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Tesla can return free inflator access for a limited time to increase sales – BGR

Tesla is far from a company in disarray, but it can not be denied that Tesla's management has encountered a number of recent troubles. Only a few weeks ago, for example, Tesla announced that it would close most of its physical stores just to retreat shortly thereafter. In addition, some of the pricing schemes and available vehicle configurations offered by Tesla seem to be prone to change without rhyme or cause. Recharge for new purchases is part of a larger effort to increase sales. If you remember, Tesla ended its free pushing program for all new purchases last September

While nothing has become official yet, the report shows that maybe a message will be coming soon. Not surprisingly, this is not continuous. On the contrary, reportedly, it will only be available to people making purchases by the end of the quarter. purchase a new S or Model X and get 3 years of free unlimited load if you order and accept delivery by the end of the quarter.

The unfortunate aspect of all this is that Tesla felt a great deal of pressure to calm Wall Street investors, something that could have been avoided if Elon Musk did not wont make ambitious promises of production and sales, which were ultimately too hard to maintain. At this point, investors are pushing for strong sales and profits, and everything that undermines Tesla's efforts in this direction is now sending Tesla's shares to the blade. will not make a profit for this quarter. Looking ahead, however, Tesla is able to see a significant revenue increase after Roadster, Tesla Semi and Model Y become available. Usually the only question is whether Tesla can deliver the aforementioned vehicles on time.

In a similar note, Tesla, usually, really makes a strong push to increase supplies before the end of the quarter. Noting this, BusinessInside published yesterday an internal email that Musk sent to company employees asking them to make their supply of vehicles their "top priority". of the quarter, please consider your primary priority to help with the supply of vehicles. This applies to everyone. Since the challenges come, it's good to have, because we built the cars and people bought the cars so we just have to take the cars to their new owners!

What made this particularly difficult is that Europe and China are simultaneously experiencing the same huge increase in supply that North America experienced last year. In some places, the display speed is over 600% higher than your previous peak! This was further exacerbated by the shortage of EU component suppliers and in our country in China, which were only allowed in the last few weeks.

North America is also underlined as the last month of this quarter is almost all of North America builds. In addition, for the first two weeks of March, most of the cars were shipped from our factory in California to the East Coast to ensure arrival before the end of the quarter.

As a result, a huge supply of supplies is needed across Europe, China and North America. This is the biggest wave in Tesla's history but it is primarily a function of the first supply of mass-produced cars on two continents at the same time and will not be repeated in the coming quarters.

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