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Summary “That’s Us”: Season 5, Episode 11 – “Both Things Can Be True”

It’s time for us, the team This is us viewership, give Miguel Rivas a damn break.

Of course, it’s fun to immerse him. I’ve definitely done it more than once. But Rebecca’s husband shows up many times, takes great care and finishes things off – and half the time he does so with an explosion in the ’70s that would make Farah Fawcett envious.

This week’s episode is not so much a showcase for Jack’s best friend as a reminder that he never waited for Jack to kick him, just so he could invade and romanticize the grieving Rebecca. Instead, he is a decent man who helped ease the enormous tension between young Pearson and Rebecca̵

7;s father on the day Rebecca and Jack got engaged. And he happens to like small plates!

Read about the highlights of “Both things can be true.”

WHO IS THE BEST MAN? (PART I) | In retrospect, Jack prepares to ask Rebecca to marry him. He has a huge plan to turn her apartment into a carnival – full of candy apples and twinkling lights – to recreate their first meeting. Miguel helps him prepare the place and encourages him to practice the proposal, which includes props. Everything went smoothly … until Jack put Rebecca’s ring on Mikiel and he got stuck.

Of course, this is when Rebecca’s father shows up to tell Jack personally that although he doesn’t give his blessing for the marriage, he will do his best to be kind. Jack is ready to accept this, but Miguel does not accept it. “That’s not good enough,” he says, talking about what a great guy Jack is and how much he’s done to become a better partner for Rebecca. And if Mr. Malone can’t bless the union, “that says a lot more about you than it does about him.” Rebecca’s father seems to be reconsidering, then announcing that he knows a trick to remove the ring that involves flossing.

This is us summarizing season 5 episode 12WHO IS THE BEST MAN? (PART II) | Kevin wants to ask Randall to be his best man, but he can’t seem to write an email asking him to do so. Meanwhile, Miguel’s planning for Kevin and Madison’s rehearsal dinner annoys Nikki, who intervenes and says he wants to help. What he really wants to do is Miguel’s snipe about how he stole Rebecca after Jack’s death. “It just doesn’t sit with me,” Nicky says. “My brother cuts me off from his life, replaces me with you, and you come, invade, and marry his wife.”

For the second time in this episode, Miguel will not deal with nonsense. He states that he and Rebecca married 13 years after Jack’s death. And while he is on the topic: “There is only one person to whom I owe and I have explanations and this is the only person to whom I can never give it. I certainly don’t owe any of you. ”

Later, Nikki calls to apologize, and Miguel makes it clear, “He never replaced you, Nikki.” He added that Jack asked him to stand up for his wedding, but “he couldn’t call me godfather because I think somewhere deep inside he is saving this place for you. Guys, I think these two are going to be friends!

Kevin calls Randall without realizing that his brother has spent part of the day in a deeply moving session on group therapy for transsexual adoptees. Still, Randall gladly agrees to be Kevin’s best man, but he’s not ready to CHECK that they’ve postponed the night the babies were born. Kev fully understands, instead assumes they have it personally, after both have been vaccinated. This surprises Randall, but he readily agrees.

this-is-us-recap-season-5-episode-12 THERE CAN BE DANCERS ALL NIGHT | Kate starts her new job at the school, but her colleague (immediate boss?) Philip (played by You are the worstChris Geer) is less impressed than her. He made it clear that she did not qualify for the job and was not at the top of his list, but that someone above had made it clear that she would get the position. But when she helps a young singer find her performance of “I Could Dance All Night” by telling her the story of My beautiful ladyPhilip looks slightly impressed.

this-is-us-recap-season-5-episode-12 TRAVEL ON A NEW BASIS | Tess’s Alex, more than a friend, comes to “study”, but when Beth catches the couple at a close moment (with the door closed!), She asks them both to go downstairs and study on the couch. That’s what Tess calls her mother “psycho,” and Beth sends Alex home. The whole thing starts an argument in which Tess makes her mother feel terrible that she can’t easily give up the heteronormative fantasy she had for Tess to grow up and marry a man. Beth complains to her mother that she thought she had released all this. “It’s more than a release. You have to adjust, ”says Mama C, gently suggesting that Beth adapt sooner rather than later. “Time is so precious. You blink and your daughter has grown up and you are locked in her house, trying to compensate for 20 years of not adjusting. “

When Beth later tries to smooth things over with Tess, Tess twists the knife the way only teenagers can. “I know you’re trying.” I also know you don’t have to try with Ani or Deja, ”she says. “This makes me sad.” And when Beth insists they’re still close and things aren’t terrible, Tess says, “Okay, Mom,” in that “Okay, Boomer” way that’s equally infuriating and gutted.

THE CASE OF EX | At the end of the episode, we see three people pick up copies from a gossip magazine that has news of Kevin and Madison’s engagement – and they’re all women Kevin has dated and / or contacted: Zoe, Cassidy (who returned to the last episode and is therefore less of a surprise) and Sophie. Of the three, only Sophie looks a little wise as she accepts the message.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of the episode? Sounds in the comments!

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