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The best obscure live casino games

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What’s not to love about live casino? You can experience the thrills, and spills, of sitting in a land-based casino from the comfort of your own home, or on the move, at any time of the day – there’s literally a real-life dealer on hand 24/7, 365 days a year – so you can fit your gaming around your schedule perfectly! However, if you’re fed up with the classic games, like Blackjack and Roulette, then why not give something new a try? Read on as we take a look at the best obscure live casino games!

Live Baccarat

Baccarat, which is often regarded as James Bond’s favourite casino game, became popular in Las Vegas in the mid-20th century, and is the favoured game amongst many high-rollers. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s a card game with a pretty simple set of rules – plus it has one of the best lowest house edges, with a return to player (RTP) of 98.94%!

To begin, four cards are dealt: two to the “player” and two to the “banker.” Sounds a bit like Blackjack, right? However, this is where things start to differ. Your job is to bet on which hand will win – the “player’s” or the “banker’s” – or if the game will end in a tie. Ultimately, what you’re trying to predict is which hand will get the closest to a total of nine. Based on the circumstances, each hand can receive additional cards, after the initial hands are dealt. Although, the final standings are always 1

0 or below. To make sure this is always the case, cards with the value of 10 are worth zero, whilst Aces are always worth one, and you must only count the second digit of any card number above 10. For example, 8+8 = 16 = 6! Here are some further key rules:

  • If either the “player’s” or the “banker’s” hand is valued at eight or nine, they stand.
  • If the “player’s” total is five or less, then the player will be dealt another card. Anything higher and the “player” stands!
  • If the “player” stands, then bankers hits on a total of five or less.
  • Betting on the “player’s”, and “banker’s”, hand pay out at 1:1.
  • Betting on the tie pays out a tasty 8:1.

Live 3 Card Brag

3 Card Brag is probably the game you’ve managed to master whilst sat around the dining table with your family during Christmas period. However, Live 3 Card Brag is sure to be far more entertaining – even if only because your Nan won’t be forgetting how to play and your uncle won’t be attempting to cheat!

If you’ve never played the game, then not to worry, as the rules are simple. To get started, you and the dealer will both receive three cards – the only difference is yours will be face up, and the dealer’s will be face down!

Once you’ve assessed your hand, you can opt to fold or play – much like Poker! If you fold, the round is over and you lose your ante. If you want to play, then you must make another wager equal to double your ante. Next, the dealer will reveal their hand. Assuming they have a Queenthey qualify. At this point, the best-ranked hand scoops the pot. If you are in procession of the best-ranked hand, then your winnings will be determined by how good it is (see below). If the dealer doesn’t reveal a Queen, then you get your money back!

Brag hands

  • A High card – no payout on ante/play bet bonus bets.
  • A Pair – no payout on ante/play bet – 1:1 payout on pair plus side bet.
  • A Flush – three cards of the same suit. No payout on ante/play bet – 4:1 on a pair plus bet and 15:1 on Poker plus bet.
  • A Run – three cards in a consecutive order e.g. 5, 6, and 7. 1:1 payout on ante/play bet – 6:1 payout on pair plus bet and 10:1 on a poker plus bet.
  • A Running Flush: three cards in a consecutive order and the same suit i.e. diamond, hearts, spades or clubs. (4:1 payout on ante/play bet – 30:1 payout on pair plus bet and 200:1 on a poker plus bet).
  • A Prial: three matching cards e.g. A-A-A. (5:1 payout on ante/play bet – 40:1 payout on pair plus bet and 7:1 on a poker plus bet).