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The ban on Facebook remains, but somehow Trump is still driving the news

This is only in … Donald Trump is still banned by Facebook!

It was such a monumental move, so important to the fate of Western civilization, that Politico had no less than four preliminary stories at the top of its home page:

“The ban on Facebook hurts Trump in surprising ways.”

“If Facebook brings Trump back today, will Twitter?”

“Why Trump’s new blog could lead to more social media downloads.”

“It’s really one of the other 24 Wannabes – how Facebook can give a huge boost to Trump.”

The common refrain was that the maestro of Mar-a-Lago faded as a media presence in the Biden era. And what happened this week showed drastically that it̵

7;s not true.

Of course, his online interactions have diminished as he has been banned from social media (and no, the one-way blog he just started is not his return to social media).

But it is the basis of such a large coverage. The huge controversy in the media over whether Liz Cheney will be removed from a leading position in the House is, of course, Trump’s story, as they fight for his unproven allegations of fraud in the 2020 election, her successor continues to ignite the flames, saying: ” Liz Cheney is a militant fool who has no business in the Republican leadership. The Wyoming congresswoman invariably strikes back, and that continues to generate new headlines. Trump was again attacked on CNN and MSNBC around the clock.

Cheney’s vote to impeach Trump followed the Capitol uprising, which, of course, sparked a ban by Mark Zuckerberg’s company on the grounds that the president was inciting violence.

Yesterday’s decision by the world’s luminous supervisory board on Facebook also highlighted global interest in Trump and his ongoing war with Big Tech.


Trump, of course, responded with relative snail mail in a press release, saying, “What Facebook, Twitter and Google have done is a complete disgrace and embarrassment to our country. Free speech has been taken away from the President of the United Nations because radical left-wing lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway. “

One small detail is that he is no longer POTUS. I have long argued that while a temporary ban has been justified by the violence and ongoing threats since January 6, there is no way to defend an indefinite ban against someone who has left office.

Here, too, the board was critical of Facebook, saying it had not followed its own rules in issuing this “arbitrary punishment.” So the group, which was under tremendous pressure, responded on Facebook, saying it had to decide within six months how the rules would change for everyone if it wanted to leave Trump permanently without rights.

I would say that the chances of the left-wing site to allow Trump to return next fall are almost non-existent. Which means it’s not really about inciting violence, it’s about punishing someone whom Silicon Valley sees as evil. Twitter doesn’t even go through the proposals to reconsider its ban.

Now some Republicans are determined to take revenge on Facebook, and liberal Democrats like Elizabeth Warren want to smash Zuckerberg’s empire. But these companies, which are big donors, still have enough political influence.


As for the media’s thirst for hunger, look at it this way: Joe Biden is an obedient parent. He gives boring speeches about the need to get vaccinated and why we need to spend trillions to help the economy and the middle class. His tweets look like those written by the commission. Rhetorically, at least, he does not choose battles and tries to ignore the former type.

Donald Trump is the fun parent. Freed from the responsibilities of the government, he dismisses INSULTS FOR ALL CAPITA, regularly insisting that the election was stolen. He is attacking not only Biden but Republicans, not just Cheney but Mitch McConnell, providing the media that they love.

Restoring Facebook’s megaphone would help, but it’s not clear that he really needs it.

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