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The 10 best Batman comic books of all time

Batman is one of the most famous superheroes in the world and with over 80 years of history behind him, he's all he needs to be when we need him: an uncontrollable dark avenger, tireless but noble a protector, a smiling criminal with onthematological fists. For eight decades, writers have perfected their story with a pure iron point, its emblems have become emblematic simplicity, and its delays are continually increasing with every single problem. Catching is an impossible task. But here's the good news: I love Batman and love to teach people about Batman. So I came to collect the Polygon list of the best Batman comics ever .

You may not find what you expect here, and this is intentional. You can Google almost any list of the best Batman stories and find The Dark Knight Returns The Assassination Joke and Arkham Asylum: A Serious House of Serious Land ]. I would like to offer something more.

In addition to recommending Batman's best-known, well-read or boastful stories, I want to help you understand what Batman's good story is . So I based my pictures on two criteria: these are either stories that have had a huge impact on our modern idea about Batman, or are stories that have done the best job of distilling these many influences into something that inspires.

Long-time comic readers will notice that I still include a handful of classics, but I hope that by the end of this list I will teach you a few things about Batman. Especially how to love it.

  From Batman: Year One, DC Comics (1987).

From Batman: Year One . Frank Miller, David Mazzuchelli / DC Comics

Batman: Year One (1987)

By Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli

I recommend Frank Miller with reservations. But leaving aside the more subtle racial, sexual and sexual stereotypes in their work, Miller's early work is undoubtedly the product of a young talent who digs and revolutionizes the form of comic books. Batman: Year One which Miller writes, and David Mazzuleli drew a magnetic opus.

DC Comics has invited Miller to tell Batman's story about the first reboot of the entire line of the oldest uninterrupted continuity of comic books in the world. The offer was based on the power of the dark vision, which was the thrilling expectation that the dark knight returned but instead of calling the same tone, Miller became a more powerful, deeper, moving and eternal. ,

He refused to draw First Year because he TDKR instead wanted to get in touch with David Mazzucchelli and then a growing talent known for more abstract and innovative work like Asterios Polyp ) . Mazzucchelli fills the year with the character of the design, which is diverse as the work of the courtroom artist and just like a man. His Batman is solid but not muscular. The suit is a minimalist black and gray. Painful palette of colorful Richmond Luis smudges the dirty city of Gotham through the eyes. Add to your work with inscriptions from incomparable Todd Klein, and Bruce Wayne's twin narrative and police lieutenant James Gordon almost feels like in your ears.

Beyond the Performance of the Craft, Batman: First Year built a foundation, both in characterization and in visual interpretation, for Bruce Wayne, James Gordon and Selina Kyle, which lasted more than 30 years. You may feel as if you've seen Bruce Wayne's parents die about 50 times only in the last five Batman movies, but when comic-art artists and filmmakers deal with this real moment in Batman's history, they often mirror the beautiful creation of Mazzucchelli : First Year vision, echo – or even citation – Miller's dialogue.

There is no understanding of how Batman of 2019 was built without Batman: Year One .

Take it here: Amazon | DC Comics | Comixology Your local comic book store

If you like read anything else on this list. Or read The Dark Knight's Returns and the Killing Joke . Congratulations, you've already read every Batman cartoon you need to find out about Zack Snyder.

  Batman: The Long Halloween, DC Comics (1996).

From The Long Zale .
Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale

The Long Halloween is Batman's best graphic novel ever written. The Dark Knight . The intricate story of 13 parts is really three in one: the story of how the new generation of furious criminals, who were dressed in suits, removed the ruling mafia families from Gotham; the story of how Gotham County Crimes Harvey Dent became the murderous "Two Faces"; and the secret of the true identity of the "feast," a serial killer who surrendered once a month to another member of the Gotham criminal class.

Rarely, Batman writers can resist the nostalgia of the legendary Batman Gallery, which almost always telegrades their thematic crimes, so you know who's behind everything before they get caught. It's rare that Batman stories are up to date who did it, let alone addictive, fascinating, focused on a brand new villain like Holiday. Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale derive the best from the creative habits of others, as Loeb's finely tuned sense of when to call for double side spraying is combined with Sale's kinetic forms and flawless panel composition. Loeb has a recurring recurrence that makes the rhythm of every number in almost poetic rhythms and Sale's design symbols stand on a par with those of Batman: The Animated Series for me – I am always disappointed that I have not seen an animated adaptation of Long Halloween .

If you really care about the continuity of capital C, Long Halloween gets directly from Batman: Year One and includes many of the same heroes, although it does not need to read one before the other.

Take it here: Amazon | DC Comics | Comixology If you like Read the sequel, The Dark Victory and the Mid-Mile, The Cat Cat: When in Rome also by Loeb and Sale .

  By Robin: Year One, DC Comics (2001).

By Robin: First Year .

Robin: Year One (2001)

By Chuck Dickson, Scott Beatty, Javier Poulido, and Markos Martin

If You Never Liked Robin because he always looked like a brilliant model of Batman, a lone image, you have to read Robin: Year One .

At the moment we decided that superheroes should have some realism mixed with their fantasy (somewhere around the 1960s), some narrative dissonance came into the idea of ​​Robin. If Batman is a real person fighting real criminals, why have a child partner? Loneliness? Weakness? madness ? Even if he chooses, why does someone around him let him do it?

Many writers have dealt with this issue, but no one has done it, as did Scott Beatty and Chuck Dickson (who may be Robin's best writer). Javier Poulido and Marcos Martin struck this sweet cartoon in this book; silhouettes and costumes are more common to the Golden Age comic than Modern, but are still expressive in a way that puts a lump in the throat. Their Robin: Year One is a story about Dick Grayson who learns that there are boundaries and that he is capable of more than anyone ever expected. At the same time, this is a story about Bruce Wayne, who first learns to be a partner and then a parent. If you read Robin: Year One you can read Dark Victory which includes the story of Dick Grayson's origins, but be sure to read The Long Halloween ] Batman: Year One – And now I've made you read four amazing books on Batman, MOO HOO HA HA.)

Get it here : Amazon | DC Comics | Comixo logos | If you like read Batgirl: Year One by the same creative team that will be easy because they are collected in the same book.

  Batman: The Last Arkham, Batman: Bat Shadow # 1-4, DC Comics (1992).

By Batman: The Last Arkham .
Alan Grant, Norma Breyfogle / DC Comics

Batman: The Last Arkham (1992)

By Alan Grant and Norman Brayflog

Batman's Battle History, has been so heavy on the points of the Batman's continuity bullet. The last of Arkham The first and best story of Mr Zsasz, is different.

This book is just that story that is unlikely to get into a superhero film because it works on the power of the serialized format: Batman does not save the city, decides one case. None of his friends died or changed suits, and things returned to the status quo at the end. Yet, this case .

The essence: Someone in Gotham is committing murders that look exactly like Mr Zsasz's murderer, but … Mr. Zsasz is probably locked in a newly renovated, modern cage in the Arkham Cave. What is Batman doing? Why, pretend you're killing a cop with a couple of witnesses who watch and Commissioner Gordon binds him so he can find the secrets of Arkham inside, of course. He also does not tell anyone on Batfamillo's vacation what he does, so there is a sign of Nightwing, which organizes a perfectly reasonable and yet unnecessary rescue.

Writer Alan Grant and artist Norman Brayflag are underestimated. Grant has a real talent for the dramatic monologue of the field of narrative, and the Brayflag Batman goes with a perfect knife in horror to his enemies and tenderness towards the innocent. And that's all without saying you should never miss the cover of Brian Stelfris.

Last Arkham takes a funny idea – Batman is undercover as Arkhhamus prisoner – and he performs it to perfection. On top of that, Grant and Brayflag all relate to a totally new and terrifying secular villain – a significant feat.

Take it here: Amaz of | DC C omics | Comixology If you like it Read Arkham Asylum: Living Hell Another Arkham story with much less Batman in it and great influence on Rocksteady & s ] Batman: Arkham Asylum .

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  By Bruce Wayne: A Killer?

DC Comics

Bruce Wayne: Murderer? and Bruce Wayne: Fugitive (2002)

By Greg Rucka, Kelly Puckett, Chuck Dixon, Devin Grayson, Ed Brubaker, Rick Burchett, Scott McDaniel, Damion Scott, Trevor McCarthy, Roger Robinson, Rick Leonardi, Pitt Woods and Steve Liber

We came to the first and almost the only crossover arc I've included in this list: Bruce Wayne: The Killer and his immediate sequel, Bruce Wayne: The Fugitive .

The beginnings of the 00s were golden time for the bat family, with more than 10 years of continuity to provide the depth of the character, and a whole continuous series of stories about them. killer? and The fugitives were designed to suck the readers right into the heart of the confused dynamics of the Gotham family, and hang them forever, starting with a question that cost only ten cents.

Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure left the reader with a scandal bomb: Bruce Wayne was created for murder and his only alibi was that he was Batman at the time. Only deeper questions: The framework is so lean that even Batman's allies are beginning to think it's possible to do so. Then, from his cage in Blackgate's prison, surrounded by the criminals he left, Batman makes an inconceivable solution. If Bruce Wayne becomes Bruce Wayne, he will not be Bruce Wayne anymore.

At a time when Batman's office was inhabited by some of the best writers and artists who once worked on the character, The Killer and The Fugitive was a Voltaan of Talent, a rare crossover story that is based entirely on the character rather than on the event, and far more accessible to the new reader than it can look from outside.

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If You Like read Gotham Knights .

  From Batman # 1, DC Comics (1940). </cite></p>
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# 1.
Bill Finger, Bob Cane / DC Comics

The Biggest Stories of Batman (1988) and the Biggest Stories of a Joker 19659108] Many and many people

The market for the highlights of Batman's story is unfortunately slim. The biggest stories Batman ever told and The biggest stories Joker ever told that compared the highlights of the Batman comics by The 30s to the 80s, rather unleashed a firefighter on continuous issues.

None of these collections have been issued digitally, and this is unfortunate because they are a two-stop shop that will introduce you to Batman's classic classics of the Golden and Silver Era as Robin Ummri at Dawn [5] [5] [5] [5] [5] [5] [5] [5] [2] [5] [2] [5] [2] [5] [5] ; Only three of them were adapted in some of the best episodes of Batman: The Animated Series .

You will find used copies that still fly on Amazon, and at worst you can look at the content and buy the items in Comixology. It will be worth it.

Take it here: Amazon | Amazon | Your local comic book store

If you like read 1983 Batman and Outsiders . The back end of the pre-crash DC Universe is a fascinating moment in which modern Batman and the one who carried a literal arc still were technically the same person. In Outsiders Batman leaves the League of Justice because he does not allow him to do what he wants and makes his super team of people you probably never heard of (and Katana and the Black Lightning). ). He literally pulls Lego Batman and tells them he's not Bruce Wayne, he just lives in his basement and uses his money. Then, when the outsiders accidentally find that he is Bruce Wayne, they decide to respect his boundaries and pretend they do not know – even act surprised when he finally tells them. This is joy.

  Of all that happened to the crusader? - DC Comics (2009).

From Whatever happened to the crusader?
Neil Gayman, Andy Kuber / The Comic of DC

Whatever happened to Captain Crusaders? (2009)

By Neil Gayman and Andy Kuber

Superman Whatever Happened to Tomorrow's Man ?, the Goodbye of Alan Moore with the Silver Age Supreme before the Endless Earth Terror close the book for him forever. Batman Has Whatever happened to Captain Crusaders? Meditation about how superheroes actually never end up. Whatever happened was related to the consequences of Grant Morrison's latest crisis in which the world believes that Darkseid has killed Batman when he actually just put the universe -appropriate memhetic virus inside it and sends it during an adventure skip from the beginning of humanity to the end of time to destroy the multiverse. In fact, this is a gentle antithesis to this cosmic explosion, a dream-like story in which Batman watches what his own funeral looks like. Apart from any commendation, each of the various members of his actor, is a completely different story about his death.

Which is true? Is this happening? Neil Gayman and Andy Kuber are not particularly interested in the answers to these questions and instead focus on the immortal myth of Batman.

Take it here: Amazon | DC Comics | Comixology If you like it Batman: Haunted Knight from the people who made The Long Halloween before they did the Long Halloween . This is a collection of three Halloween specials that explore the character with a similar "Maybe it is canon, maybe not" quality.

  Batman: The Death of the Family, DC Comics (2012).

From Batman: Death to the Family .
Скот Снайдер, Грег Капулло / DC Comics

Батман: Смърт на семейството

От Скот Снайдер, Грег Капулло и много други

Забравете Убийстващата шега забравете Смърт в семейството Скот Снайдер и Грег Капулос &#39; Смъртта на семейството кросоувър е най-добрата история на Жокер модерни комикси на Батман. Ако Брус Уейн: Убиец? и Беглецът ви привлече към динамиката на семейството на прилеп, Смъртта на семейството е история на ужасите, която превръща връзките, които се свързват с бръснача.

През 80-те години на историята на Батман, Snyder и Capullo от 2011 до 2016 г. се изпълняват от Batman е млад, но вече икона. Gotham на Капулло е незабавно разпознаваема, текнобрика пуста, в която ужасните чувства на Снайдър се разпалват и никъде не са по-диви, отколкото в смъртта на семейството .

Много приказки от Батман говорят добре за това как Тъмният рицар удря страх в сърцата на престъпниците. Много по-малко са наистина добри и плашещи. Четене Смърт на семейството сърцето ми беше в гърлото ми с всеки въпрос. Но, както и при всички произведения на Снайдър за Батман, той никога не ни позволява да забравим, че характерът е в крайна сметка за надежда, а не за тъмнина.

Вземете го тук: A mazon | DC Comics | Comixology | Вашият местен магазин за комикси

Ако ви харесва прочетете Batman: Hush . Hush не е ужасяващ комикс, но това е друго голямо събитие, което привлича всички семейства на Bat и злодеи във вихрова обиколка на историята на Батман, пълна с обрати, които никога няма да видите – като битка на Батман и Супермен, която дори не е кулминацията.

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