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Testimony of Kurt Walker, Tim Morrison to the House Intelligence Committee today

Day 3, Part 11: Kurt Volker's Introductory Statement

What happened at Tuesday's second impeachment hearing

  • Kurt Volker, a former special envoy to Ukraine, said he was not aware that efforts were made to pressure Ukraine to launch investigations to target former Vice President Joe Biden.
  • Volker testified with Tim Morrison, a former National Security Council official, who was worried about the end of the July 25 summit of the President's conversation with the President of Ukraine.
  • Read and watch highlights of the first hearing here.
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Washington ̵

1; Former special envoy to Ukraine told MPs he was not aware that efforts to pressure the Ukrainian government to open anti-corruption investigations were directed at former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, but said he would raise objections if he knew what he knew now. [19659008] Kurt Volcker, a former Special Representative, and Tim Morrison, a former member of the National Security Council, testified before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday to detail their knowledge of events at the center of the impeachment investigation. The couple was the second witness group in Tuesday's hearing, which involved two White House officials at an earlier hearing.

"In the background, I now understand that others see the idea of ​​investigating possible corruption related to the Ukrainian company Burisma as equivalent to the investigation of former Vice President Biden," Volker said, referring to the energy company that had hired Hunter Biden. "I saw them as very different – the former are appropriate and inconspicuous, while the latter are unacceptable. In retrospect, I would have to see this connection differently and if I did, I would raise my own objections."

Volker is one of the central actors in the effort to use the prospect of a visit to the White House as a lever to put pressure on the Ukrainian government. Morrison had a conversation on July 25 between President Trump and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and told the committee in a closed-door testimony that he did not consider "anything illegal was discussed."

Volker also defends Biden from allegations that he acted improperly. calling him an "honorable man" and dismissing the allegations as "untrue."

"I was never aware or knowingly involved in any effort to insist that Ukraine investigate former Vice President Biden," Volker

For his part, Morrison said he was not concerned about anything he heard when he called July 25, which he heard firsthand. But he said he was becoming increasingly concerned about delaying US military aid to Ukraine, and said US ambassador to the EU Gordon Sundland spoke directly and regularly with the president. Sundland told Ukrainian officials that delaying military assistance was "likely" dependent on the launch of investigations.

Schiff defines a hearing scene that Nunes defines as a "circus"

Day 3, part 9: Adam Schiff and Devin Nunes "afternoon opening statements

3:37 pm: Schiff begins his opening statement , repeating many of the events leading up to today, outlining the involvement of Volker and Morrison. Republicans demanded the testimony of these two employees. Schiff declined to make a number of Republican requests for other witnesses, including Hunter Biden.

"I appreciate the minority's request for these two important witnesses," Schiff said.

Nunes announced that the hearing was "an act two of today's circus," after testimony on Tuesday morning.

The Republican Supreme Committee took into account the Democrats' decision not to allow Hunter Biden to testify.

Nunes uses new introductory statements for every new hearing. – Katherine Watson

Morrison says his fears of calling out are "realized"

Day 3, part 10: Tim Morrison's opening statement

3:42 am: In it a brief opening statement, Morrison said that he was not there to determine whether Mr. Trump's decisions were inevitable crimes, but merely to state the facts.

"Whether the conduct that is the subject of this investigation is worthy of impeachment is a matter for the US Chamber of Commerce. representatives; I'm here today to provide factual information based on my knowledge and memories of events, "said Morrison.

Morrison went on to say that he did not see any differences that he and his colleagues may have as a result of a disadvantage. "

" Memories and decisions are my own, "said Morrison." Some memories of my colleagues' conversations and interactions may differ from mine, but I do not see these differences as a result of an unwanted purpose. "[19659019] Morrison recalled that he feared the disclosure of Mr. Trump's telephone conversation on July 25 with Zelensky "would play in the political climate of Washington.

" My fears were fulfilled, he said.

A former Councilman for the national security noted that "it left the NSC entirely at my request "A decision he says he made before deciding to give evidence. – Katherine Watson and Stefan Beckett

Volker insists that he is working through an" official channel "for Ukraine's politics

Day 3, Part 11: Kurt Volker's Introductory Statement

3:45 PM: Volker strongly defended himself in his prepared introductory statement, denying that he, US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sundland and Energy Secretary Rick Perry a separate "irregular" channel informing Ukraine's policy, such as the effort for which they were known as ri amigo. "Volker, who has a long career in foreign service, also denied that he knew Mr Trump, asked Ukraine to investigate the allegations.

" At no point was I aware or consciously involved in the effort to urge Ukraine to investigate the former Volker said, adding that his role was "not an irregular channel, but an official channel."

Volker expressed concern that the ongoing discussion on Ukraine had influenced US efforts in Ukraine, saying that "this is a tragedy for the US and Ukraine that our efforts in the pelvis and the area that had borne fruit was now thrown into disarray. "

Volcker said he linked Zelensky's advisor Andrew Yermak to Rudy Giuliani in an attempt to convince Giuliani that the Ukrainian government was not against Mr Trump. He said he never considered Giuliani" to speak on behalf of the President. "

Volker consulted with Ermak in August about a statement Zelensky would make to say that Ukraine was launching investigations. The statement made no mention of Burma or Bideni. Volker said he did not know during on the link between security retention and the release of a statement.

Finally, C Olker said he had never used the term "three amigo" and added, "I honestly move when I hear this." He also said he did not know about the conversation between Sondland and Mr. Trump on July 26 – Grace Segers

Volker says he did not know about the link between military aid and investigations

4:04 pm: Volker said he did not know of any link to the delay in US military assistance to Ukraine and the country. announcing investigations.

I opposed the detention of US security aid as soon as I learned of it on July 18th and thought that we could turn it around before the Ukrainians ever knew or were concerned about it, "Volker said. that he views the delay "as a problem of US policy that we must resolve internally. "

Volker said he first discussed the delay with the Ukrainians in late August after Politico announced that the aid had been withheld.

" Instead of telling them they had to do something to release the detention, I told them the opposite. "that they shouldn't worry, it was an internal problem in the US, and we were working to fix it," he said. "I did not know that other people convey a different message to them at the same time." – Stefan Beckett

Volker says he viewed Joe Biden's involvement in Ukraine and Hunter Biden's work as "separate" issues

4:10 PM M. :: 1919909014] Schiff asked Volker about the ex Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko. Volker said he had concerns about the credibility of a former prosecutor who incorrectly smeared former US ambassador Marie Jovanovic. Volker said he and others have strong confidence in Jovanovic's integrity.

Volker also expressed his confidence in the integrity of former Vice President Joe Biden, calling him an "honest man." He said he views Hunter Biden's involvement in the Board of Burma as a separate issue.

"I believe they were separate," Volker testifies. – Katherine Watson

Volker says he would object to Joe Biden's investigation

Volker: The allegations against Biden are not "credible"

4:16 PM: Volker said he would have "objected" to Ukraine launching an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden. He said he was not aware that Mr Trump saw the request for an investigation into Burma as the same as the Biden investigation until the July 25 call.

"I think the allegations against Vice President Biden are self-imposed and not credible," Volker said. Volker reiterated that he sees the investigations of Burma and Biden as separate, but that in retrospect he understands how Ukrainian officials may be confused. – Grace Segers

Volker now says investigations began on July 10 meeting

16:19: In his closed-door testimony, Volker said that "investigations" were not discussed at a controversial July 10 meeting between US and Ukrainian officials, answering "no" when asked if they had come out.

But his opening statement on Tuesday Walker revised that account and said they had been lifted, confirming the accounts of other participants.

"As I recall, the meeting essentially ended when Ambassador Sundland made a summary comment on investigations," Volker in his statement, citing Gordon Sundland, US ambassador to the EU. "I think we have all considered it inappropriate. The call did not continue and the meeting ended." – Stefan Beckett

Morrison says call resume moved to secure server by mistake

16:30: Morrison said he was reporting concerns about the July 25 call to NSC Legal Advisor and stated that access to call recording should be restricted.

Morrison said he was not concerned about the content of the conversation but worried that there would be "political consequences" if more people had access to the call summary. Morrison said NSC legal adviser John Eisenberg subsequently told him that the call was placed on a highly secure server, which Eisenberg said was the result of "administrative error" and "error."

"If you ever asked your legal NSC advisor to restrict access before?" Democratic Councilor Daniel Goldman asked.

"No," Morrison said. – Grace Segers

Volker states that Zelensky believes Trump misunderstood him

4:34 PM: Volker testifies that the White House meeting with Zelensky and Mr. Trump is so critical because Zelensky felt Mr. Trump misunderstood him. Mr Trump, Walker notes, seems to have had a negative impression on the people who work around Zelensky.

But Zelensky, Volker testifies, wants to root out corruption and wants to make sure Mr Trump sees it.

Zelensky was also popular, winning 73% of the vote. However, Zelensky knew that his situation in Ukraine would be backed up by pictures of a meeting between him and Mr. Trump. – Katherine Watson

Volcker says investigations would be "helpful" to secure a meeting

4:44 PM: Volker testifies that he does not believe that a statement announcing the investigation was initiated, is a condition for setting up a White House meeting, but said he thought it would be "useful" to schedule a meeting.

"If we didn't have a statement, I didn't give up and thought," Oh, we " there's a meeting, "says Volker.

In the end, no statement has ever been made and Zelensky has not yet visited the White House. – Grace Segers

Nunes calls Democrats strategy "drug deal"

Devin Nunes calls Democrats impeachment strategy "drug deal"

4:59 PM: Nunes starts 45 the majority's minute question, saying there is "bad news" for witnesses – television ratings are "well down" for the hearing. This, he said, should not be taken personally.

"Whatever drug deal the Democrats cook, Americans don't buy," Nunes said before handing the matter to the Republican lawyer.

"Drug deal" is the same term used by former National Security Advisor John Bolton to describe the drive to get Ukraine to investigate the allegations. – Katherine Watson

Volker said he saw nothing unusual in detention of assistance

5:02 h: Volker testifies that he does not consider it unusual for the administration to have delayed the provision of assistance to Ukraine.

"I just assumed it was part of the process decision-maker, "Volker said, adding that he sees the benefit of helping in the future He also said that he believed the detention had something to do with fearing that Zelensky would not be a reformer.

He also testified that Mr Trump had a "strongly negative opinion" on Ukraine, but said that President's skepticism is reasonable given Ukraine's history of corruption – Grace Segers

Volker: "I have never participated in something I consider to be a bribe"

Volker says he disagrees with the character of "irregular Channel

5:27 PM: Steve Castor, a Republican lawyer, asked Volker about whether he was involved East pro-quo or bribe. Recently, some Democrats, including President Nancy Pelosi, have accepted calling Mr Trump's call for an investigation into Bidens a "bribe."

"I've never been involved in something I consider to be a bribe," Volker said. "Or blackmail," he added at Castor's urging. – Grace Segers

Morrison says he didn't hear anything that affected him on July 25, a call

17:33: Morrison asked by a Republican attorney if he heard anything that refers to him during a telephone conversation with Mr. Trump on July 25 with Zelensky saying "no."

This comment is certainly repeated by Republicans as proof that President Zelensky's request was not wrong. He also said that he viewed the summary of the call later, published by the White House, as complete and accurate.

But Morrison also expressed concern that the legal representatives of the National Security Council were not present on the call and were afraid of the call. will expire. – Catherine Watson

Morrison discusses her concerns about the Windman decision

5:35 am:: Republican attorney Steve Castor asked Morrison about concerns at the NSK about Alexander Windman's decision. He asked Morrison about his predecessor's worries, Fiona Hill, may have had, but Morrison's lawyer said the matter was beyond the scope of his testimony.

Morrison refers to his earlier testimony, in which he said that others raised concerns about Windman potentially leaking information, something that Windman denied earlier in the day.

Morrison also said that he was surprised that Windman did not come to him regarding concerns about the July 25 call, and instead went directly to an NSC lawyer.

"If he had concerns about the content of the conversation, I would expect to be informed," says Morrison, Windman's chief. In his testimony Tuesday morning, Windman said he was told by former National Security Advisor John Bolton – Morrison's superintendent – to go directly to the NSC's legal advisor with his concerns.

Morrison also testified that Windman was disappointed then excluded from some important policy-related meetings in Ukraine. – Grace Segers

Schiff adds 30 more staff questions

6:03 pm: After a break, Schiff began two more 15-minute sessions, controlled by him and Nunes, before passing on member issues. – Rebecca Kaplan

Morrison discusses the "Gordon problem"

6:16 AM M .: 1919909014] Morrison testifies that he did not always follow Sondland's proposals. He said his predecessor, Fiona Hill, called Sondland's role in shaping Ukraine's politics as "the Gordon problem."

„Не винаги съм действал винаги върху неща, които Гордън предлага“, каза Морисън. Няколко свидетели вече свидетелстват, че Sondland е имал извънредна роля във формирането на украинската политика.

Sondland дава показания пред комисията в сряда. – Грейс Сегърс

Волкер казва, че Съндланд, провеждащ разследвания на 10 юли среща, е „момент на очертаване“

18:28 ч .: Волкер говори за участието си в среща на 10 юли с украинец длъжностни лица, които той първоначално не си спомня в предишните си показания. Волкер заяви, че Сондланд е започнал "разследвания" с украинските служители, което е довело до това бившият съветник по националната сигурност Джон Болтън да прекъсне срещата.

"Мислех, че това е нещо като момент за преобръщане на очите", каза Волкер. "Не беше време или място да го издигна." – Грейс Сегърс

Конгресменът на GOP поставя под въпрос достоверността на разузнавателната общност

19:12 ч .: Републиканският конгресмен Брад Венструп критикува разузнавателната общност и поставя под въпрос широко приетия извод на американското разузнаване, че Русия, а не Украйна, намесена в изборите през 2016 г.

Венструп каза, че членовете на разузнавателната общност са някои от същите хора, които са били замесени в „заговора за тайно споразумение на Русия“ в началото на разследването на специалния съвет.

Wenstrup също сравнява Ролята на Джулиани във формирането на политиката на Украйна спрямо тази на бившия баскетболист Денис Родман в Северна Корея. Родман обаче не е имал близки лични отношения с президента, както прави Джулиани. – Грейс Седжърс

Волкер признава, че не е отстранил „проблема с Джулиани“

19:26 ч .: Волкер свидетелства, че се е опитал да работи с Джулиани, за да го убеди, и следователно президент, че новият украински президент не е корумпиран. Въпреки това той каза, че призивът от 25 юли го накара да осъзнае Джулиани, а президентът все още вярва, че Украйна трябва да разследва Буризма и Бидените.

"Значи е честно да кажем, че не сте решили проблема с Джулиани?" – попита Шиф.

– Точно така – каза Волкер. – Грейс Седжърс

Тръмп възразява в изслушванията, наричайки го „страхотен ден за републиканците“

Свидетелите описват разговора на Тръмп с президента на Украйна като „неправилен“

20:11 ч .: Тъй като окончателните депутати разпитаха Волкер и Морисън в изслушванията за импийчмънт, г-н Тръмп се зае с процедурата, заявявайки, че това е "страхотен ден за републиканците".

Страхотен ден за републиканците, страхотен ден за нашите

– Доналд Дж. Тръмп (@realDonaldTrump) 20 ноември 2019 г.

По-рано във вторник г-н Тръмп заяви, че е гледал част от първото изслушване и че републиканците го „убиват. " – Grace Segers

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