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Summary: The Pens beat the Flyers 7-3 by a double night at Sydney Crosby


The Penguins use the same lineup as last night, with Tristan Jari starting tonight. Casey Desmith, who left the game last night, does not serve as a backup, but Maxime Lagace on the bench.

First period

Only after 1:44, the pens start much better. The third row has a good substitution and Jared McCann hits Marcus Petterson all alone in front. Marcus Peterson ?? Yes. He was able to deck from his backhand and push it past Brian Elliott to give Pittsburgh a quick and early 1-0 lead.

Back and forth, the pens get the first power and start their second group as the big boys wind up from a shift and the JV unit plays the first 1

:30 after a while in the zone, but can’t do much with it and time passes.

The shots ended 11-7 in favor of Pittsburgh in the first.

Second period

Fireworks start early in the second, former Flyer Mark Friedman clears Joel Farabi with a clean but big open ice kick and this puts his old friends in order. Jakub Voracek broke his staff over Friedman with a cross-check, and then Farabi got up and challenged Friedman to a short but inspiring battle. The pens get a powerful game from the deal thanks to the extra minor Voracek.

And cash pens. Do you remember last night with bad luck? Some good news here, Chris Letang breaks his stick when he shoots, but the puck still reaches the front a little out of speed. Jake Gunzel manages to track him and he somehow suffocates at his shot, but he slips past Brian Elliott, who stretches back but can’t stop the puck from sliding over the line. 2-0 pens.

5:44 in the action-packed period, Crosby is back on his way to killing flyers, redirecting a shot / pass from the offensive dynamo Marcus Petterson to the net. 3-0 Pittsburgh.

However, Flyers can fight back. Justin Brown overloaded Pittsburgh’s defense in front of the net and found a free puck and shot it into Jarry’s past to make it 3-1.

Crosby and Travis Ultimate get tangled up and Ultimate tries to put Crosby in a triangle choke or something, from which the captain frees himself and doesn’t show too much courtesy, returning the favor with some physicality. Both get minors and nothing comes on 4v4.

McCann is taken down when he has a puck and fights back, getting up and tripping a player who doesn’t have a puck, and you can’t. Philadelphia gets its first powerful game of the evening. Jeff Carter gets the best chance in the short break sequence, but Elliott kills him.

Flyers make a more competitive race than him late, when the puck deviates from Carter and Jari in the past. Good luck! 3-2 pens.

Philly takes a slight advantage in shots from the second period 13-12. Oh and Brian Rust obviously didn’t play the second half of the second, as Final’s MMA career against Crosby wasn’t enough, he had to add a game behind the game.

Third period

Fortunately, Rust returns at the beginning of the third period.

Flyers made a mistake thanks to the pressure of pre-screening applied by Casperi Kapanen. Kapanen chooses to pass and then steals a puck from Claude Giroud. Evgeni Malkin takes over and hits Jason Zucker wide open in front of the net with a pass. Zucker made no mistakes, moving with a forehand and grabbing the puck and passing Elliott. 4-2 pens for a very important calculation to provide more breathing space.

But the Flyers quickly took that room and returned to the target. Konecny ​​centered the puck off the wall and it bounced off Jarry, then John Marino’s skates and corners into the net. 4-3 with almost half the period left.

Pittsburgh bounces again and it’s none other than Crosby to shoot to the top corner of the net and increase the lead to two goals. 5-3 now after this evil rip, courtesy of Rust.

Flyers pulled the goalkeeper with a super high 4:30 to the left, but down by two and from the playoffs will still send him. It doesn’t work and Friedman is free for an easy goal. Well, except that Nolan Patrick cuts it and Shane Gottisbecher throws it away after the puck is in the net. Philadelphia Flyers: Demonstrating compassion and respect for being known to the end. 6-3 pens.

The pens passed Crosby and Malkin for the power play for Gottisbecher’s penalty and people, you must like him. If they do, you have to bury them on the board. Pittsburgh plays with 2D to be a little cautious, but even that pays off, as Crosby makes a nice pass to Marino, who shoots a puck into the net from a sharp angle. 7-3.

The pens win and move in the first place, at least for the night. Flyers move the game closer to the golf course. The natural order of things.

Some thoughts

  • Good night for Petterson, to get only his second goal of the season, he often lingers and hangs in the offensive zone, almost surprised that he does not get more of them by accident.
  • Similarly, the late goal was only the third for Marino’s season. It wasn’t an offensive banner season for him, but it’s nice to see him spin one at the end.
  • Cute game for Jarry in game # 100 at night. They go fast, don’t they? On the other hand, it was Elliott’s 500th game of his career. Here are another 500 for him (as long as the pens never acquire it)! Flyers made a pretty strong push in the 2nd and early 3rd period and Jari was his best. Two of the goals against him were random rebounds from his own players, otherwise Philly couldn’t get much out of him.
  • Evgeni Malkin almost made the main reel for the wrong reason for the power play. The puck went the other way, and, to Malkin’s credit, he was actually returning in time to cover the second man in the rush. But then … he just let Sean Couturier get in the net, and Malkin obviously just thought he was going to block the cross. That didn’t happen and Couturier got a great chance in front of the net and Jari had to make a really good save. A few seconds later, the puck was in the other net and Malkin received an assist credit. Everything is fine as soon as it ends well.
  • Friedman didn’t have much choice, as he made a blow and was challenged, but boy, for a man who literally comes out of a concussion, the idea of ​​throwing gloves and getting a blow to the head doesn’t seem very wise … Especially on a clean blow. . This is hockey culture for you, Friedman certainly should have felt like he owed Farabi a match, but it really shouldn’t. What can you do.
  • Besides, you wonder what’s between Friedman and Flyers? Is Gottisbeer just disappointed at the end of a long season? Are you afraid of another trip to the refusal to refuse? Upset by Friedman’s clean blow, which he fought for and had to erase his clean? Friedman committed a lot of abuse in the four games he played against his former teammates, perhaps just a coincidence, but overall it seems a little strange that they went out of their way to beat him so much during the season.
  • 2 goals by Sid against the Flyers …. It just feels so right, right?
  • The first two lines tonight were just great … Philly played 3-2 and Kapanen-Malkin-Zucker struck to extend the lead … Flyers got a random goal for 4-3 and soon after was Guentzel -Rust -Crossby to reaffirm the lead and basically seal the deal.
  • I liked Flyers to pull the goalkeeper early. Analysis and theory say that when a team loses by more than 2 goals, it must pull the goalkeeper MUCH earlier than is the usual wisdom for NHL teams. You probably won’t dig out of the hole at 5v5, you may take a risk to see if the momentum can change. It didn’t work out anyway, and the Flyers had nothing to lose, but it will be interesting to see if that kind of theory expands further into the game at the NHL level.

The Scribes have two more home games, on Thursday and Saturday against Buffalo, and after that they will have a nice little break. It’s good to get out of Philly with W tonight, and the best part is we shouldn’t see these jokes for the rest of the season.

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