars of the new division.


Austin Theory left NXT.

This came after losing twice in a row to Big Thicc Bronson Reed. The first time was just the scheduled match. The second time was after he demanded a rematch and lost in seconds. He is not the smartest.

The cameras caught him walking to his car after all this. There he told them he was done. He leaves NXT.

This is the logical next step in this story. He has not won anything worth noting since returning from a failed main race. For a person who is so hellishly arrogant and full of himself, the loss in this way will push him over the edge. And because he is young and cheeky, instead of working on the issue, he is more likely to leave and leave.

We’ll see where they take that. He will return with a new attitude or a manager or some kind of change.

Everyone else:

– The enmity of El Legado del Fantasma with Swerve Scott and friends feels endless. My man Sean Ruther even compared him to Hurt Business against Apollo Crews and a friend at Raw, which felt like an appropriate comparison in constant rematch with little progress in history. This week, Legado stood up and defeated Scott, Jake Atlas and Aschante “You” Adonis. However, Atlas exposed heavyweight champion Santos Escobar during the match, identifying him as Escobar’s next contender.

– Timothy Thatcher’s lessons were at CWC this week. It was to see his student face him when Thatcher took the demonstration too far and didn’t want to pass. It turned into an impromptu match between Tim and Andrew (or Anthony?), Which Thatcher won easily. One of these weeks, the student will face Thatcher as a debut, or someone will enter the ring and challenge Wrestler.

– Johnny Gargano and Candice Lere had a lot of fun playing when they practiced spinning a wheel in preparation for Halloween chaos next week. Gargano, who apparently has a certain hatred of wheels (hating one of the first inventions was ever something else), continued to spin matches like Buried Alive or Casket Match. Next week will not be a good week.

– Drake Maverick won a little more respect than Killian Dain when he landed on Ever-Rise with a chair. This is the kind of action that the Belfast Beast can hold, even if it results in a loss of DQ. He still doesn’t feel this music.

– Xia Li still can’t win, this week they lost to Kacy Catanzaro. And as usual, it fluttered after that. Then Raquel González seems to have shattered all the women involved before next week’s match against Rhea Ripley, reminding us that this Xia story is still a low corner card.

This was another solid week. McAfee’s discovery didn’t leave me as stunned as it had hoped to have more than that, but it could be a good part of a bigger story. The triple threat was very good and Kushida’s rise was great. The show is still missing, as the title of the best men after TakeOver has not been presented.

I would also like to comment on the new presentation now that they are at the Capitol Wrestling Center. I still feel that video screens don’t respond to the vibration (especially now that we know these aren’t people watching live) and now add a fake crowd that can really distract when you notice it. There is a crowd there. It just depends on them for the noise.

Class: B +

The sound is muted from below.

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