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The Apex Legends game becomes chaos when no weapons or objects appear

What happens when the Apex Legends game starts without any weapons or items to spawn? Chaos would be a good word to describe it.

As with any other battle, weapons and objects are an extremely important and fundamental aspect of Apex Legends, giving players the tools they need to be last.

Thus, when the game shines in a way that nothing is triggered for players to use, there is a whole concept and structure of the game that breaks into a stalemate.

This is exactly what happened in the recently played game that was recorded and posted to Reddit by garyspurr on July 28th.

"There was not one element," he writes to Reddit, "The game has become a full grand prix game!"

Respawn Entertainment

You can not pick up any weapons or items from the booty boxes if no one has spawned in …

The game started as usual with players going down the map, then the usual players move

However, as the video shows, the loins of the loot were open so that nothing but the emptiness could be revealed, because for some reason there were no weapons, healing objects, ammunition or anything on the whole map.

As more and more players start to realize that they are in a simulating brilliance, their instincts of wrestling or flying have begun to crash, realizing that they either have to kill or be killed.

As a result, the King's crash began as everyone rushed to try to get hit and melee-eliminated attacks and, if possible, the capabilities of their Legends.

The bugs continue to be a huge problem in Apex Legends

While the bug shown in the video above may have had comical results, not every problem in Apex Legends has managed to meet with a smile and laughter. 19659003] Recently, players are disappointed with a series of error codes that severely hamper their experiences, including a new one called code: gnut . Of course, Respawn Entertainment developers can not patch any bug, bug or exploit overnight, but they have to start making much more progress if they want to satisfy their vast base of players.

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