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Ten observations from the last patriots of rams – Superbowl

As soon as Rex Berkheed threw himself into the final zone last Sunday to take over the bosses overtime, memories began to spill back. Earlier in the day, the Aries had defeated Saints 26-23 to win Super Bowl, and with England's New England victory 37-31, the scene was set for revenge by something: Tom Brady's ninth Super Bowl and Bill Belichic together will have the same teams as the first ones. Seventeen years ago, Belichick's defense conceived Kurt Warner, Marshall Folk and Turf's biggest show on the road to victory 20-17. The legend of the patriots was born this night and was fed up for years.

In order to prepare for the possible retrospective attack we will see next Sunday, I reviewed this game and noticed 1

0 observations that can serve as a refreshing thing we may have forgotten about Super Bowl XXXVI, and provide some insight . in this year's edition.

1. I miss Miss Patterson and John Madden. This is not a knock on the current network that announces teams. Al Michaels is a game of goat, Joe Buck and Troy Eikmann are totally delightful, and I'm actually a bit zealous to anyone who will hear Tony Romo call his first Super Bowl next Sunday while I'm in the press box listening to sportswriters swill diet coke. But there was something different when Summerall and Madden called a game. Perhaps this is because I am a child from the 90s.

Madden started playing the game six years before I was born, but I was 4 years old when the first John Madden Football video game was released on Super Nintendo. I can not even imagine how many hours I have listened to his voice – and that's before counting the games he calls on Sunday. Pat started the broadcast of Super Bowl by entering, then Madden joked that they both ate three meals in Superdom (where the game is played) that day. Summerall, in all his national glory, replied: "Then comes the shaving, then the dinner." They were perfect together.

My beloved back and forward of the day, however, came late in the second quarter when the patriots handed the ball to defender Edward Edwards on two consecutive plays. Even in 2002, two FB dives were a strange strategy, and it made Leightal wonder, "What is it?" Always believing in the big boys, Madden replied that he only could, "Well, when he throws a man bone, why not throw two bones in a row? "God bless these two

2. Beyond the announcing team, there are many other things that date this game. Let's start with the player's introduction. At that time, Fox did not get to the standard "Tom Brady, Michigan." Instead, images of five players were placed on the screen at once. They looked like fearsome, quiet, floating heads, all of them with an amazing resemblance: white hoods. This may be the biggest opportunity for fashion since 2002.

On the pitch, the differences in equipment are obvious, especially in terms of shoulder size. Tai Lau was the corner hook and his shoulders in this game were as wide as the ridiculous XXXXL coat that Brady now carries on the sideline. These days, Michael Bennett, a defensive end with 275 pounds, carries what looks like a hockey pad under a t-shirt. See this:

  Indianapolis Colts v Seattle Seahawks

Photo by Otto Grule Jr. / Getty Images


Another aspect of this game, which is now simply confusing, is artificial grass. Superdome has not installed field grass until 2003, which means that these guys play on the same rug as the superficial teams used in the 1970s. The players did not even wear wedges; they used "lawn shoes" that had almost the same grip as a golf shoe. This is unthinkable today.

3. Legend of Super Bowl XXXVI goes that Belichick has asked his defenders to make Marshall Faulk every opportunity. But as we go back to the tape, it is clear that the strategy is not just for Fok. The patriotic defenses came out of the game. Both Isaac Bruce and Tory Holt were hit by their first goals and physics immediately set the tone of the game. There are many hits from previous epochs that would be illegal under today's rules, but much of the Patriot's physical game in this game would not seem inappropriate if it happened next Sunday. On the second drive of Rams Warner slid the ball down the left side of Bruce, which was crushed by Ty Ty in a completely legal (by 2018) strike with his shoulder.

The Pats style of play in the first half sent a message, but it also had a more practical effect. With 1:33 left in the second quarter, Warner completed a pass to Ricky Proel up the seam for a 15 yard profit. But just as Proehl went to the ground, he was completely eradicated by Antwan Harris. Proehl coughed with the ball and the restless recovery from the corner stop Terrell Buckley gave New England the first and tenth line of the 40-yard Rams. Which leads me to the next point …

4. Turnovers played a huge role in this game. The second quarter of the Law's race is one of the classic early memories of the patriotic dynasty, but before I review this game, I do not remember how important it is in shaping the first half. A quarter and one-half crimes in New England could not generate any consistent place. 2001 Rams is known to feature one of the biggest violations in NFL history (an average of 31.4 points per game in this era is simply stupid), but their defense was also fantastic this season. St. Louis completed the fifth year in Football Outsiders defensive DVOA and seventh in the points (17.1 per game), even though he played in the burst week after week. It's not easy to stop. Lowe Smith's department had a remarkable collective speed and used a number of defensive cascades to give Pats the problems in front. The game was impertinent until the law was intercepted, which came under a scheme that looked terribly similar to what Belishik used against Patrick Mahomes II last Sunday.

The line of the five New England, used against the rams, does not resemble all the alignment teams. today, but by putting leaders in the two slits, Belicic created enough confusion that Mike Vrabel could unlock to the left. This caused panicked Warner to lift the grab ball, and Zal pulled him out of the air and returned it for the result. Belichik was a master in fast-track production – and still two decades later.

Harris' imprisonment may not have been returned for touchdown, but he gave New England a short field and led to Brady's first glance we know today. The Patriots sent David Patton a wide-ranging successor who forced the corner to respect both routes. Then, Brady achieved a perfect touch at the back of the end zone to give Pats 14-3 lead. New England still uses this kind of movement to its advantage. Time is a flat circle, and the Patriots will be here forever

5. Outside New England, Patten is a largely forgotten essence between the patriots who go through the hunters, but his skill set did not look like most of the receivers that Brady had since. Many of the prominent Brady career career hunters are a death to 1000 people. Troy Brown, Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman are players who can move a defensive position in the middle of the field to take 11 yards to the decisive third and -10. (Just ask the heads.) Patton's game was different. He was a burner whose speed jumped off the screen. Together with his jumping touchdown catch, he also dropped about 22 meters in the middle of the third quarter. After Randy Moss and Josh Gordon, Patton may be the most explosive successor Brady ever played and played a major role in Pats's Super Bowl's first win

6. While we are on the subject of flaming speed, my virtues were those of the 2000s that were funny. Belichick did a legendary work slowing the Greatest Show on Turf, but it was not an easy feat. During the coaching of myths, Belichic launched her Scout receivers 3 yards ahead of the Super Bowl week practice to simulate how fast Rams receivers will land on the backs of New England. Watching Holt and Bruce running, it's easy to see why. More than once, the receivers broke the field for long profits, but the passage of the patriots forced Warner into misleading throws.

New England did its best to counteract the speed of the rams. With 6:09 on the left in the fourth quarter, Fox's transmission showed a graph that said Belichick's defense had used five or six defensive backs on 25 of the Rams' 40 offensive pieces (a charming number, given that Patriots have fled more than 90 playing against bosses last week). Nickel protection can be standard now, but in 2001 this ratio is almost unheard of. The strategy works for most of the game, but occasionally Bruce and Holt were too much to deal with.

Folk was even more terrifying to face those years. There is a reason to keep him at 130 yards in Super Bowl is considered a blow to Belichick's mastery. It seemed that one could turn for 60 yards at any time when he touched the ball. Fok was a double threat before it was a norm; he was a smooth runner running out of the field. But what I've dismissed all this time later is how confused it is. It could stop and start in a way that reminded Barry Sanders and served as the forerunner of Les McCoy. Every Falk courtyard acquired against Pats was a struggle, but he could still create some great plays because he was untouchable outdoors.

7. Boys like Folk and Patton were faster than I remember, but Brady was slower. Brady may be a better athlete now than he was 17 years ago. I know this sounds strange, but when I look at it in my pocket, I sincerely believe it is true. See this first quarter running:

There is no way he is less mobile than now. Brady has never been a burner on any stretch, but looks more comfortable in his body at 41 than at 24.

8. The latest Patriots' drive showed a look at Brady's heroine who had been torturing the league for the past 17 years. What is striking – and almost disturbing – about Brady and Pats's delay in gaming is how light they look. This is beyond "equilibrium," which is the most used word in the history of the quarterback estimate. It is a kind of calm that seems hardly human. After Rams scored two streaks to 17:17, New England launched a 17-yard self-propelled disk with 1:21 left and without interruption. No one has ever seen Brady before in this type of script, but the series of playable plays is almost like every presentation of the late game we've seen since then.

Earlier this week, Pro Football Focus writer Mike Renner called Brady the best leak of all time, and the winning game against the rams is a perfect example. Instead of panic without any breaks, Brady was content to slowly move the ball down, finishing three short passes to run back to J. At this point, Pats had the ball on his own 41 with enough time to reach the goal range. Brady finished a dagger in the middle of the box next to Brown, who started the game. It is scary that such a movement is felt for all who have come after it. There is a reason for patriots to be inevitable at these times.

9. Regardless of what this year the patriots were trying to say for a long time they were inadequate . But against Rams they were undoubtedly David, who separated from Goliath. The unbelievability of Summerall and Madden's votes when the first half finished and New England climbed to 14-3 now sounds inappropriate, but at that time it was really shocking. The same is true of Madden's tone in the final drive of the game. As Adam Vinettieri and the Pats pitch team took their positions for the last second attempt, a confused Madden replied that each of us would only see an unproven second-quarter quarterback in the Super Bowl field: "Tom Brady has just done it," says Madden. "When Vinettiri ranks for his 48-yard, Madden and Sommertal's tone of conversation clearly showed that they felt the attack was coming. And they are not wrong.

10. Somehow it's hard to believe that nearly two decades have passed since this game. Of course, now Belichik looks 30 years older, but Brady looks almost younger. The game has been played, but it seems to be one more of a few of the play blocks of Patriots going through the middle to the tactics on the pitch today. At that moment there was no way to know the dynasty that would follow. But maybe we should have it.

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