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The big update of Genshin Impact includes a lantern ritual event, a new hero Xiao

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Impact of Genshin is one of the most gigantic and after a while dirty games that exists at the moment, but its players remain insatiable for the Content. On February 3, they will be saturated for a short time by a big new event: the Lantern Festival, which will bring with it a new playable character, stories and challenges, and a tower-like regime.

During a stream today, developer Mihoyo announced that the Lantern Festival will be at the heart of Impact of Genshin1.3 has been updated and outlines what it will contain. Held in the port of Liyue, the event will decorate the place in – what else – lanterns. Since Mihoyo knows what makes players come back (hint: these are hot anime characters), your first business will be completing a historical quest centered on a new playable character: Xiao, the winner of the demons.

Xiao is an element of Anemo (read: wind) with a weapon and one of his abilities allows him to attack with depth from any height without suffering damage in a fall. The damage from the attack is determined by how high it is when it launches, so I’m excited about the inevitable stream of videos on YouTube in which players shoot with a hardy boss, throwing them off the top of the world. Xiao also has an elemental explosive ability called “Bane of All Evil” that sees him wearing a great mask and increasing his damage and AOE, but at the cost of his HP.

During the Lantern Rite event, players with an adventure rank of 23 or higher will be able to complete the Xiao quest without the need for a history key. After the event, however, you will have to be 32 or older, and if you do not have a history key, then you will have to win one by filling out eight commissions, which are basically daily quests. In case of any doubt, Mihoyo wants the players to return and continue playing (and purchase of Primogems) sooner than later.

Taking this point home, the Lantern Lantern Festival will also include a Ley Line overflow event, during which special challenges (which require Genshinis often a malignant “resin” currency) will award double prizes. This event will be held for a limited period of time together with the Lantern Festival. None of them currently have a set end date, although players have speculated that it will likely be mid-February. At this point, the Lantern Festival will not disappear forever, but will not be repeated until next year.

Once you complete the Xiao Quest, the Lantern Rite Festival will begin in earnest. It will consist of several parts, including a special event store called Xiao Market, which according to the voice actors hosting the stream, is confusingly unrelated to the Xiao character. The store will unlock new items in stages as you fill out orders and stories to fill in the Festive Fever meter.

You will be able to earn currency for the event by completing various activities, including a new mode called Theater Mechanicus, which seems to be a hybrid of Impact of Genshin preparation for a battle and defense tower. In it, you arrange Mechanici – little guys looking like little chess robots – to defend territory and then fight waves of monsters with them.

There is also a new activity based on photography, which seems like a fun (albeit slightly forced) change of pace. There will be a new photo every day of the event. You will have 10 chances per day to use a new element called “Kurious Kamera” (lmao) to take a picture of the object, which in turn will provide you with a random photo as a reward. No, this is not a typo. Yes, you get a photo for a photo. Each photo has a color. If you collect a complete set of five colors, you can replace it with a treasure that contains Primogems and materials. Now that the photo prizes are random, there’s a chance you’ll get multiple matching colors. Therefore, the system is designed to encourage you to create and trade with friends during the game.

In addition to these key features, the update will include quality of life enhancements such as the “living creatures” archive category, which allows you to see detailed information about everything you’ve encountered in the game world, as well as additions to your screen. heroes. Raising the character – that is, improving the characters after reaching the maximum level – will also become easier, with new unlockable elements that will allow players to create one elemental material into another and transmute materials.

Finally, there will be threats of new rock dragon monsters called Geovishaps to hunt them, first by sending characters of your choice (including one belonging to a friend) on expeditions, and then by going to their location and finishing the job. alone. The ensuing battles with bosses will obviously be quite tough. We hope that there will be some very high rocks on top.

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