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Summary of the vote: Raine Stern / Andrew Marshall – Battles, Top 28 Revealed

The strangest thing about what happened in Monday’s episode The voice Wasn’t it that Nick Jonas cut the athlete he and his peers agreed to give a better performance in the fight?… actually made sense. The Loser was so remarkable that you could see why he wouldn’t want to let her go. Read and we will discuss not only this unusual song, but all the couples of the evening.

Team legend: Victor Solomon (class: A) defeated Deion Warren (class: A-) in “U Got It Bad” | After receiving the sweetest reaction at the meeting with former counselor Brandi, Victor and Dayon absolutely ripped out in Usher̵

7;s hit. Her advice to Dayon was to start softer so that there was room for his voice to grow. As for Victor, John wanted him to work on his stage presence. When the spotlight fell on them, they were so electric that I almost forgot to take notes. It turned out that Victor has some nice moves in the audience. Yet sometimes I felt like he came out as Deion’s excellent backing singer – this guy is a charisma machine; his voice as elastic as a rubber band (even if Blake had inflated it on field issues). In the end, John could not deny Victor’s stronger vocal and impressive evolution.

Team Kelly: Anna Grace (Class: B) defeats Ainae (Class: B +) at “You Know I’m Not Good” | At a rehearsal, the contestants revealed that only one of them (sweet, shy Aine) had heard, even less related to Amy Winehouse’s classics – and this can be seen in their performance. As councilor Luis Fonsi noted, Ainae sounded like a “little star” singing her truth. Kelly’s advice was for both of them to halve their halves; they were included The voice, no The treadmill. When their battle started, hmm … I really didn’t feel that Anna’s vocals matched the song, especially in the beginning; the turn of four presidents demonstrated once again that she has chops and control, it was just a mismatch of song / singer. Ainae’s more tangible vocals worked better – it was the sound equivalent of lime squeezed into the Corona – but was, alas, less impressive to Kelly’s submarine, Kelsea Ballerini. When Anna grew up, Ainae could only become average.

The voice summarizes the battles of the Rhine Stern Andrew MarshallTeam Nick: Raine Stern (class: B +) defeated Andrew Marshall (class: A) on “Adore You” – Andrew stolen from Blake | Before the two began rehearsing, I assumed that this battle was bad for the loss of the Rhine. But there was clarity in Andrew’s voice, which said, “Don’t count me, Mom.” Nick wanted Raine to work on her falsetto notes, and he and counselor Darren Chris encouraged Andrew to spare a breath to get to the end of the lines. you are. On stage, well, damn it. They made no come play! Andrew sang with a passion that search he had to be given serious attention — and he had to brag. Harry Styles’ shot served him better than Raine, but she still managed to hint at how special a performer she was – enough to persuade her coach to keep her, even when he admitted that in this case Andrew was brilliant. more bright.

Team Blake: Pete Frost (Class: B) defeated Savannah Chestnut (Class: B +) in “Have a little faith in me” | Going through John Heath’s song with Blake and Dan + Shay’s advisers, Savannah turned her nerves into an attractive vulnerability. Pete, on the other hand, seems to naturally take advantage of the song’s emotion. Behind the microphone, it serves the perfect mood for albums. However, Savannah managed to show more scope from the very beginning. Wonderful performance by each of them. John guessed that Savannah lacked a sense of urgency, and Blake couldn’t disagree – she was performing in her head, not on stage. Eventually he put his old friend to the knockouts.

The voice summarizes the battles of the Rhine Stern Andrew MarshallKelly’s team: Kenzie Wheeler (class: A) defeated JD Casper (class: B-) at “Fishin ‘in the Dark” | We completely missed rehearsal footage for this pairing, but hey, at least he didn’t get the editing treatment. Maybe it got a short cut because it wasn’t really a big fight. The moment the brown mullet opened its mouth, carts and hay fell out, it was over. JD justified himself well – and put his trick in the suitcase – but Kenzi was such a great country that he lied to my remote control. As Blake put it, he was completely “thrown into that vocal.” I hope that at some point he will be able to sing with Ethan Lively; that would be noise.

Team Nick: Rachel Mack (Class: C +) defeats Bradley Sinclair (Class: C) on “Your Song” | At a rehearsal, Nick explained that he paired the two because he wanted to show the youth of his team – the old but good taste of Elton John. Mm. At first it seemed that he would eventually brag, is their inexperience. His advice to children: have more fun. I was afraid it would be rude. And, well, it was. Rachel did better than Bradley, especially when she was girding herself. But when she wasn’t at maximum volume, she just put in a vibrato everywhere, whether summoned or not. Bradley has a nice voice out there somewhere – and a nice growl when he unfolds it – but you realize he still doesn’t quite know how to use it. No matter how messy the battle was, the coaches fell completely over the duo. Nick even called it the best performance they’d seen in Battles. Come again, sir?

The voice summarizes the battles of the Rhine Stern Andrew MarshallTeam legend: Rio Doyle (class: C +) defeated Carolina Rial (class: C) on “Someone I knew” – Carolina rescued by John | “Look who we have here!” John said as he entered the rehearsal room with Brandi. In the meantime, I wondered, “Wait, who do do we have here? “I didn’t remember the contestants at all, while the flashbacks reminded me that I had actually dug up Rio, whose hoarse voice sounded cool to her and Carolina’s Gotye / Kimbra cover as they pierced. However, the clarity of Carolina’s voice really did. In the moment of truth, uh, I had to wonder if this was really the right choice of song for the duo. They threw themselves completely into it, but none of them sounded in their element. Rio’s smoky voice was wasted to a great extent. and Carolina finally shouted enough to sing, and in the end I would give Rio the victory, and I promised to choose songs that would better demonstrate her satin vocal style.

So what do you think of Monday’s performances? Vote for your favorite in the poll below, then respond in the comments: Would you keep Raine or Andrew if you were Nick?

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