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Ted Cruz’s “Pittsburgh over Paris” is proof of Republican dishonesty

  • In response to Biden’s re-entry into the United States of the Paris Climate Agreement, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz launched the Pittsburgh Over Paris campaign.
  • Cruz says Biden, who joins the Paris Agreement, will cost Pittsburgh citizens jobs, but the idea doesn’t make sense and is just another unscrupulous attempt to score political points.
  • This is a norm for Republicans and a sign of what lies ahead.
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Before the ink could even dry on the first batch of Joe Biden̵

7;s executive orders as president, Republicans returned to their bag of obstructionist crooks.

Mitch McConnell, the leader of the new minority in the GOP Senate, criticized Biden’s early days, trying to describe them as a wave of radical policies. McConnell said Biden should “remember that he does not owe his choice to the far left.”

But Biden’s actions reflect key views supported by a broad section of the American public. And his positions against “Defining the Police,” an unconditional pardon for a student loan, and Medicare For All make it clear that Biden is – as he always said – a moderate. McConnell’s complaints are subtly veiled attempts to paint something more liberal than GOP’s hardline policies such as “socialism” or “too far left.”

QAnon’s friend Marjorie Taylor Green then immediately filed for impeachment. She released a five-second video that states the same amount. This has something to do with Ukraine, but the statement declaring the impeachment frankly made little sense.

Despite national calls for unity, it took Biden’s inaugural speech before Republicans returned to the unscrupulous strategy.

This was nowhere clearer than with the potential candidate for President of the Republican Party in 2024, Senator Ted Cruz. In response to Biden’s re-entry into the United States of the Paris Climate Agreement, an international agreement to limit climate change, Cruz launched his own campaign.

It’s called Pittsburgh over Paris, and it’s a sign of how dumb things will become in the Biden era.

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We start again

Black and yellow, the official colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL, and hence the unofficial colors of Pittsburgh itself, are the colors used in Ted Cruz’s latest gambit in 2024: the Pittsburgh Over Paris armor sticker he distributes to the photo below.


TedCruz / Twitter

Nothing says “Pittsburgh” as an image that is prominently shaped like Texas.

Cruz’s false outrage at Pittsburgh’s service is a scratch. What does “Pittsburgh over Paris” mean? Why are attempts to limit the severe effects of climate change hurting Pittsburgh? Why choose a city that has actually set ambitious goals for tackling climate change, such as moving to 100% renewable energy in urban buildings by 2030?

Cruz says the Paris Agreement will “destroy jobs”, probably in Pittsburgh, but the city is voting in large numbers for Biden – who has repeatedly promised to return to the Paris Agreement. Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said on Thursday that he agreed with Biden’s decision. Allegheni County Chief Executive Rich Fitzgerald, where Pittsburgh is located, blew up Cruz’s slogan.

“We will escape what we have to do here, Senator, and we will not hold you by the nose,” Fitzgerald told reporters.

Did Ted Cruz just choose Pittsburgh because it starts with the same letter as Paris? He did it, didn’t he?

It’s all frustrating because Cruz isn’t interested in Pittsburgh. He made it clear when he tried to disenfranchise the city’s largest district, Allegeni, when he not only helped incite an uprising to cast their votes, but also redoubled that feeling hours later. Instead, what Cruz is trying to do is create a cultural foundation to run for president in 2024. For that reason, this trick should not be taken seriously.

Cruz’s slogan is not about real politics or concern for Pittsburgh workers (many of whom could probably get a stable job in green energy if the GOP actually supports investment in industry), but political opportunities. Despite their calls for unity, Republicans are preparing for a new cycle of mischief and atrocities. So all these Pittsburgh tales should be taken with a grain of salt the size of Allegheni.

This is what worries me for the next four years. Biden’s term is ready to be filled with a Republican signal of virtue. The signal of virtue or obscene expression of moral force is the most used play in their playbook, which involves pretending to be concerned about national debt, even though it embraces spending when they respond, and calls everything left to Ronald Reagan’s “radical socialism.” “.

Cruz is the face of the Republican signal of virtue, despite constant complaints about the practice. In fact, Cruz’s position on anti-virtue-signaling is a signal of virtue within a signal of virtue – which sounds like the plot of the most meaningless film of Christopher Nolan.

It will be difficult for us to escape the absurd in the days of the Trump administration, given that the then president made the news that he was staring directly at the sun during a solar eclipse, among many, many other things. But given that we have already reached critical levels of eye-rolling in the first days of the Biden administration, this does not seem to be much better.

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