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The benches are clean in the Angels-Astros game after Jake Marisnick is hit by the pitch

Jake Marisson from Houston Astros was hit by the pitch at the top of the sixth inn at the Angel Stadium on Tuesday night, which resulted in partial bench equalization and arbitration warnings for both clubs. after Marisson plunged Angels Hunters Jonathan Lucrou into a clash with home chips, which led to a two-game suspension and an undisclosed fine from the MLB. Loro was unconscious, had a broken nose, and could have missed up to three weeks.

Riverside-born Marisson, who appealed his suspension, was thrown into the shoulder of 90 miles per hour from Angelo Noe Ramirez's gun while out of the inn.

After Ramirez threw a helicopter, Basel's first angel, Albert Puyol, left the bag and headed for Astros' prime land. It seemed he screamed at Astros players, including pittsters Justin Verlander and Lance McClells.

First arbiter Mark Vegner
He quickly stepped over to the Puyols and headed it back to the bag, but until then the Angels and the two teams' boats ran out into the field.

The vast majority of Astro's land was behind the fence, partly at Marquis's command, which was waving them. After a few minutes in which there was no visible physical strife, the field was cleared and the game resumed. On July 7th in Houston, Marisson dashed through Louroe with the first diving on his shoulder while trying to score a third. , Lucroy, who was not in the direct way to the plate, had to be removed from the field and had to undergo a non-invasive surgery to repair his nose on Tuesday. "Once [my nose] begins to happen, if there is no bleeding or anything else, I could have started some activities," Louroi said on Sunday.

As a result of the controversial clash, Marissick maintained his intention was not to hurt Louroe.

"I'm working with one speed, I'm marking a third base, running straight to the home sign, I'm not coming at all," Marisson said Tuesday afternoon.

"This makes the play a little complicated, and just the time of the throw, the way which I perceived the throw, I did not watch the throw. I watched his throat reaction. At the end of the day I had less than a second. "

However, he stopped for a violation of rule 6.01

(i)," designed to protect hunters from this type of collision, "Joe Torre, head of the MLB Baseball Officer said he was part of the official statement, published by the Commissioner's office.

"I feel terrible about what happened," Marissnik said. "I guess we'll see the reaction when he gets out there."

Although he has not finished his appeal, Marissick entered the series this week to be able to play. After his session at Anaheim on Monday, he had been loud in his first two bats at night.

When hit in the sixth, large parts of the crowd stood up and applauded. Marisson stayed in the game, stole second and advanced to third place on the ball before staying there.

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