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The Beginner's Guide to the Outer Worlds

The outside worlds are initially scattered and intimidated.

With standard role-playing complex games, tough decisions that go into every major quest, branching dialog trees, and the ability to kill anyone you meet. It immediately feels like a whole lot of game and making every decision feels impossibly stressful.

In our Beginner's Guide The Outer Worlds we will eliminate tons of potential stress.

The game is adaptable, so don't worry

In an early pursuit you will make a big decision. Based on your choice, one city survives and another dries. It is easy (and human) to be paralyzed by such decisions. What if you killed the necessary informant? What if you made the wrong choice about who to trust? What if you gave the medicine to save the life (and career) of the wrong group?

  Outer Worlds Edgewater Reed Office

You will have to make very important decisions, but the game will adapt to you.
Obsidian Entertainment / Private Division via Polygon

Of course, your choices will have consequences and you can make enemies along the way, but your choices aren't always as binary as they seem. In the example above with the two cities, as soon as the power is switched, a new destination moves everyone to one place, preferably better than before.

Maybe your choice will mean you miss out on the later, but The Outer Worlds is built around that allows you to make decisions and adjust course to deal with the consequences.

Don't agonize over every decision. Make the choice you think is right (or the character you play) and go to it. The game adapts.

You have many options for each purpose

The game is built around not only the decisions you make during the game, but also the decisions to create the characters you make. You don't really have to worry about your high-tensed character being bad at battle, for example, because this high stealth makes you good at picking crate locks containing great weapons.

You will almost always have numerous ways to achieve a goal – everything from killing bad guys to finding lost items to breaking into a secure facility. These options generally correspond to different skills that you may or may not possess.

You don't have to explore all these options – and you won't be able to, depending on your skills – there will be no solutions, but it doesn't matter. Use your strengths to find a solution to .

Look for hints everywhere

Finding out which of the many paths is best for you is not always easy, but The Outer Worlds will give you a lot of advice. Look for computer terminals, books, notes and even the people you talk to – they will all hint at different solutions. Each time you pick up one of these tips, it will appear in your log menu under the corresponding assignment.

Talk to people. Read everything. All this information will make it easier to accomplish your goals.

Look for loot everywhere

Almost every room, bin, bookcase and corpse has something to loot. You'll get everything from spices to grenade launchers just by wandering around and looting everything you see.

  The outside worlds are plundering a corpse

There is loot everywhere .
Obsidian Entertainment / Private Division via Polygon

Browse everywhere and grab anything that is nailed. You won't use (or even need) most of it, but you can sell it, break it down for parts, or give it to your mates. Nothing is useless, so get it all.

Watch Your Weight

Burden is a mechanic that comes from your strength, current health, fashion armor, and even satellites, all of which go into calculating your load capacity. When your inventory weight exceeds your maximum value, you will not be able to sprint or travel fast.

  Burden on the outside worlds

Your current weight and load capacity are shown at the top left of the inventory menu.
Obsidian Entertainment / Private Division Via Polygon

When this happens (and it's a question or when, not if), smash your extra weapons and armor into pieces. This is usually enough to get you back below the threshold.

To avoid it, make sure you sell your junk and anything you don't use. Junk items are for sale only, and since there is loot everywhere (see above), you are likely to find more than any item you sell.

Backpack Bumper mod will increase your load capacity if you have a spare slot in the bumper you carry. You can also increase it with the mullet fin package . (Another bonus, a traveler will even allow you to travel fast when you are burdened.)

Swap your gear

Grab everything you can grab and loot every corpse. what you do means you get weapons, armor, mods and supplies almost all the time.

When you find a workbench you only need bits of the currency in the game to level your weapons. You will not need additional parts or components. And you can install and exchange mods until you find them.

There's nothing special (at most) about the weapons and armor you pick up. If it's better than what you have, use it If not, turn it into pieces or sell it. Level up your gear if you have the money at hand. If you don't, just wait until you find something better.

Make your decisions fast – there are always more appliances. For weapons, see the type of weapon and the damage it inflicts. For armor, see the defense article, all the bonuses it has, and their weight.

The only advantage of this is to make sure your satellites are well equipped. However, treat their mechanism the same way. Higher numbers are better and that's about as much thought as you have to give it. (You can get more spicy when the statistics get higher and the differences get finer, but in the beginning, change gears often.)

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