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The American Horror Story is once again entertained with 1984

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Perhaps this is a sign of our dark time that a show involving so many bloodshed on more than one side can look like a light TV. Or maybe it is just the fact that after the last two seasons of American Horror History reminds viewers with less and less subtlety that they are already living in the darkest time line, with or without the existence of antichrist,

It seems that the show's participants received a note in the summer that the audience has a hard time remembering the exact subtitle of each season, because this year the audience will never forget, at least at any time while watching the pilot that the year and season is 1984 . The references from the '80s get so difficult and quick that the beginning of the show almost reads like a sketch sending the nostalgia of the' 80s out of the neon font that introduces the cast of 'Cruel Summer', playing for the first fifteen minutes.

After losing some of her main cast, the lead mantle (a lighter in an ensemble piece like AHS has always been, but still is) went to Emma Roberts, playing against her traditional AHS A type of sweet, shy, lace collar worn by Brooke. Roberts at her most recent cocktail has given AHS some great moments and has given the internet one of her most important GIFs. But here, pastel-clad, it's hard to be attracted to Roberts, even at times that seem to point to her impending death.

Montana, Billy Lourdes, on the other hand, is fantastic, from her dead-serious passing on of her dream of being an aerobics racing master to explaining why she sleeps with a knife under her pillow ("I have a suspicious nature.") is to say among men and their apex cultures, what is deliberate negligence to match the main characters of the season-inspiring freshmen and what is the result of almost every favorite Murphy indefinitely AHS .

The 1984 Summer Olympics are a standard that does a lot of heavy lifting, from story reinforcement to mixing things up to style. A group of fitness friends who decide on a fad to give up everything for three months to become camp counselors, it doesn't make sense unless they explain that they will do anything to avoid the craziness the games will bring with them myself. And the billiards of the workers at the camp will dry up if a better-paying job is suddenly created in the nearby city because of the Olympics. And after a shot after a predictable shot of "camp employees viewed from the perspective of a bush-slaying murderer" and other flickering clichés, it was refreshing to see the smudge of panicked Brooke running from Mr. Jingles while

the question of when the pilot closes in with the insane killer escaping asylum, running in the rain near a bunch of buzzing camp counselors who really really want to get into each other's shorts is not what follows. Anyone who has even seen a snippet of a classic 80s horror movie knows what's next. Here's how the next fills in ten or more episodes, when it usually covers only the second half of a 90-minute movie.

This answer can be found in the late-night attacker Zach Villa, who appears in camp. But his assault earlier in the episode, the taking of a ring that the audience knows should have special meaning for Brooke, because she pulled it out of her jewelry box, only to look at him while she sighed heavily, felt somehow clumsy and not all that scary even before the name of Satan began to fall away. It was the only moment in the episode that seemed to return to American Horror History of the past. Hopefully, the rest of the season lends itself to the feeling of simpler times when serial killer-wearing killers cut the young camp ears just because of the thrill of it, no policy or theology to shed blood on screen more complicated than it should

Homeless surveillance

  • Why is there a "release all prisoners" button in the asylum? And how did Mr. Jingles get a newspaper? If there was only a mattress in his room and he pulled out an article, where did he put the rest of the paper when he finished? The show's hosts should know that there are only two types of TV shows left – Ryan Murphy's projects and crime dramas. They cannot leave such inconsistencies around.
  • n. Shue is back! The Murphy page on Wikipedia has a handy spreadsheet that depicts actors who have participated in numerous projects; it's good to see Matthew Morrison join the two-timer club.
  • If your boot camp is fitted enough to have professional looking IV bags, will MacGyver need something to hang it from the hanger?
  • Unique perspective on the potential dangers of drinking – obviously these beer cans are really sharp and dangerous when thrown by an almost Olympian.
  • For those who follow the riddles introduced for the season – the identity of the possibly dead "tourist," the identity of Brooke's attacker, whether Brooke actually escaped the "sexual revolution" and therefore would probably be the only one who managed to get out of camp alive, and what kind of sport Chet (Gus Kenworthy) will compete in before he is started by the Olympic team.

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