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The Amazon Prime 2019 is the best technological deal: Evening Update

The day of Prime Minister 2019 is almost half way, this manish Monday is ready to end. We saw surprises such as Echo Show 5 for $ 50 (previously unannounced sale and a fairly tough drop) and amazing deals like the order with Alexa-for- $ 5 Amazon Smart Plug disappear too soon. Of course, every roller coaster trip has its dips, and the Premier's Day was no different: Protesters went out on the streets to raise awareness of some employment practices in the Amazon. and we will continue to review all deals in search of the best. As it happens today, everything depends on availability, and the best deals can be sold quickly. (See the above-mentioned Smart Plug.)

Do you need help navigating madness? Use this tool to make sure does not miss Prime Day you are looking for. Need help to avoid madness? Do not get hold of FOMO because the majority of these deals will be repeated later this year. Buy only those things you really need, and only if the price is really good . (Here how to make sure that the Premier Day deal is really a deal .) Meanwhile: For business. Here are some of the best deals we've found. We'll add more today and tomorrow, so check frequently!

Please note that CNET may receive a share of the proceeds from the sale of the products shown on this page.

Do not miss Amazon device deals since 201

Tip: If you are shopping for Amazon branded devices today, click on TopCashback first. The payback service offers an 8% discount for these devices. So your spending for something like just a discount of $ 50 Echo Show 5 (below)? Only $ 46 after a discount.

  • The second-generation Echo for $ 50 : Though newer, larger Echos are likely to come soon, this is still an amazing deal for Amazon's leading intelligent spokesperson: 50% off the regular price, $ 20 less than Prime Day 2018 and the same price you would normally pay for Echo Dot.
  • Echo Show 5 for $ 50 : This product – Echo with 5-inch screen – is brand new
  • This Echo- Compatible Amazon Microwave costs $ 60 on a normal day. Today, it still costs $ 60 – but Amazon throws it into Echo Dot for free.
  • Fire TV Stick for $ 15 : Simply the cheapest way to add Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and tons of other streaming channels to your TV. And although this is the "start level" stick, it comes with Alexa's voice remote control.
  • The New Kindle Paperwhite for $ 85 : Read without Distraction! This new Paperwhite is even better than its predecessor and this is the lowest price since it debuted earlier this year.
  • Amazon Echo Dot (Third Generation) for $ 22 : After weeks of $ 25, Dot surprised us all by dropping a little more. This is the lowest price for the model of the current generation.

Primetele's First Day Deals

As I spend 365 days a year with deals on transactions, I thought I would share those I think are especially special:

  • The Eero Home WiFi System for $ 199 ]: This is $ 200 and the lowest price of this highest rated network system that includes the base station and two nodes. I use this in my home;
  • iPhone 7 for Verizon Visible : $ 99 (save $ 189). Purchase the iPhone for $ 199 ($ ​​288), pay at least two months of unlimited Visible service (at $ 40 a month), then get a Mastercard prepaid Mastercard of $ 100. The same option applies to Motorola Moto G7 Power, which will be only $ 49 after a discount.
  • Smart Clock Runtopia S1: $ 59.99 (save $ 40). S1 was already quite appealing at $ 99.99, but this is a must-have for every runner who has no clock.
  • The three-way Bluetooth speaker with 360 degrees : $ 51.99 (save $ 18), Clip the $ 4 coupon and then apply the promo code UVL2GRUA for the best price on this almost perfect waterproof loudspeaker , which is played within 20 hours. Keep in mind that the company is in the process of changing the product name, so your package can say "Stormbox."
  • The Facebook Facebook Portal for $ 80 : Surprised? Do not be. There are legitimate privacy issues with almost every smart display (and smart speaker) on the market. I think if you want to have high quality video calls with distant relatives, the portal – usually $ 199 – is theft of $ 80.

Best Prime Day Deals

As we expected, some of the most attractive deals come from Amazon, which has lowered prices (in some cases deeply) to different equipments: Echo devices, Eero routers, Ringbell and others. But you'll also find some of the best products from other vendors and even other stores. Are you looking for deals in certain categories? Skip these separate items.


Indeed, the really good espresso is just a pod and a button. I own one of these Nespresso makers, and although pods can become expensive, it's still cheaper than Starbucks. The coffee maker is currently priced at $ 145, so $ 100 with the 30 pods is an excellent purchase.


Foodi may never reach the popularity of Instant Pot's kitchen, but its star increases. It offers many of the same features of the popular pressure cooker as well as an important extra: fryer. This 6.5-quartz model is calculated for $ 250, although it is regularly sold for less. Not $ 150. Update: At first we were informed that Foodi will be sold for $ 140, but we're still enthusiastic about $ 150.)

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

Surprise! Although it was not on Amazon's list of Prime Day deals, the new smart display Echo Show 5 had a sharp drop in price.

This newly released laptop may not be powerful (relies on the Intel Core M3 processor) but is slim and lightweight, with a 256GB hard drive, USB-C power port and ultra-thin panel. It is definitely worth a look at $ 399.

Gscar Gutiérrez / CNET

Costco defeats you, Amazon: Members of this price club can get the desired headset (with just the right thing to charge) for the lowest price today's date.


This is the lowest price for this stand-alone VR headset, which is likely to be sold quickly.

It may look like a simple assembler on the dashboard for your phone, but the newly released One Touch Connect also includes Alexa – as far as I know, the first such installation. To get the sale price, first fix the 10% discount on the page, then apply the promo code 15CONNECT to the cashier.


Originally $ 100 most of the existing garage doors. Sarah Tew / CNET

A CNET favorite from the patented Apple AirPod, Elite 65t alternatives usually has a slightly higher price ($ 169 vs. $ 159 for AirPods). Prime Day's price was compared only once before, during last year's Black Friday.

I'll support these products until the day I die because it's great to see the photos you've hidden on your phone or shared in social media. Nixplay Seed The 10.1-inch digital photo frame sells for $ 105, while Seed 13.3 is $ 148.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Like the Nest or Ecobee thermostat, but I want a little style ? Look no further than GLAS, which features a transparent OLED touchscreen! At this price it is much more competitive.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Available from Walmart, Lenovo Smart Clock is a great alarm clock that is quite appealing for this $ 60 purchase price. In addition to voice controls via Google Assistant, you can customize your alarm manage your smart home and wake you up with a sunrise animation.

This transaction does not happen on Amazon, it comes from Verizon's pre-paid carrier. IPhone 7 – still a very powerful handset – is usually sold for $ 288 but is currently being sold for $ 199. After paying for two months of unlimited service (at $ 40 a month), you will get a prepaid discount debit card of $ 100. You can use the same discount to prevent the Motorola Moto 7 Power for exactly $ 49.


The Runtopia S1 is designed with a tracked design, with a built-in GPS, a heart monitor and a waterproof case. It can get basic notifications from your phone and if you bring your phone to the slides, the Runtopia application can provide audio coaching based on your heart rate. Click on the 25% discount coupon to get the extra savings.

The second-generation Echo Show improves the design of the first model and offers better sound quality and a 10-inch HD screen. It combines the intelligent speaker functionality like Echo Dot with a touchscreen that you can use for video calling and controlling your smart home with a crane. We like the $ 90 Echo Show 5 slightly better, but the $ 160 for the Full-Size Show is an appealing proposition.

Optoma makes some of the best projectors in the business and this is a huge saving of what can be the perfect complement to your home cinema – or the backyard, as the UHL55 is portable, with a carry handle and built-in speaker. It can even function as a stand alone Bluetooth speaker.

The simple but flexible package includes a base station, motion sensor and three entry and neck sensors (with PIR recognition for people and pets). And these sensors are good for up to one year before replacing their batteries.

Another deal, exclusively for the subscribers of the Premier, Pro Ring and Echo Dot package, drops to just $ 169 when you add them to your shopping cart. Angela Lang / CNET

This transaction is currently unavailable.

"The Best Android Phone by 2018" Both Pixel 3 and XL XL – typically $ 799 and $ 899 respectively – will have a price drop of $ 260, which will lead to their initial pricing up to $ 539 and $ 639. This is for the 64GB models; the same discounts apply to 128GB versions.

You can also get a $ 100 Amazon gift card with the purchase of Google Pixel 3A XL.

Compared to music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited is already a $ 7.99 transaction a month. This promotion – which requires Prime subscription and is only for new subscribers to Music Unlimited – gives you four full months for just one dollar. After that, you will be on the hook for the regular price unless you cancel.

In the future, so check out soon!

Best first day deals in each category

Interested in handsets? Wearables? Laptops and the like? Here's easy access to the best Prime Day deals in these and other categories:

Do I need to sign up for Amazon Prime?

As noted, the big sale is exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers, and the annual subscription costs $ 119 (or $ 13 per month if you do not want to pay at once).

Is it worth it? If you only accept it for First Day, then it probably will not. Here I am to tell you that Amazon's products are sold all the time . (Example: The Amazon Echo was already reduced to $ 50 a few weeks ago – and it had nothing to do with Prime Day.)

Delivering many products (and two days to most others) and many movies and TV shows from Prime Video.

If you do not want to pay for Prime but want to access Prime Day's offers, here's a strategy: Sign up for Amazon's free 30-day trial. The only catch: This is only for new subscribers, so if you have made a lawsuit or have been a member before, you can not get another process.

How are these prices compared to 2018?

For Prime Day 2019, Amazon defeated its Prime Day 2018 – and Black Friday 2018 – the prices of a handful of products, although it only matched others. Several things were not sold at all. Here's a brief description of some current prices and their colleagues from Prime Day 2018:

Amazon gear prices: First day 2019 against Prime Day 2018

* Black Friday price

Where and how to shop on Prime Day

] You do not have to sit at your computer to shop on Prime Day. For example, if you own any Aleca-compatible device (such as a Fire or Echo smart speaker tablet), you can ask for Alexa for Prime Day – some of which can be accessed exclusively through voice purchase. Amazon's mobile apps, meanwhile, will allow you to take deals while on the go. You can also use this event to get a charity: The Amazon Smile program is a free and easy way to donate a portion of your purchase to almost any charity. Just start shopping from smile.amazon.com instead of www.amazon.com. (While you're on it, read about other ways to giving charity without even trying ). ] which is updated daily.

Read my own feed on Cheapskate where I identify many deals every weekday.

See our offers from CNET where we share different deals from our retail partners and the network as a whole.

Expired transactions

These discounts are no longer available, although some may return on Monday.

Can not get enough MCU? At the beginning of the First Day, Amazon offers rentals to Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Iron Man 3, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and more for only $ 1.99.

The favorite kitchen accessory for everyone has been sold at Macy's entire week, but Amazon has jumped at a good price (the one that defeats Black Friday FYI). To get it, you must click (or tap) the coupon on a $ 10 page before adding it to your cart. Wondering how this model is dealing with everyone else? Read the history of CNET for the best Instant Pot to buy.

This story was originally published and regularly updated.

CNET's Cheapskate reviews the web for great deals with personal computers, phones, gadgets and more. Note that CNET may receive a share of the proceeds from the sale of the products shown on this page. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page . Find more great purchases on the CNET Transaction Page and follow Cheapskate on Facebook and Twitter !

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