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Super X-Cup, Moose vs. Mack

Review by Josh Nyson

The road to Hard To Kill goes through Genesis, an event broadcast on Saturday at Impact Plus.

Although there are no title matches or Kenny Omega appearances, it will include the return of the Super X-Cup, a 2017 overnight tournament on ice that once featured eight of the world’s best flyers.

This year’s field is still impressive despite the pandemic travel restrictions, as the first round will feature Ace Austin vs. Suicide, Daivari vs. Cousin Jake, Crazzy Steve vs. Tre Lamar and KC Navarro vs. Blake Christian.

Former knockout champion Jordan Grace will also take part in the event against Jazz in a clash of partners from the Knockouts Tag team title tournament. They lost in the semifinals last week and Grace challenged Jazz out of respect.

Finally, in a nasty match, Moose will face Willie Mack under the “I Quit”

; rules, which means no counting or DQ.

Our coverage starts at 20:00 East.


Josh Matthews and Madison Raine opened the show, which is running on the map for tonight.

– We took a video package for Ace Austin and Suicide. D’Amor, Shelley, and Sabine talked about suicide and who might be under the guise. Austin speaks for himself and his greatness and regained the X21 Division Championship in 2021.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) defeats suicide in a match of the first round of the Super X Cup

Good opener. Suicide was quite dominant in this match, using many passes, and even after it was interrupted by the distraction from Fulton, Suicide regained its momentum over Austin. It was only in the last minutes of the match that Austin gained control of the match and even then it was more of a back and front match.

The suicide received several good close falls, one after a crazy deadlift suplex, but in the end, after another distraction from Fulton, Austin struck a fold for the victory.

Austin is waiting for the winner from Diyvari against his cousin Jake.

– We took a video package for KC Navarro and Christian Blake. Navarro made a great promotion, he has a lot of charisma in his voice. Christian sounds down to earth, but not so attractive in the microphone. The promotions were a contract between the looks against the heart for Navarro and Christian, respectively.

Blake Christian defeated KC Navarro in a match of the first round of the Super X Cup

The story of the match was that Navarro showed that he could do everything that the favorite of the fans Christian could, and even more. The match started slowly with a bit of a fight with a checkmate, Navarro demonstrated his excellent job for passing, constantly playing in front of the camera. After Christian tried to speed up the match, Navarro returned, showing that he too can go fast.

Near the end, Christian eventually made a comeback and ran a few minutes before hitting a twisting blow to win.

Christian is waiting for the winner of Tre Lamar against Crazzy Steve.

“We got a video package for Divari and cousin Jake.” Daivari talks about being around the world and being experienced. Jake talks about his current story with Eric Young, Cody Diner and Joe Doring, but also talks about being the biggest man in the tournament and uses that to win the tournament.

Cousin Jake defeated Divari in a match of the first round of the Super X Cup

It was more of a hoss battle than a regular X Division match. Lots of trampling, lots of whipping from corner to corner, lots of chops and clotheslines, but also a few dives from Jake.

The match saw Jake dominate early, thanks to his size advantage, but after missing a cross body and entering the neck first, Jake was cut off and worked on by Daivari, who focused on his legs. Finally, Jake stepped up and made a comeback for a few close falls. The last few minutes were back and forth, ending with Jake’s grand slam.

Ace Austin vs. Cousin Jake for the semifinals.

– We took video packages for Tre Lamar and Crazzy Steve. Lamar didn’t show much in terms of promotion, but it’s not bad either. Steve was actually really good, but just awful content.

Crazy Steve defeated Tre Lamar in a match of the first round of the Super X Cup

The story here is that Steve is too weird for Lamar, who is constantly scared of him, his antics and just begs him to “act normally.” It wasn’t even the unorthodox style of wrestling, it was just Steve trying to lick it during the lock. In the end, Lamar managed to interrupt him and play a wrestling match against Steve.

Crazy Steve hit a second Russian-style rope to finally slow Lamar down. They traded punches and close falls, but in the end Steve hit his second DDT rope for the win.

That was surprisingly good, but I feel that Lamar could have a better match with someone else. At least he had to show his acting skills.

Crazy Steve vs. Blake Christian for the second semifinal.

– Gia Miller interviewed Moose about his match tonight. Moose said Mack made a mistake by asking for an I Quit match against him. He did it out of anger, and this match accidentally angered Moose, so tonight he will send a message to Rich Swann via Willie Mack. Los said he wouldn’t go out to hear Mack leave, but he was trying to send him to the hospital and what would make Mack leave.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) defeats cousin Jake in a Super X Cup semifinal match

They chose a match between speed and size, even if Austin was no longer very young. At the beginning of the match he saw that a lot of Austin ran around the ring with quick shots, but after Jake caught Austin, he would stop him dead and put him with one blow.

At one point, Jake dived at both Austin and Fulton, angering Fulton, and from there he continued to enter Jake’s face, distracting him from Austin coming out and finally cutting him off. Fulton cunningly never laid a hand on Jake.

The action in the last minutes was great, Jake got close to the fall with the same helmet that beat Divari. Finish saw Austin block a second duplex of ropes from Jake, and followed with a springboard folding for the win. This match was great, cousin Jake had a great show on this show.

Ace Austin expects semifinal winner Crazzy Steve against Blake Christian.

“Rich Swan and Willie Mack had a behind-the-scenes conversation.” Swann told Mack that he knew that Moose was a dangerous man, but he knew that Mack had not given up on him and that Mack was not a stepper or a boy.

Blake Christian defeated Crazzy Steve in a Super X Cup semifinal match

Christian has black eyes from the first round match with KC Navarro.

The story here was that early, between moves, Crazy Steve kept talking to his monkey in his corner. It was all a friendly race, until Christian accidentally kicked the monkey out of his apron, and Crazy Steve snapped and raged at Christian.

It was another great game for Crazy Steve tonight. They traded momentum several times, but after going back and forth in the second half of the match, the action was great. In the end, Blake Christian caught Steve in the ropes and hit the springboard 450 for the victory.

Not necessarily electricity, but Steve has worked a far more vicious style than normal, once again showing that he can be great in the ring, if not for monkeys-pets and imitations of the Joker.

The Super X Cup finals are Ace Austin vs. Blake Christian.

“Miller interviewed Jazz for her game tonight.” Jazz said she has already announced her retirement, but she simply cannot refuse Grace’s invitation to fight for Impact.

Jordan Grace defeated Jazz

Jazz made its Impact debut as a team partner or Grace for the Knockouts Tag team championship tournament. They managed to beat the team of Killer Kelly and Renee Michelle, but got into the team of Havok and Nevaeh. Before Jazz could retire, Grace asked for a match.

They had a bit of a fight with the hos, back and forth all the time, somewhat physically, with a lot of punches between the two, a lot of punches between them. Jazz does not have a quick match, but it can still perform strong shots, both offensively and defensively. It seemed that with the continuation of the match, it was more convenient for both women to go outside and they started to pull bigger movements and put a little more weight in the match.

In the end, the finale saw both women swap rolls and turns, ending with Grace, who took the win after reversing the role of O’Connor.

If this really was Jazz’s retirement match, she couldn’t ask for a better opponent and a better match, that was great.

– Miller interviews Blake Christian about the finals. Christian said his emotions are everywhere, but he chases Ace Austin, who always has an ace up his sleeve.

Ace Austin defeated Blake Christian to win the Super X Cup in 2021.

Austin sent Madman Fulton back from the start of the match, saying he would win it himself.

It was really acrobatic, the most aerial match we had ever seen in the tournament; however, it never looked choreographed or seemed to go through sequences. It just happened to two fighters who felt comfortable in the air and happened to spin while avoiding each other.

The match began to be somewhat balanced between the two, but as it continued, Austin began to be more dominant, while Christian continued to have low hopes and returns, which Austin will quickly close. As the match continued, Chistian’s offense began to pile up on Austin to the point that he had to run away from Christian, who was still chasing and approaching falls after splashes on an overhead rope and double steps. Christian even picked 450 to use to beat Crazy Steve, but Austin slipped out and hit his own senten for a close fall.

The finish was a great sequence with Austin avoiding the twisting punch, Christian avoiding the fold and getting into attempts and reversals that ended with both men simply trading punches in the middle of the ring, while Austin knocked out Christian with a second fold for the win. . Great match.

After the match, Fulton went out to celebrate with Ace Austin. Scott D’Amore came out to give Austin the winner’s trophy and congratulate him.

Willie Mack defeated Moose in I Quit Match

The two have been at war for a month now. It all started when Moose started making moves to Swann’s challenge for the world title and he did it by attacking Mack. Moose and Mack traded victories, the latter being through a ref stop when Moose pulled out Mack and the latter failed to defend.

This match really suffered from the referee and the fighters on this issue, constantly asking I Quit It was not five minutes when the referee asked after Moose would hit him on the guardrail or hit the ramp. At one point, Los began telling the referee to stop asking.

All this aside, the real struggle was good. They went back and forth from the beginning, trading attacks, some quite physically. They quarreled outside the ring for a while before entering to play table and chairs.

Mack had a good run in the offensive, hitting Moose with a chair over and over and landing a few frog splashes on Los, but not enough to win. Later, Los would recover and hit a huge go to hell from the top rope to the floor across the table, this place turned the game around.

Los returned with three ends of the book, Mack answered with a superplex on a pile of chairs, but neither of them gave up.

Finish saw Moose knockout Mack with his elbows facing his face, but it wasn’t over, he mocked Mack that he could no longer give up and went to Pillmanize Mack’s neck. Rich Swan got down and asked Moose to stop, he went too far, Mack was already knocked out. Moose didn’t stop, so Swann offered Moose the title he was chasing if he released Mack. Los said he now has what he wants and is giving up.

This is an interesting way to end the match and to some extent prevent Mack from giving up. It’s an ending that would be somewhat infuriating in any other long match, but the nature of the final, especially in the I Quit match, really forces him to continue long before he pulls the trigger on someone who can’t even give up. We’ll have to wait and see when Moose vs. Swann takes place.

Concluding Thoughts –

Constantly a good show within the ring, just straight up a good fight with little or no tricks.

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