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The best level in the Luigi 3 mansion allows you to help or pass on a friendly ghost

The estate of Luigi 3 is strangely located in a large hotel. Each floor of this hotel has a different thematic level, some more ordinary than others. For example, the early floors have kitchens and hotel rooms, while the later floors have deserts and pirate ships. But the best floor and level in The Luigi 3 Estate is the one where you actually help a ghost and even get a chance to spare it rather than catch it.

The level is Paranormal Productions and is located on the eighth floor of the hotel. Paranormal Productions is a movie studio, which for some strange reason is located in a ghostly hotel. It's best not to think about it. But the moment you get off the elevator, the level feels different. Luigi is surrounded by movie posters, TVs, cameras and other movie related items.

You may even notice a poster for Punch-Out! and a movie poster based on Super Mario Strikers this football game starring Mario and friends. (Tip: Break the plaque featuring Punch-Out! to find a fun Easter egg.)

But after going through the front lobby, you actually find a working movie studio in the back. It has five different lots, each with different kits.

In the midst of all this is a crying movie director who also happens to be a ghost.

This is Morty and unlike other ghost bosses in the game, Morty doesn't attack you or steal anything from you. He was just crying for his missing red megaphone. Luigi feels bad and decides to help Morty. To help, Luigi must visit each movie set, grabbing various elements, such as a torch, to solve the main puzzle and return the Morty megaphone.

Each of these kits feels and looks different. One set is a city street on fire. Another set is a ghostly haunt, supplemented by an evil ghost animatronic that pops up. To complete the puzzles in each set, Luigi must shoot Gooigi. Through the camera, the green screens and cameras disappear, and instead you see a complete set full of visuals, attacking ghosts and music. Gooigi isn't the most charismatic actor, but he did his job.

After all the puzzles have been solved and all the shots taken, Luigi and Guigi return the megaphone of Morty. He is so happy and believes that Luigi is a star! He opens the door to a new set, one with a small town. And then the best boss fight in the game happens. Luigi and Guigi team up to fight a ghost in a monster suit. The whole level feels like a love letter to Godzilla films in the back, complemented by a costume that breaks down as the battle progresses.

After defeating a ghost inside the costume, Director Morty is so happy with the battle and the scene Luigi's key to the next level of the hotel. No battle needed. He loves Luigi and is grateful for his help. She then goes to her editorial room to edit her movie. Luigi even celebrates that she is now a star.

All this makes the next thing that is really terrible.

You can now leave this level, leaving the director to edit his film and enjoy his work. Which I guess some players did. But I didn't. Instead, I decided to check on the director and found out that there were HP numbers hanging over his head. I could suck it up using my vacuum pack. So I did that. The moment you start sucking it into the package, it grabs onto the editing table, desperate to finish your movie. A few seconds later he was gone. Instead of the usual holiday dance that Luigi does when he defeats a ghost, he just sadly raises his fist for a moment. He felt terrible about what he had just done and you know what, I did.

Video of Luigi sucking a perfectly good and pleasant (and innocent) ghost.

I'm sorry I disturbed this ghost. Morty, I'm sorry. You were a wonderful part of what is easily my favorite level in Luigi's Estate 3. You deserve to be spared the vacuum. I hope others will not be wrong.

This choice to spare or film Morty is just another reason I love Floor 8, Paranormal Productions. That's the only level in the whole game that gives Luigi a moral decision. I failed, but I still got a prize in the game to grab it. So maybe it was all worth it?

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