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Sweeney talks about the decision of the state of Florida to postpone the match on Saturday

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CLEMSON – Senior football coach at Clemson Dabo Sweeney addressed media members Sunday night in his weekly teleconference, this time to talk about the off-field drama from Saturday, where the Tigers’ noon match with Florida was postponed.

Below is a short, edited transcript of Sunday’s teleconference.

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Initial notes (Dabo Swinney): “We had people traveling all over the country. We met the standard to play. We had to play. We softened that all year. All year. If the standard of play was zero positive tests, we would never play. This game is not played because of Covid 1

9. For me, the Florida administration took the game, if they want to play, they have to come to Clemson.

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“From my point of view, it’s in the rearview mirror. My focus, our focus, 1000 percent, is on Pete.”

IN: Did you call Coach Norwell?

Sweeney: “No. It was bigger than me and Coach Norwell.”

IN: Was AKS involved in any way? John Swford?

Sweeney: “I have never spoken to Commissioner Swford. That would be a question for And (Радакович). “

IN: How did the players react to the news?

Sweeney: “They were not happy. They were checked. Most people have no idea what goes into preparation, preparing for a week. You sacrifice so much. These boys have gone to such extremes to be able to play. Listen, if there was a problem, the standard was not met and we did not play, that’s one thing. But that didn’t happen here. We will continue to move forward. So it was this year. Our team has risen to the occasion every week throughout the season. It is a pity that this did not happen. ”

IN: You said you didn’t think it had anything to do with Covid-19. Why do you think this game is not played?

Sweeney: “I can’t answer that. I just know that the standard of play is met. I just know they called the game. So now we change the rules? You either trust the tests or you don’t. So if the boys have negative tests, don’t you travel? If a person has pain in the ear or runny nose, do not accept it, even if it is negative? Finally, the rules are in place for everyone. We followed the rules. We followed the standard. They chose not to play.

“That’s why we test every Friday. That’s why we wear masks and shields. “

IN: How does this affect your routine?

Sweeney: “Usually on Saturday we break the previous match. It just allows us to move on to Pete today. ”

IN: Do you see that this potentially changes the relationship between your administration and the state of Florida?

Sweeney: “I have no idea. You can ask Dan that. I feel bad for their players too. There’s no way anyone can convince me that their players didn’t want to play.”

IN: If the ACC ordered you to return to Tallahassee to play, would you go?

Sweeney: “That’s a question for Dan.” That’s an awful lot of money. We were there, we were ready and we met the standards for the game. There was no reason to cancel the game. That’s $ 300,000, just out the window. So your question is to Dan. ”

IN: If their concern was that a person had a positive result, what other reason was given for not playing?

Sweeney: “If that’s their concern, why did they play this year?” I have not seen examples of this. Zero. If that’s their concern, they shouldn’t have played the season. We’re testing on Friday, boys. We all know that. The standard of play was met. Trevor Lawrence trained all week. Boston College had no problem coming down here. Notre Dame had no problem playing for us. “

IN: How much information exchange has there been between coaches and teams in terms of positive results and contact tracking?

Sweeney: “All this you can ask all medical professionals. I’m not a doctor. I just train the team and we did everything within the rules. Everything we did is based on what the league exposed. ”

IN: When did you realize that there might be a problem with the game ahead?

Sweeney: “Saturday morning. I realized we had a positive Friday night. We took him home alone. But I didn’t know anything, but all this until the early Saturday morning … that there were fears of not playing because of a test on Friday. That’s why the lists were Now we suddenly have amnesia on this issue. ”

IN: Will there be more in-depth discussions between ya’ll and Va. Tech?

Sweeney: “This is a question for medical people. We traveled several times this year. We had breakfast in the parking lot in Tallahassee. We had a tent revival. Apparently (their) medical team has changed its mind in Tallahassee. ”

IN: Have you talked to any of your friends in coaching circles about this and how they feel?

Sweeney: “Yes, I’ve talked to a couple and they feel the same way I do.”

IN: Some early thoughts about Pete.

Sweeney: – Hard. Well trained. They have a few tough matches along the way. They are a physical group with great effort and are well trained. They are built to stop running. They will challenge you to be in strict coverage. To insult, they are an 11 to 10 team and will throw the ball. They throw and catch, as do everyone we’ve played. They have a lot of self-confidence. This is our last home game, Military Recognition Day. It’s hard for me to wrap myself around this. It seemed like a long year, but at the same time it flew away. We honor some amazing seniors. “

IN: What was the conversation with the team like this morning?

Sweeney: “It’s disappointing. I told them what had happened and then we talked about our plan ahead. We fed them and then went up to pick up the pilots and then let them know when we were going to withdraw. They had a family there and many people had flown in to be there. They were disappointed. “

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