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The Big Craft for Oscar: How the Academy finally gave up

The academy seems to have big fat this year. We look at the reasons for this.

When 76-year-old John Bailey was elected president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, he did so by promising to serve his supporters – craftsmen. This week they turned to him, which was the last thing he expected.

The Board of Governors of AMPAS is a collection of three high-ranking leaders from every 17 branches, as well as three minority representatives, Bailey and the Academy. Executive Director, Down Hudson. Place 54 votes in one room and feed cats. Many members of the council complain that it is impossible to make decisions with so many opinions. (Bill Mechanahn, Kathleen Kennedy and Sheryl Boone Iezes are among the past managers who have voluntarily retired.) Some have suggested less advice to help solve the problem by reducing the number of two for each branch.

In any case, Bailey did not know what she was interfering with when she worked. Like an alpha man, accustomed to the authority, he tried to lead the Academy. But getting a rough consensus group turned out to be a challenge. Bailey has no media skills: After a heartfelt interview at Telluride, Bailey went as if he had never met me.

Governors of the Academy Carroll Littleton and Gregory Nava, Flanking President John Bailey in Telluride.

A year later, in a telephone interview, I congratulated him on giving up his quest for best category for the best film; he became apoplexic. He had not realized (until it was too late) that not defining it from the outset would be dangerous, leaving everyone free to speculate and fear the worst. The push for membership was intense. At a recent event at the Academy of Scientist, a booming former editor of Variety, Peter Barth told Bailey in a crowded elevator that he was the harshest man he had ever met. Bailey had no idea who he was. "The concept of these awards is not an emblematic ritual that takes place year after year the same way," Bailey told me in September. "The history of the Academy and this award is a continuously moving unit, prizes are added and dropped, branches are added and dropped. It is a living being as well as the whole concept of every form of art, especially films, by virtue of being so technologically defined. "

<img class =" size-full wp-image-1202033841 "src =" https://www.indiewire.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/10051748q.jpg "alt =" Lady GagaNational New York, USA – January 08, 2019 [19659010] Lady Gaga, National Gallery for Review Gala, arriving, New York, USA – January 8, 2019

Stephen Laukin / REX / Shutterstock

Many attempts by the Oscars in 2019 to modernize the show with a shorter three-hour program also proved short-sighted, and they offered to perform two of the five songs (Lady Gaga turned to that) or not won last year's winners, (19659003) Each time the Incubator for Disagreement was Film Twitter, a place where the hardcore film and Oscar show the fans, who has been discussing, analyzing, and fuming. In the case of Kevin Hart, the old offensive homophobic tweets were new again. In this case, the CEO of the Academy, Hudson, made a phone call, telling Hart to apologize or not, not realizing he would save. (It may have been some mediation.) What could be more important than accepting the Oscars? Fans of Hart, who had attracted the Academy first

  Allison Janney 90th Annual Academy Awards, Press Center, Los Angeles, USA - March 4, 2018

Alison Gianny currently has no film roles after winning the best actress. for "Me, Tonya", although it can be seen on CBS's "Mama" series.

Editing many of the statements about accepting crafts that were recorded live during the breaks, rotating those who live live each year for the first time sailed during August; It was overshadowed by the debate about the best film. Bailey, convinced he could lead by example, showed to all the craft branches how the short clip of the acceptance speech would look – and the governors agreed to continue.

Only when he named the actual categories (including his) own operator operation and editing his wife to Governor Carroll Littleton that shit had hit a fan. When last year's Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro and this year's Oscar nominee Alfonso Cuaron took a Twitter protest, their followers took note. Russell Crowe weighed millions of followers, thinking as many of them that the categories were subtracted.

Again, the message was the problem. The change was not transmitted correctly, becoming an IP disaster that came out of control. Careful deployment of the plan, with the help of the press, could provide a clear and soft landing for change. But Bailey has just opened an email to members, which many people did not understand. Often, when things start moving south, the impulse goes down.

"This bad management team is not doing well," says one of the academics. "It really bothers me, they are so incompetent about things like the assistant, how they did it. We do not have a specialist now. These music numbers suck. The songs are not designed as musical numbers; they are meant to be shown in a movie. When you pull it out of this context for ridiculous song and dance, they download the show. "

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Several voters from the Academy agreed that they all are on board the edited prototype Oscar Speech, shown at craft branches. They understood the need to cut the show and raise ratings. The cinematographic and editorial affiliates took the lead in their efforts to be generous. The plan is to present the four prizes during an early advertising break and to broadcast the edited editing of the four speeches (in their entirety) in the last third of the show. "You will hardly notice," said a costume designer.

But the local test protest would not stop, and a letter initially signed by top directors and operators, including Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino and Roger Dukkins, grew to more than 650 signatures. it was published. At that point, the academy sent an e-mail stating that more details were required and insisted that crafts would be treated with respect – and blamed the press and social media for the PR issue. And producer Donna Giglioti insisted they would not be cut out if they stay in their 90-second tape.

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What Bailey did not expect, I say, is disarray from his own branch. Cinematographers broke the ranks under pressure from ASC, which gave Bailey a lifetime award. Needless to say, this humiliation is more than what Bailey has ever bargained for. And he's very upset. The internal staff of the Academy expected everyone to follow Bailey's example.

"He is a beast," said a governor. "Who knows if the show will last for three hours?" These are great movies, and the show Glen Weiss and Donna Gigliotti will do, the question. "

It is suspicious that some heavy attackers threatened to withdraw from the Oscar show, although many members complained to the Academy. and wide. The increasing pressure from the reaction persuaded the Academy to withdraw at last.

"It's very nice to know that people who have dedicated their entire adult life to their crafts will not be rejected," said a grateful editor who was ready not to vote for the Oscars as a protest this year . He will vote now.

One thing is for sure: Bailey will not be doing this next year as the governor limits his term of office to expirience this summer.

Bill Desovic contributed to this story.

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