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The 30 facts that will make or destroy Hardenberg-Westbrook missiles

The newest Big Two of the NBA is the most compelling from a tactical point of view. James Harden and Russell Westbrook played together for three seasons a decade ago for the Thunder. But how will they be corrected as teammates now that both have won MVP, playing aside? And can the crime of the latter fit into an analytically optimized environment, designed by Darryl Mori and Mike Antoni? The answer to these questions after last week's trade, which sent Westbrook to Houston and Chris Paul and Oklahoma City, will be reflected in all directions – across the West; Harden and Westbrook heritage; and through the missile office where Mori and D'Antoni, like Harden and Westbrook, are still looking for their first NBA championship.

Since Mori became general manager of Rockets before the 2007-08 season, only Spurs won more games; since Harden joined the rockets, only the Warriors and the Spurs have a better record. But this success in the regular season did not mean much in the playoffs – this upcoming season marks the 25th anniversary of Houston's last team.

So Mori added Westbrook in the hope that his new enviroment from all NBAs would be able to push further into the playoffs than he could make his last for all NBAs. But the former Thunder guards seem to fit in with Houston's Spacey, 3s-and-layups, especially with another high-speed, well-lucky guard on the list. How then will Westbrook connect with the established Houston system? Can Harden and Westbrook exist together? While we are waiting for the opening of the 2019-20 season, we can take a look at the latest stories by Westbrook, Harden, Paul and Rockets to get an early read on how everything can be played. Here are 30 facts, figures, and trends that help explain the advantages and weaknesses of Westbrook in Houston.


We'll start with 3 points because Houston is famous for shooting, and Westbrook is known not to shoot them well. Here is at least the point of pairing at the first redness.

1. Westbrook has been a bad 3-point shooter throughout his career-the worst in fact among the players with at least 2500 attempts.

2. Westbrook has never reached the league's average score of 3 points for each season.

3. Westbrook fired about 14% worse than the league average throughout his career. By comparison, Reggie Miller and Mike Miller were 14% higher than average for the league during their career; Westbrook is so bad in 3s because two of the best long range shooters are good.

4. In four of the last five seasons Westbrook has taken at least four 3s per game and has made less than 30 percent of them. Alan Iverson (three times) and Jason White Chocolate Williams (two) are the only other players in the history of the NBA who do this more than once.

5. Over the last half-decade, the only non-Westbrook players who have reached these benchmarks, even once, are Kobe Bryant in their last season, and Markus Smart in 2016-17. Westbrook, again, has made a feat four times during this period.

6. Will Westbrook shoot even more than 3s in Houston? Recent history shows so much. Over the past three seasons – when Houston really increased its 3-point focus – eight non-centers joined Rockets and played at least 40 games. They increase their average 3-point attempts to play by 41% and their average 3-point experience (the share of experiments that go beyond the rainbow) is 46%. Each of them took at least 22% more 3s as a share of their snapshots. Click here to see the match. 3 3PC 3Par Player's Activities Erik Gordon 2016-17 + 22% + 22% Chris Paul 2016-17 + 196% ] 2017-18 + 20% + 23% + 23% + 20% (19659022) Lucie Mbah a Moute PJ Tucker 2017-18 + 196% + 196% + 196% + 196% ] 19659022] + 196% + 196% + 196% + 196% 46%

7. This is a small sample and these players may have been selected for the Houston list, especially for their 3-point power, but the model also looks clear. This average value suggests that Westbrook will take eight 3-point points in the next year.

8. Over the last decade a player has taken at least eight 3-point play 20 times. The worst percentage of 3 points in this group is 34.7, from Harden in 2016-17. It's still better than Westbrook's best season Midrange Jumpers

But the 3-point is not the only jumping on the field, even Houston to try out all the possible power of this relationship. There is another discrepancy here.

9. Last season Houston, as a team, tried to make 4.8 average missiles per match, much less in the league. Westbrook took 4.9 per game.

10. Westbrook made those midfields with a 32% clip – last amongst the players with at least 200 attempts.

11. The new Rocketts security guard has long called a mid-range jumper with his "cotton shot" because he always expects to fall through the net. But from 2013-14, the sliders are tracked down at NBA.com/Stats – he shot less than 40% with 2-point pulls. In his career he was shot worse than 40 percent of all the 2 nd directions of at least 10 feet.

12. The previous casting of Westbrook photos does not seem to be associated with Houston. But the potential silver finish is that if Mr. Antoni could force some change from his new security guard, Westbrook could significantly improve his efficiency by removing those photos that Houston would like to release. In his career, Westbrook has 46.4% effective field goal (which adjusts the normal goal score of the field to account for the extra value of the 3-pointer). This puts him in 156th place by 169 players who have taken at least 10,000 shots since the introduction of the 3-point line. If he has never taken a midrange jumper, his eFG will increase to 50.5%, which will rank him as a much nicer 68th. Even the 3-pointer from the worst 3rd place shooter in the league costs more points than the Westbrook's average jumper.


Where will the Westbrook shots come from? The other important question for the new pairing is how many Westbrook shots they get, a period when they share the floor with Harden. This request makes sense, given the speed of use of the pair as they are played together in Oklahoma City.

13. For example, Westbrook, in 2016-17, published the highest rate of use in NBA's recorded history, ending 41.7% of the holdings with a shot, turnover, or trip to the free throw line.

14. Harden, in 2018-1919, published the second highest rate of use in the recorded history of the NBA (40.5%)

15. During a full career, Westbrook ranks no. 2 all the time in use (behind just Michael Jordan). Harden ranks 11th. But if you only count his residence in Houston, Harden would be second, ahead of Westbrook. Both guards are particularly dominant in recent seasons. Westbrook has not fallen below 30% since 2009-10 (his second season in the league) and Harden is over 30 for five consecutive seasons. The only other player who can say he is Westbrook. Player

Longest Active Stream with Usage Speed ​​
9 ] Lewron James Click to enlarge 3
Click to enlarge 3 2
Angelo Russell 2

17. Can two players with such high uses really coexist? History suggests that such fears can be exaggerated. For example, Kevin Durant's use rate in Seattle / Oklahoma City is 30.5%; in three seasons at Golden State, it dropped almost an insensitive amount to 29.1. The rate of use of Steph Curry in the three seasons prior to Durant's accession, meanwhile, was 29.9%; in three seasons with Duran, it actually rose slightly to 30.4.

18. Or think about another recent pairing. The use of Chris Paul by Clippers is 24.3%; Houston was 23.5. At the same time, Harden noticed that his use had increased significantly with Paul as a teammate, from 31.0% in Houston before adding Paul to 38.4% afterwards. So it is definitely possible for the two dominant players to retain this feature while they are teammates.

19. A total of 10 teams in the history of the NBA have included two qualifying players with 30% or more – and these 10 teams are really good. On average, they won 54 matches (or shortened season equivalent); five reached the finals, and three others reached the final of the conference. Only in 1980, San Diego Clippers, with Free B. and Freeman Williams, missed the playoffs or won less than 50 games.

20. Of the successful teams, three have already participated in Westbrook, with Durant in Oklahoma City. Three more were the Shak-Kobe Lakers Team, two were LeBron-Wade Heat Joints, and the final team saw Shaq and Wade joining Miami. The lesson is that if the two players are talented enough to justify the use of so many possessions, their team will probably benefit from their shared skills rather than suffer from the overly restrictive policy of my order, your turn. The NBA game has many possessions and their number is only rising – it has reached 100 for last year's basketball team, the highest basketball season for three decades. This leaves more than enough space for Harden and Westbrook to perform their full-off offensive games when playing together, not to mention the ability of Antoni to erase his minutes to make sure that each of them is able to manage his possessions at any time.

Westbrook on a Ball

It is worthwhile to increase the scale of offensive Antoine's play a little more to consider not just how often Westbrook can shoot or throw the ball, but under what circumstances can did. In some respects, Westbrook seems to be coincident with Ethan Antony's ethos.

21. Last season, the top three players who played in a game (minimum 40 games played) were Harden, Westbrook and Paul. One difference is that Harden has always been an effective fighter of isolation – last season he scored almost twice as many isolation points as any other team while Westbrook tended to be rated below the average for points in isolation time.

22. Westbrook fits – and perhaps fits better – in other areas as well. Also last season Harden led the NBA in match matches (19.6), while Westbrook took third place (18.4).

23. The two guards differed in what they did later, though both were successful in turning the disks into points. Hardd mostly shoots and takes fouls; among players with at least 10 discs per game, he scored the highest percentage of his discs. Westbrook mostly passed; in the same group of frequent drivers he ranked first in the help rate of his raids to the brink.

24. Westbrook ranked second in a percentage of assisted discs in 2017-18. The first place this season was Paul, who spent his first season in Houston to shoot the perimeter shooters and centers that were moving to the edge.

25. Westbrook is suitable for the same kind of distribution in Houston, with one warning. It's not true, as the general belief may suggest that Westbrook will play more capable targets for his transfers to Houston than in Oklahoma City. In the last three seasons, Thunder's most common 3-point shooters failed to reach 38% of their three arrows – the same as Houston's players for the same period.

26. Rockets also highlighted the creation of shots from their guards – only Paul and Harden had an average of 2.5 assists for a match last season, and Westbrook is already well aware of this score. Of the 120 players last season who made at least 300 shots, Hardon ranked first in the percentage of his non-assisted field goals (87%). Second place is Paul (86%). The third was Dear Aaron Fox, and the fourth was Westbrook (75%). Previous season, Paul ranked first, Hard second, and Westbrook third. In other words, Harden and Westbrook may not share the ball with each other, but they can do it with themselves.

Westbrook leaves the ball

How about when Westbrook does not have the ball? This is another great test for D'Antoni – and for the player himself – given the Westbrooke story of carelessness. It is difficult to quantify the movement with public data, but we can look at two quick measures that show how little Westbrook is integrated into this crime division in Oklahoma City.

The first is the presentation as a man on a pickup roller. Last season, Westbrook completed the total amount of one possession in that role. Before the season he finished three. Returning through the season, this type of absence continues: one, three, one, three, four, one.

28. To be honest, Antoni has not normally used his guards this way. Harden, for example, has only finished three plays as a role-playing player last season. But this option can cause irritation this season – imagine a pickup in which the defense defenses double Harden and leave Westbrook's room with the ball in his hands, with a game of four to three power that moves to the edge of the a Draymond Green. Given the passage of Westbrook, such an assault ring can sing, especially in a small Tuckwagon squad, which includes four archers around Westbrook. Other teams use unorthodox combinations for pickup and throw to hit defenses – for example, Curry finished 38 plays as a reel last season – and Houston would do well with tactics this season.

29. The other measure to be explored is screen help or pictures that lead directly to taken pictures. Returning three seasons, I calculated the average values ​​for each game screen for every guard with at least 50 games played. Here is the percentage rating for Westbrook in the screen assists for each of these seasons, plus these rankings for a handful of other elite comparator guards

Percentage rating for screen play helps with security

Player 2016-17 ] 2017-18 2018-19
Player 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
100th 97m 99th 99th 59th 89th 92th ] 77-ма
95th 90th 90th
Lillard 37ma 43th In 2016-17, Westbrook gained one general assistant throughout the season; last year he was five. Any other elite point guard is consistent, if not an elite setter; Westbrook had hardly bothered him in the CCP. (Curry will be the most prolific screening in the league, if not Ben Simmons, who is a different kind – and builds up – a player in the position.) Notice how Paul rose from the middle of the league to the top after he joined the rockets . If Westbrook follows his example at the beginning of the season, showing the newly discovered engagement in the offense when the ball is not in his hands, it will be an encouraging sign for Mori and Co, and for rockets wider as the team is keen to maintain its elite production with a new second star

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