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Tesla’s full self-steering autopilot will come in a month



At the annual meeting of shareholders of Tesla Motors and Battery Day 2020 event, CEO Elon Musk announced that the electric car maker is preparing to release a private beta version of the “full version with self-management”

; Autopilot driver assistance software in the coming months.

“It’s hard for people to judge the progress of autopilot,” Musk told a crowd of shareholders attending the event, each distancing himself from his social Tesla model 3, driving style. “I run a bleeding edge, an alpha compilation on autopilot, so somehow I have an idea what’s going on.”

Musk went on to explain how Tesla engineers recently had to repair major parts of the autopilot, including rethinking how the system sees the world.

“We had to do a fundamental rewriting of the entire Autopilot software stack … Now we’re tagging 3D video, which is very different from when we tagged single 2D images before,” Musk said, referring to how Autopilot software understands what the objects he sees with his eight cameras, and how he should react to them. “We are now marking entire video segments by taking all the cameras at once and marking this. The sophistication of the car’s neural network and the overall logic of the car are improving dramatically.”

Musk hinted that drivers may soon have a chance to experience this more sophisticated version of Autopilot.


Tesla shareholders showed their socially distant approval by playing the horns of their individual models 3.


“I think we’ll hopefully release a private beta version of Autopilot – the full self-driving version of Autopilot – in a month, I think, anyway? And then people will really understand the scale of the change,” Musk said, adding. deep down. You’ll see how it is, it’s amazing. “

Attendees showed their approval of Musk’s promise by ringing the horns of their safety bubbles.

We will be watching for the next generation of autopilot over the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out the rest of our coverage on Tesla 2020 Battery Day for more announcements and breaking news.

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