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The Best Qi Wireless Chargers to Buy in 2019

  Guidemaster: The Best Wireless Qi Charging Pads for Your Smartphone

Valentina Paladino

Update: Ars has stayed busy since the publication of this guide in April 2019. We tested a number of new wireless chargers Qi available from and updated our top picks before the 2019 shopping season.

Wireless charging has come a long way before replacing cable charging, but technology has advanced dramatically over the last few years. Anyone with the latest smartphones, wearables and other gadgets can get behind the idea ̵

1; just place your device on a charging pad or stand and let it sit. In a few minutes you will have more battery power than before and you did not have to bust with wires or cables to get it.

But quite a bit of technology is about creating an accessory that makes your life that much easier. Most wireless chargers come in round or rectangular pads, some of which are propped up on your feet to make stands that take up minimal space and work well as a bedside table or desk accessories. But don't be fooled by their minimalist exteriors – there are a few things you need to know before investing in wireless charging. To navigate this gloomy world, Ars is testing out some of the most popular Qi wireless chargers available now to see what it's worth to buy.

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Short version

  • Standing as our favorite Qi wireless charging pad is RavPower's fast RP-PC034 charger, a well-rounded cordless charger for a decent price of $ 24.99. It has the best combination of required features and the added benefits of every wireless charging pad we tested. Its design is simple, but the added rubber band on its surface does not allow smartphones to slip out during charging. It also comes with an AC adapter, something that much cheaper Qi wireless charging pads do not include. But what sets it apart most is its fast charging capabilities – most smartphones will get 30 to 40 percent battery power after just an hour of charging. All this in a $ 24.99 device is a great value.
  • Mophie holds the title of runner-up with her $ 41 Charge Stream Pad +. Many of the things we like about the RavPower charger are the Mophie charger, in particular its TPU-enclosed design, which prevents smartphones from sliding, as well as the charger itself from moving on solid surfaces. The Charge Stream Pad + is almost as effective in charging speed as the RavPower charging pad. But its more expensive price tag puts it in second place – a more luxurious version of our best choice.
  • Our favorite budget choice is the Anker PowerWave stand, which only costs $ 15.99. Anker has a stable stand with this device and smartphones can be mounted on it both in portrait and landscape mode. This makes it even easier to use your smartphone while charging without much need. We also like the rubberized base of the stand that holds it in place, and its larger indicator light to indicate when your device is charging successfully. Charging smartphones is not so fast, but it is also not painfully slow. Charging with lower watts is one of the sacrifices you can expect to make when paying only $ 15.99 for a wireless charger, but fortunately, Anker doesn't make you sacrifice much more with your PowerWave stand.
  • A solid multi charger charger is a dual wireless Mophie charging pad. It can charge two devices wirelessly, be it two smartphones or one smartphone and a pair of AirPods, and a third device via a USB-A port on the back. This is the closest you will get to an idealized version of Apple's AirPower (an already abandoned project) by Apple, which makes it a convenient option for those who want to be able to charge more than one device wirelessly at a time using just one accessory – but you have to pay more than $ 80 to get it.

Best of all

RavPower RP-PC034 Fast Charger

Specifications at a glance: RavPower RP-PC034 Fast charger
Price $ 24.99
Standard W 5W
Max W 10W, 7.5W (iPhone) only)
LED indicator Yes
Adapters included USB charging cable, AC adapter
Phone case support Yes, thickness max. 3mm
Phone Orientation Support Vertical, Horizontal
Extras HyperAir Cooling

While testing a number of attractive wireless chargers, the humble RavPower Fast Charger RP-PC034 pad was the best part from the group. Not only is it designed well (not intrusive – we'll explain), it also powers every smartphone quickly and efficiently.

This wireless charging pad can be mistaken for many others. This is a simple black circle embossed with the RavPower logo in the middle and "HyperAir" directly below it. The company's HyperAir technology promises 15 percent faster thermal dispersion than other wireless charging pads.

We did not see a huge difference in the temperature of the device among any of the wireless charging pads tested, but smartphones powered by the RP-PC034 swab are consistently on the low side of the temperature scale. In fact, after full charge, the temperature seemed to be more dependent on the smartphone itself, with the Note 9 almost always a few degrees hotter than the other smartphones we read.

In addition to keeping smartphones cool, the wireless RP-PC034 charging pad keeps the smartphones in place thanks to a rubberized circle that sits on the inner circumference of the pad. While most wireless charging pads are flat where the smartphone should sit, some have a slight bend or even a raised design on them. The few we tested were the ones who didn't make the cut because smartphones, especially the iPhone XS and XS Max, slipped several times.

We hypothesize that the reason for this is twofold: the wireless charging pads did not have a completely flat surface on which the smartphone could sit, and the slippery glass backs of iPhones made them prone to slipping.

But none of the smartphones we showed off fell from the wireless charging pad RP-PC034 (or some of the others that made our most good photos). You can really throw your smartphone on this wireless charging pad and forget about it, because no matter where it lands, it will recharge to some extent when you return.

The RP-PC034 pad turned out to be excellent in our benchmarking tests too: after an hour, every smartphone we identified (except one) had at least 40 percent battery life after a fully depleted RP-PC034 battery. The only exception was the Pixel 3, which was constantly slowly charging with everything but the Pixel Stand. The RP-PC034 pad also powers smartphones up to 100 percent faster than all the wireless charging pads we tested. It took an average of 198 minutes, or just over three hours, to get from 0 percent to 100 percent battery.

To complement, the RP-PC034 wireless charging pad costs just $ 24.99. It's a good price for a wireless charging pad that not only powers the smartphones relatively quickly, but also comes in a simple, compact design. We also appreciate that the price includes a woven USB cable that connects the pad to the included AC adapter. Many wireless chargers below $ 50 do not come with an AC adapter, which makes RavPower RP-PC034 a gem.

The Good

  • Fast and efficient pad for charging at a great price.

The Bad

  • HyperAir cooling does not provide incredible cooling gains compared to other charging pads.
  RavPower RP-PC034 product image "class =" ars-circle-image-img ars-buy-box-image

RavPower RP-PC034 Charger Pad

(Ars Technica may win compensation for sales from links to this post through affiliate programs.)

Runner up

Mophie Charge Stream Pad +

Specifications at a glance: Mophie Charge Stream Pad +
Price $ 40.59
Standard W 5W
Max W 10W, 7. 5W (iPhone only)
LED indicator Yes
Adapters included USB charging cable, AC adapter
Phone case support Yes, thickness max. 3mm
Phone Orientation Support Vertical, Horizontal [19659023] Extras Internal Overheating Scheme

RP-PC034 Fast Charger and RavPower and Mophie Charge Stream Pad + Fast Charger they have a lot in common and the main differences between them are brand and price. Mophie's wireless charging pad looks like a higher-end RavPower & # 39; s disk-shaped pad and comprehensive TPU coverage. While the RavPower charging pad has a rubberized circle in its circumference, the entire Mophie charging pad is covered with a similar type of material. Needless to say, your smartphone – naked or in the case – will not fall off this charging pad. Extending the TPU cover to the underside of the pad also means that the charger will not easily slip out of your desk or nightstand.

Like the RavPower device, the Mophie charging pad has an internal circuitry designed to prevent overheating and overcharging. However, heat was not a big issue for all the wireless charging pads tested.

Pad Charge Stream Pad + comes with a USB cable and AC adapter, and we appreciate how Mophie hid the MicroUSB port inside the boot pad. The port is located inside a small opening that is cut from the back of the loading pad. Most wireless charging pads have an open connecting port that can be more easily damaged if you handle the device roughly or carelessly. This is a small design touch that can make a big difference in the life of the pad.

The Mophie wireless charging pad was there with the speed and efficiency of RavPower: all smartphones except the Pixel 3 powered at least 40 percent after one hour of charging and took an average of 197 minutes, or about three hours, to charge every handset from 0 percent to 100 percent battery.

The RavPower and Mophie wireless charging pads share the same pros and cons – both have attractive, minimalist designs that stay safe wherever you put them (and keep your smartphone secure during charging). Both provide reliable charging for all types of smartphones, so even if you only have half an hour to spare, you'll still get some juice in your smartphone that can carry you through the rest of the day. After all, the Mophie Charge Stream Pad + is our runner-up for its $ 49 price tag – you pay for the Mophie name and the shroud that comes with it, as well as a slightly more attractive design.

The Good [19659049] Effective charging pad with non-slip TPU coating on the entire device.


<img src = "https://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/mophie-300×161.jpg" alt = "Mophie Charge Stream Pad Plus Product Image" class = "ars-circle-image-img ars-buy-box-image [19659053] Mophie Charge Stream Pad Plus

(Ars Technica may win compensation for sales from links to this publication through affiliate programs.)

The Best Budget Charger

PowerWave Anker Rack

Specifications at a glance: Anker PowerWave Stand
Price $ 15.99
Standard W 5W
Max W 10W, 5W (iPhone only) [19659027] LED indicator Yes
Adapters included USB charging cable
Phone case support Yes, thickness max. 5mm
Phone Orientation Support Vertical, Horizontal
Extras [19659022] None

Replacing our old favorite budget, RavPower's RP-PC063 boot pad, is a $ 16 PowerWave Stand Anker. We like the Anker device more because its stand design allows you to use your smartphone more easily while charging, and is just as effective in charging as the RavPower device.

Anker's PowerWave Stand structure is more marketable than actual build quality. The stand itself is wide enough to comfortably hold large smartphones like the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy Note 9, and its square base is covered with rubberized material to help keep the stand in place.

But the stand feels like a $ 16 device thanks to the lightweight plastic that makes up most of its design. Manufacturers have to sacrifice when making affordable accessories, and the use of plastic like this in an affordable wireless charger is not uncommon. However, we like that Anker put more than the average indicator light in front of the stand – you can easily tell when your smartphone is properly placed on the charger to get power, because the light ring will instantly glow blue color.

Smartphones can sit on the PowerWave Stand in portrait or landscape mode, allowing you to use apps, watch videos, and even use features like Apple FaceID more easily. This makes the stand a good accessory for your nightstand, but most of all for your desk because you can easily see notifications, incoming calls, and more without pushing your neck on a flat charging pad.

The Anker stand is not as fast to charge smartphones as our top choice, but it works. It has a standard charging speed of 5W and supports 10W fast charging for Samsung smartphones. In most cases, you will get at least 20 percent battery power after you leave your handset on the stand for one hour, and from 0% to 100% battery life should take no more than five hours.

If speed and efficiency are your top priorities, it's worth going for a slightly more expensive device that can charge devices at higher maximum voltages. It's a big difference to note that our top pick and runner can also charge the latest iPhones with up to 7.5W, while the PowerWave stand reaches 5W for these devices.

Anker also cut costs by giving up the AC adapter with this stand – one doesn't come in the box, so you'll have to provide yours. Most wireless charging pads do not come with an AC adapter, so this is not a weird leak. However, a number of higher end pads (typically those over $ 30) include a box adapter.

I'm expecting casualties like this one in a wireless charging pad that costs only $ 15.99. At such a low price, the Anker PowerWave Stand is a solid option for those who want a basic but reliable wireless charger that can fit on a tight budget.

The slim design

  • that lets you use your smartphone in both portrait and landscape mode while charging.


 Anker PowerWave Stand Product Image "class =" ars-circle-image-img ars-buy-box-image

Anker PowerWave Stand

(Ars Technica can won compensation for sales from links to this publication through affiliate programs.)

Best multi-device charging pad

Mofi dual wireless charging pad

Спецификации с един поглед: Мофи двойна безжична зарядна подложка
Цена $ 79.95
Стандарт W 5W
Max W 10W (7.5W за iPhone)
LED индикатор Да
Включени адаптери USB кабел за зареждане, адаптер за променлив ток
Поддръжка на калъфа за телефон Да, дебелина макс. 3 мм
Поддръжка за ориентация на телефона Вертикална, хоризонтална [19659023] Екстри USB-A порт за най-бързо зареждане

Не след дълго разбрахме, че Apple се е отказала от своите амбиции на AirPower, Mophie излезе с няколко многофункционални подложки за зареждане, включващи поддръжка за безжично зареждане Mophie Dual. Този дълъг овал по същество са две безжични подложки за зареждане в едно, което ви позволява да зареждате едновременно две устройства.

Самата подложка е добра – лъскавата й черна повърхност изглежда гладка, а гумираните й ръбове помагат за предотвратяване на смартфоните от плъзгането. Две сребърни линии показват къде трябва да позиционирате смартфоните си върху подложката, за да могат успешно да се зареждат, но открих, че можете леко да се отклоните от този индикатор. Всъщност най-добре е да позиционирате смартфоните в портретен режим по-близо до заоблените краища на подложката, но можете също така да поставите слушалка от едната страна на подложката напред и тя също ще започне да се зарежда. Вашето разположение не трябва да бъде перфектно и винаги можете да проверите двете индикаторни лампички по ръба на подложката, за да гарантирате, че вашият смартфон действително получава захранване, след като го настроите.

Имате място в една подложка за зареждане за два смартфона е удобно, но повечето хора не притежават два смартфона. Но двойната безжична зареждаща подложка на Mophie също поддържа безжично зареждане за AirPods на Apple, което го прави привлекателен избор за Apple diehards. Като цяло подложката ще работи с повечето съвместими с Qi устройства, така че има редица електроника (не само смартфони), която бихте могли да зареждате с това устройство.

Поддръжката за безжично зареждане на Mophie също има скрит USB-A порт на задния му ръб, така че всъщност може да зарежда три устройства наведнъж: две на самия безжичен тампон и едно през USB порта. Това прави управлението на кабелите много по-лесно и може да превърне аксесоара във вид на зареждащ хъб за всичките ви най-използвани устройства.

Двойната зарядна подложка осигурява прилична мощност на смартфоните и ще зарежда най-новите iPhone с максимум 7,5W , В повечето случаи ще получите 30 процента батерия, след като оставите слушалката си на подложката за час. Отне малко по-дълго време от повечето (приблизително 4,5 часа средно), за да се заредят смартфони от 0 до 100 процента, но това няма да е прекалено голям проблем за тези, които зареждат смартфоните си най-напълно за една нощ.

Wireless зарядните устройства се отнасят до удобството и това прави излишно безжично зарядно устройство за повечето хора. Най-добрите неща за многозарядните зарядни устройства, включително тези на Mophie, са, че те помагат да запазите всичките си безжични устройства за зареждане на едно място и намаляват броя на кабелите в живота ви. Ако тези неща са най-важни за вас и сте готови да платите малко повече и да жертвате скорост, тогава двойната безжична подложка за зареждане на Mophie е солидна възможност.

The Good

  • Зарежда до три устройства едновременно. време (две безжично, един през USB порт).


  • кабел за зареждане не може да бъде премахнат от променливотоковия адаптер.
 Mophie Двойна безжична подложка за зареждане на изображението на продукта "class =" ars-circle-image-img ars -buy-box-image

Мофи двойна безжична зареждаща подложка

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